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What Happens when I mistake my brother in law as my HusbandThreesome 

Hello my dear readers my name is Sudha Naik. Today I’ll tell you a real life audiosex stories which gave me some unforgettable experience and memories . I’ll tell you how my brother in law (sister-in-law’s husband) fuck me and my sister-in-law and how it happened. So my handsome brother in laws grab your dicks and my beautiful Sister in laws wet your fingers or take a cucumber get ready to fuck your Young pussies. LET’S START

I’m Sudha Naik I’m 35, I’m a fair healthy thick Woman size 38-32-40. My husband is Mohan Naik and we have two kids. My older son is in 9th and daughter is in 5th class.We live in a village in pune, BHORWADI, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA. My husband is a government employees in the corresponding block.

I got married to Mohan in 2004. But even after long years of marriage he never stop loving me he still says I look like a full coarse meal to him. Sometimes when I saw my self in mirror fully naked after I shower I also think that even after 2kids my figure is still the same level sexy and thick. My tits are extra big they are literally hanging on the both sides of my chest like Two big water melons but full of milk. My hips along with my ass is fleshy and were expanded after marriage.

We live with my in-laws though our sex life was good but after being a mother of two children I got busy raising them and Mohan also got many responsibilities as a father so we rarely had sex these days. Though I want it so bad but when we tried to have sex in late night something always came up and we ended up being frustrated. I always find to spend some time with my husband so that we can fully enjoy each other.

Mohan has a Younger sister her name Is Lata she’s of my age she’s not fair but she looks beautiful. She’s not as healthy as me but she’s in very good shape as she maintain her ZERO FIGURE trend. I always envy her as it was my personal opinion that men love thin slim girls WHAT KIND OF GIRLS OR WOMEN YOU LIKE?? COMMENT ME BELOW .

So Lata’s brother-in-law was getting married so she invited me and Mohan to attend her brother-in-law’s marriage . As his husband Girish was the only only man and his father passed away he needed Mohan’s help in his brother’s wedding. Mohan was denying to live there as they live neighbor villageVADGAON KANDLI just 3km away from our village but I insist him to go and help them. My in-laws tell me that they will took care of my children as they were going to school and they had exams. And we left for Lata’s house.

When we reached at Lata’s house she welcomed us her house was big and there’s number of rooms they are only 4 people but there’s many rooms as she got married to a wealthy family in that village. She showed us our room and then thanked us as we came to help her. His husband is very good looking He was the head of the village he has manly body masculine arms . He was generous. Rest of the day went helping them with the preparation.

In the evening when Lata and I are preparing dinner I asked lata how’s her sex life she blushed and said Girish is very good on bed recently he bought him a red lingerie which has a whole in panty. I teased her more about her husband and she blushed hard. I asked he what’s the cock size of her husband she smiled and said it is 7-8 inch but his moves and poses while fucking her is mind-blowing. She asked me if Mohan is taking care of me sexually I told her everything that I don’t have time as I’m busy taking care of children. She suggested me to spend time here as long as we’re here .

At Dinner I was sitting near Mohan he was constantly touching my thighs as we were sitting on dining table so nobody could see what he was doing under the table. He was slowly creasing my thighs and I’m getting goosebumps on his touch . The tiny hairs on my hands were electrifying. Mohan took up my saree upto my thighs and grabbed my right thigh and placed it on his left thigh.

I couldn’t concentrate on eating neither he. He was busy gaping my thighs harder and harder. I was barely holding my moans I couldn’t stay still as my whole body wants to just slammed against Mohan’s strong arms to hug him tightly and enjoy his warm touches on my naked body.

I was Taken aback when he pushed his two fingers in my pussy I wasn’t wearing panties everyone was eating infornt of us and there he was fingering my pussy. His fingers started moving up and down inside my pussy his cold fingers in my warm pussy were giving me heavenly feelings. For a second I forgot that there’s people around us and took my hand forward to his pants but he took off his hand from my pussy and literally pushed again with a great force warning me that there’s people.

As time passed by I couldn’t control myself anymore I gestured him to go to room he smiled stood up excusing that he was full and left to sleep. My mind was only on Mohan thinking about how he would fuck my alredy wet pussy all night . After everyone went sleeping, I was completing my after dinner work in a rush. After finishing my work in 30min I hurriedly went to my room while I was going to my room the electricity goes off I was more happy that then nobody could disturb us anymore.

When I entered the Room I went straight towards the bed there’s only a small candle on the table in which I saw Mohan was on the bed sleeping With a blanket on I smiled And remove my saree, getting more turned on as it was winter and I’ll get his warmth inside me all night. I thought of surprising him as a reward what he has done in dining table I went silently to bed entered in the blanket from the end of the bed I crawled directly towards his pants he was wearing track pants I pulled down his pants and started sucking his cock without saying anything.

He hissed at the touch of my tongue I rolled my tongue all over his cock making his cock fully weight I sucked the tip a bit started licking the back of his tip more as I knew men has there soft spot there. He was arching by sadden sensation. I was lying in between his thighs and sucking his cock. I opened the buttons of My blouse and started rubbing my huge football tits on his cock I took his cock spit on his cock , I held my tits together as they’re Big my cleavage became a hole and I put his cock in between my tits and started moving my tits up and down. He was taking heavy breaths and forcing my tits mora into his cock.

UMMMM!!! LATA WHEN YOUR BOOBS BECAME THIS HUGE UMM OHHH.. YESS LATA !!! SUCK IT LIKE THAT… When you become this good umm….ohhhh Shhhhh!!!!! “ I suddenly stopped hearing the voice it wasn’t Mohan it was GIRISH!!!! I pulled the blanket only to get shocked it was Girish on the bed .

I was in utter shock that no words came from my mouth, he was shockingly looking at me with eyes as big as balls. I forgot that I was sitting on him with only petticoat and With my tits out. At the very moment Lata entered the room . I hurriedly went up and buttoned up my blouse it was very awkward I tried to leave when someone held my hand I didn’t even the energy to look back But however I looked back to see it was Lata .

She stopped me she said “Bhabi bother has gone to your Village and Will return tomorrow as he got some work there what Will you do all night ” I looked at her in confusion She pull me towards her and kissed me right on my lips I felt uncomfortable and Gross I pushed her harshly. She pulled me again she ripped my blouse and started sucking my boobs Like a hungry child I arched back her soft lips were sucking my nipples Hard.

I side eyed her husband he sat on the bed freezed looking at us. Lata slapped my tits and they giggled she took my tits both in her hands and pushed her face into my tits I grabbed her waist in excitement. Then she told her husband to fuck me I was surprised then she told me its ok she get to enjoy his husband’s cock evryday this Time she’s letting me to get a taste of her husband’s cock. her husband smiled at me

Lata took off her saree her husband lied on bed she told me to ride Girish’s cock I sat on his cock taking all his cock inside my pussy and started moving his cock was inside my pussy and my pussy was itching more to get fucked by this cock. I was moving forward and backward on his pelvis area while lata was sitting beside me asking me hOW it feels

how it feels bhabi?” is it good hmm? She asked pinching my nipples

yaaaaass its so good yass yaa….!!!! Ummm yes yes!!

प्लीज मला झव, मला अजून राहवत नाहीये. (please fuck me I can’t resist anymore) I replied while moaning.

मी तुझी गांड आणि तुझं तोंड झवून काढेन.(I’ll fuck your ass and pussy hard) Her husband Girish replied.

She was True when she said her husband moves best even Mohan doesn’t give me this pleasure the one Girish was giving. Lata fingers my pussy while her husband fucks me harder. Lata sucked my pussy lips and her fucks her form behind

I bent down and Girish pushed his cock in my pussy from behind I lose my mind when his cock touched my g spot I kissed lata aggressively to stop my moaning she rubbed her boobs and my tits together I first felt gross but then I started enjoying it with lata. We both suck her husband’s cock I sucked his balls while lata was sucking his tip.

When his husband came lata told me to take it in my pussy I did as she said. Girish’s hot sperm load was filled in my pussy. It was like my pussy was getting bathed after a long time.

Lata crossed our legs ,her left leg was on my right as her right leg was on my left and we face each other she rubbed our pussy together With full speed. her bony clit was hitting my fleshy thick pussy making my pussy more wet time to time. as I was about to cum she rubbed it harshly in speed and pinched my nipples hard that some milk dripped from it and she sucked them instantly.

That night Lata, her husband Girish and I slept together and fucked each other I licked Lata’s small pussy and rubbed my tits in her pussy. His husband fucked us One by one . We three slept in one bed I slept in between them. In late nights they both sucked my tits and They both drank my cum his husband put his face inside my pussy to suck my g spot.

I was very satisfied that night. In the morning I kissed the couple and thanked lata for his husband. She hugged me and pressed my tits and said I can call her anytime if I need them for fun. I went out of the room then I saw Mohan was coming from our village i hugged him and as long as we stayed there I got fucked by lata and her husband.

This was my real life experience how my sister in law and her husband fuck me and satisfy me that night whenever I thought about that night my pussy got wet. Like right now. Tell me if your pussy got wet or your big cock got bigger . if you have your stories to tell me mail ✉ me at

[email protected]

I’ll be waiting for your stories to finger myself

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