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Sighing lazily, a young and pretty university student, Seulgi shut her laptop, not enjoying the boredom that has been hunting her in quarantine. Boringly, her eyes dropped to her window. Standing up from her chair, she opened her window, and there her heart went, pounding in her chest as her gaze landed on ‘Him’. Ryeom, her hot neighbor, and her old crush. Seulgi and Ryeom study in the same university, attend class.  audiosex stories

Ryeom was lying on his bed, his window wide open. Seulgi saw his mouth moving as if it’s talking, which ignited her curiosity, making her concentrate and listen to him. 

Stop staying in my head. She heard him saying. His hands were roaming all over his body. It makes me want to kiss down your body while fu*king you hard until you shake and scream my name, babygirl. The growing heat between her thighs just by watching, pleasuring himself, if only she was that babygirl he was calling. He was already pulling the straps of his sweatpants when his eyes cocked over to her window, his eyes meeting with her in a flash before she flinched away and shut the curtains. 

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She was panicking, walking in fast circles when she realized she didn’t close her window back, hearing it creak open as he’s already sitting on her window frame by the time she turned around. How long have you been watching? He asked in his deep husky voice with a little smirk on his handsome face. She acted strong with crossed arms, even though her legs could collapse at any second now. I was just wanting some fresh air, you should’ve closed your window while you’ve had your moment.

His smirk went wider, letting his feet drop onto her floor before shutting her window along with the curtains. He grabbed her wrist in a rather soft way, which was never expected from him when he’s needy. Grabbing her shoulders before pushing her back against the wall, trapping her between his arms. I know I’m on your crush’s list. For a long time. 

After a moment he softly placed her hand on his chest. It’s the same as yours. He announced, his breathing becoming denser and warmer. She could feel, his heart pounding rapidly, almost as fast as hers. She was stunned, eyes widening. And at that moment, he crashed his lips on hers. Moving in perfect sync, giving compliments to their heartbeats. Fisting the hem of her shirt, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, feeling his small cute smirk. Her hand traveled inside his shirt, caressing his bareback. 

Not breaking the kiss, he guided her towards her bed, letting her fall on it as he hovered above, sucking and biting her bottom lip as he started pulling her shirt off, and then slowly her shorts. She was left only in her undergarments, his pulling his shirt off before throwing it to the side, noticing how red her cheeks were as she covered himself with her arms. Don’t be shy, baby… You’re gorgeous. He kissed her once again, caressing her stomach and cheek in hope of making her feel comfortable. 

Unclasping her bra, he pulled it off of her and threw it to the side, planting another peck on her soft lips. Fu*k, you’re so beautiful. Placing his lips onto her skin, he left small bites and licks along her collarbone, making her shut her eyes in pleasure. Look at those nipples, so hard for me. Sucking her hardened nipples, he traveled his overhand down her defined curves, reaching her panties, already feeling her wetness seeping through the clothing. She was already throbbing for him, so impatient as she just wants him to touch her and fu*k her. Pulling down her last clothing, he slowly spreads her leg apart, letting him enjoy the full view of her flooding cunt. The view turned him on, even more, seeing how wet he made her, and so ready for him to fill her up with his cock. He gazed up to meet her half-open eyes, that’s listening with excitement. Please..touch me.. She whispered and begged. Her leads lifted a wide smirk on his lips, leaning closer to heat before spreading her folds with his fingers, letting his tongue taste her. Trying hard to hush her means, he was eating her out, her fingers tangled in his hair with her head thrown back at the sensation of the grains in satisfaction. He could eat her for days, but her muffled little moans and his bothering erection were making him very impatient, giving her pink pussy the last lick, undressing him fully. 

Without another word, he pushed himself into her cunt, groaning at how it’s squeezing around his hard cock as she whimpered while clawing his shoulders. Fu”k! Re..reyom!!.. She moaned heavenly. Thrusting his hips against her as he watched how her lips parted, her breasts bouncing to his rhythm. Skin slapping and slippery wet thrusts sent them to cloud nine, the ecstasy and the pleasure overwhelming their senses as she was having a hard time hushing her loud moans, he was fucking he hard. 

He shoved himself inside her again, giving her ass a hard spank, she muffled and sinful whimpers travel to his ears like music before he started pounding hard into her pussy.

As she rides out her orgasm on his cock, he continued his fast pace, making her tremble even more from the overstimulation as he chases for his high, sloppy thrusts. Pulling out, he came all over the sheets, sweaty bodies and heavy pants echoing around her room as they collapsed onto soft matters. 

This is not how you maintain social distancing her words made her chuckle, pulling their naked bodies closer he smiled and peck her nose. Be my girlfriend seulgi, I promise to treat you right and be the best boyfriend.

I’ll think about it, she said teasingly. His smile never left her lips, he whispered before sleeping, take your time, I’ll wait for you.

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