🎧A Great Fuck with Landlords son

Hi everyone, Veer here. I’m a 35-year-old, well-built, 6’2” Punjabi guy with short-cropped hair and slight stubble. Most people say I look like Mohit Dantre if I was to grow my beard. Our physique and body hair situation is quite similar, so I can see where people are coming from. audiosex stories

I’m extremely proud of my body and have often been mistaken for someone younger. But my salt-and-pepper hair gives me away. I have a few stories up my sleeve. I thought I’d start with a recent one that took place in March of this year.

I had just moved back to Delhi after Covid restrictions had been lifted. My work wanted me to go to Delhi again. My work provided me with a nice 1-bedroom flat on the first floor of a posh South Delhi neighborhood.

The house was built interestingly – the owner (and landlord) lived on the ground floor with their family. The first floor was divided into three separate houses (all 1 BHKs), which you couldn’t tell from the outside. My house had a nice balcony that overlooked the backyard and back lane.

Anyway, onto the story. Since the weather was really good in that part of March, I used to work out shirtless on the balcony in the mornings, around 5:30 am. Around the same time, the landlord’s son used to go on a run.

The landlord’s son would have been about 23 or 24, clean shaved, slim but with toned arm muscles and beautiful calf muscles. I’m a sucker for a nice, round ass, and every morning, I would see his ass bouncing behind him as he would go on his run.

We would often wave to each other when he’d come back and be able to see into the balcony where I’d be working out. His sweaty body would turn me on so much, and I would often masturbate in the shower right after thinking of him.

One afternoon, my doorbell rang, and he was standing at the door holding some documents and a bag.

“Hi, I’m Shiv,” he introduced himself, “Mr. Jadhav’s son. He wanted me to provide you with these documents that he had to countersign. He said he forgot to give them to you. Also, my mom wanted me to give you some lemonade.” He finished, pulling out a bottle of lemonade from the bag he was holding.

“Thanks, Shiv. I’m Veer,” I replied, taking the documents and the bottle. “It’s nice to finally put a name to your face! I see that you’re jogging every morning. That’s impressive. When I was your age, I used to sleep in until noon.”

He smirked. “Thanks, haha. I also see you working out on the balcony. The morning is the only time I can go on a run. I don’t know much about working out from home, so that’s the only form of exercise I’m comfortable with.”

“If you’d like, you can come up one of these days. I can show you parts of my routine, and you can see what all you like?” I offered, smiling broadly.

He smiled back and replied, “Yeah, that’d be awesome, actually! Maybe I’ll pop by tomorrow, say around 6?

As soon as he left, I rushed to my room to masturbate, thinking of him. I didn’t pick up a gay vibe from him. But I couldn’t help myself from making up all sorts of fantasies for the next morning. I woke up as usual and decided to wear my red jockstraps instead.

Also, since this was the first time I’d be interacting with Shiv, I wore a tank top out of respect. At 6am sharp, the doorbell rang. I opened up and saw Shiv wearing a white tank top with a deep neck and deep sides and grey joggers that showed just the outline of his bulge.

I could see his smooth chest and the firm outline of pecs that would one day be better than mine. His lean arms were bigger up close and cut to perfection. I saw that he had smooth armpits.

“Come on in. We’ll start with some light stretching,” I said.

We went to the balcony, and I started showing him some of my basic stretches, which I changed a little to get glimpses of his body here and there. We started with some pushups, and I saw that his form was wrong. I took this opportunity to hold him by the navel and have him push down on my hands.

I could feel his abs, and I was afraid that my boner would betray me. Over the next hour, we went through various workouts. I took every opportunity I could to touch him to ‘improve his posture.’

Towards the end, his tank top was drenched in sweat and had become semi-transparent. I could see his nipples through the shirt, contrasting with his otherwise light skin.

“Alright, it’s time for cooldown now. Would you be okay if I take off my shirt?” I asked

“Sure thing, man. I might do the same,” He replied.

We both took off our tank tops. Sweat was shining over his smooth body, glowing in the morning sun. Shiv looked over to my bulge and quickly looked away, but I saw it and followed his gaze and looked down. My shorts were riding lower than my jockstrap so that you could see the top of the underwear.

I looked back up and noticed that Shiv had also pulled down his joggers a little, allowing me to see the top band of his underwear. I don’t know what came over me, but I took that as my hint. I told him to go into the downward doggy position. While his form was correct, I came around to fix it.

I stood behind him and pulled his hips backward, making them touch my crotch. With my other hand, I pushed down his sweaty back until it came resting just before the back of his neck. My boner was uncontrollable at this point and was very obviously poking into the back of Shiv’s ass, through his ass.

Shiv came out of the position and lay down on his back. He held his knees to his chest and looked me in the eyes. He said, “Could you help push my knees further down so that my glutes are stretched further?”

I did as he asked, almost laying on top of him as I did that. To my surprise, I felt his hand grab my crotch. “Mmm,” he said, “I think I need something else stretched as well right now.”

Knowing he was the landlord’s son, I had been very careful not to say anything that suggested that I wanted to fuck him. However, he had picked up on my clear horniness and was reciprocating.

My mind was running through a thousand thoughts a minute. I bent lower and started making out with him on the balcony. His hands pulled down my shorts and pulled my cock out of my jockstrap pouch. He pulled his joggers down ever so slightly and took my cock near this hole.

I was nervous cause I’m quite thick and about 8” long. We had no lube, and I didn’t know how experienced Shiv was. But he was a fucking pro. He rubbed his sweaty hole a little and guided my sweaty cock to it. The sweat acting as lube, my bare cock entered his hole with ease.

I kept pushing through while he was gasping, and he said, “Let’s go inside.” I picked him up, my cock still inside him, and took him onto my couch. I removed his joggers and underwear and pulled down my shorts as well. He was completely naked while I still had my red jockstrap on.

I pinned his hands behind his head, fucking in that missionary position slowly. We continued our passionate and heated kiss, moving from his wet mouth to his neck, down to licking and sniffing his smooth armpits. One hand held his wrists firmly above his head. My other hand felt his sweaty, hard body.

He let out a moan as my fingers grazed his nipples. Those nipples were heavenly. Completely hard and pointy, dark pink, and extremely sensitive. I pinched his nipples, and his moans became louder. I started sucking on his nipples as I kept fucking him harder.

He started gasping for breath, and I left his hands-free. With one hand, he played with his other nipple. With the other, he grabbed me by my hair and pushed me further onto his nipples. I grabbed his cock and realized it felt a lot thicker than I expected.

For the first time since we had started fucking, I broke away from sucking on his nipples. I looked at his cock properly. It was gorgeous. Around 7” long and thick around the middle. His foreskin was coming down halfway already and showing me his pink head

His smooth, shaved balls were contracting as I pushed further. It was a beautiful contrast to look at my hairy cock going into his ass, under his smooth but almost equally big dick. I started jerking his cock and grabbed him by his neck.

“Fuck, yes, daddy, choke me harder. Make me your dirty little slut,” He said.

I’m not a fan of dirty talk, but I knew I had a sub-pig bottom in front of me. So I went ahead and choked him harder.

“No talking,” I said, “Or you’ll be punished.”

“How, Daddy?”

I slapped him and said, “I said no talking.”

He moaned in pleasure, and I slapped him again. His cock was twitching in excitement every time I played rough. I spat into his mouth, and he gobbled it all up quickly. I pulled out of his ass and motioned for him to get on all fours on the ground.

His chest on the ground, ass up in the air, I got super horny. I started eating his ass; his hole was nice and open, having just been fucked by my large cock. I took breaks from eating his ass to suck on his balls and lick his cock shaft from the back. I came back up and positioned my cock at his hole.

I started teasing him, firstly by just touching his hole with my cock but not going in, and then slowly only putting an inch or so inside and taking it out quickly. He was whimpering, “Please, fuck me already, daddy. I need that thick dick inside me.”

I began to push down into his asshole, my cock throbbing with excitement as inch after inch went in. He was moaning loudly now. Soon, I was completely inside him. Even this little bit got him breathless. I started fucking him slowly, nearly moving completely out before re-inserting dick all the way.

With each thrust, he let out a grunt, and I got faster and faster. I held his waist with both my hands and started fucking him even faster. Every time he would gasp a little harder, I’d smack his ass. This went on for a few minutes before I adjusted my position and grabbed him by his neck.

I choked him while fucking him, my free hand rubbing across his smooth and sweaty chest. He was moaning in such pleasure. I licked around his neck, his ears, and made out with him. The position allowed even more of my cock to enter his ass, which I think got too much for him.

He pulled out of my cock with a “plop” and breathlessly indicated that I should sit down on my couch where he was getting fucked previously. I obeyed, and he slowly sat down on my erect dick again, riding me at his pace. I noticed that his cock was leaking precum.

I was ready for him to explode all over me. I started fucking him in the reverse motion of him riding me so that when he came down, I went up. The intensity of the fuck increased for him.

“Please cum in me, daddy,” he said. He moved his face down to my nipples, sucking and playing with them. His tongue was divine and getting me super close to cumming, but I wanted him to cum first.

Like a machine, I started fucking him faster and harder than he had been fucked all morning. In shock, he got up from sucking on my hairy chest, his cock pointing straight at my chest. He started shooting ropes of cum all over me. Most of his cum decorated my broad and hairy chest.

A part of it shot directly at my mouth, dripping down my chin and neck. He grabbed the back of my neck and started licking off his cum. First from my nipples and chest, then from my neck and mouth, feeding me his cum. I held onto him tightly and started cumming in his ass.

My orgasm was intense and filled out his tight hole (Well, not so tight anymore, I guess). We stayed in that position for a few minutes before he got up from my cock again. He turned around, smacked his ass for my pleasure once, and then wore his clothes.

“I’m not ready to take out your cum from my ass yet,” he said, as he put on his tank top too.

“Well, you can always come back tomorrow for more,” I replied.

“Tomorrow, I’m fucking you,” came the reply.

I smiled, still sitting naked on my couch.

“I look forward to that. I haven’t had a younger guy top me yet.”

With that, he left my house, with my cum still inside him.

I hope you guys liked that story of erotic fun with a young guy!