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Romance with koko -Neighbor ‘s Dog – Beasteality Stories

It began innocently enough. the Beasteality Stories about koko how I got explore new fantasy with neighbour’s dog.

During the summer when my neighbor’s vacationed, I take care of their dog, Koko, a German short-haired pointer. Roughly the size of a German Shepard, but heavier, Koko has jet black fur, black eyes, and an insatiable curiosity. He was six years old at the time, a hundred and sixty pounds, strong as a bear. And sometimes just as fierce.

I had cared for Koko the past three summers, one time for three weeks. Outweighing me by twenty pounds, our backyard romps were always a surprise. He bested me with ease, causing me to curl in a ball when his excitement got out of hand to avoid being mauled. I curled up a lot.

This day was a Wednesday afternoon in July, hot, muggy, threatening rain. The normal routine was feed Koko, change his water, go outside for a frolic, then I’d go home. This afternoon was different. I stuck around. Koko, no dumb mutt, noticed the change. Cocking his head, he looked curiously up.

“You stay put, okay?” I said, rubbing his head and flank. Given the chance, I knew he would interfere. He licked my hand, continued to watch, black eyes curious.

I went through the living room, then upstairs to the master bedroom, where I stood in the doorway. I wondered if I had the guts. The house was so quiet: the refrigerator hummed downstairs, and the low buzz of a lawn mower sounded down the street. Not even the air- conditioner disturbed the silence.

Primate on the island – Beasteality Stories

Excitement was there, tempered by antsy guilt–or maybe fear. Three years I had fantasized about this moment, since the Acappella’s moved in; now I stood in their doorway vacillating. I was close to walking out. Come on, I said. Chicken out and you’ll regret it the rest of my life.

I went in and shut the door.

The Acappella’s bedroom was large and roomy, nearly filled by a king size bed and heavy oak furniture. Light blue, floor length curtains hung behind the bed, and matching lamps with blue lamp shades guarded either side. Pictures of the family adorned the long wall, a second held a large oil painting of a mountain lake. I had been in this room repeatedly, over the past three years, her King size bed the center of my fantasy. Mrs. Acappella was the focus.

Jessica was thirty-four, dark blonde short-cut hair curled under at the neck. She was five foot-six in shoes and one-hundred and ten pounds, (from her driver’s license), and filled her clothes rather than wore them. It was hard to imagine her the mother of three. Just the right mixture of softness and authority, Jessica kept you guessing.

There are three daughters. Mary Beth, the oldest, is twenty-two now, a senior at Penn State University. Becky and Regina, a year apart, are still in high school, Becky a senior. All rival their mother in looks–and her small chest- -though Jessica may be the most small-chested woman I’ve ever known. Regardless, the four together make your heart groan.

The connecting door to the bathroom was open and I closed it also, guessing Koko’s appearance was just a matter of time. This was none business of his. Looking at the bed, I thought of the many times I had lain there and wanted to masturbate, wanted to find pictures of Mrs. Acapella in the nude. I never had. But yesterday morning I had searched the room top to bottom and discovered their cache; a damned good one too–a false bottom in the smaller of the two closets. There was a full box of Jessica from which to choose. I intended to use them.

I undid my belt.

Jessica’s underwear drawer was so familiar, after three years, I could described each lingerie item she owned. Inside that drawer, nested amongst her panties and bra’s, was a plastic Tupperware box, a hundred pictures inside. I had looked at one. One was enough. Here in the bedroom, Jessica in her brassiere, blouse open and halfway off, still in her beige skirt. The look in her eyes and the soft curl of smile said there was a lot more.

Koko scratched the door.

“Go away,” I threatened.

Koko continued to scratch.

I knew this would happen. “Fucking dog.”

Koko had no intention of going away. Knowing I couldn’t proceed unless he did, I got up and went to the door. Opening it a crack, I said: “What do you want?”

He sat, looking at me with doggie aplomb.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?”

He pushed the door with his snout, and then suddenly
he was in the room.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Get out of here!”

As though knowing my intent, he sniffed my crotch.

I batted him away. “Stop that!”

He moved to the bed and sat down, observed me with black eyes. His tongue lolled from the side of his mouth.

“I can’t do this with an audience,” I said, feeling stupidly embarrassed. “Go.” I pointed at the door.

He continued to watch.

“Go sit in the corner, at least.”

He didn’t move.

Grabbing his collar, I lead him to a corner and sat him down. “Stay!” I pointed at the floor. Then I walked back to the bed and sat down.

For a time it was a staring contest. Then he went down on all fours and I thought maybe I had made my point. I unzipped my pants. Immediately, he was up.

“You’re not going to cooperate are you?” He trotted to the bed and I kept him away with my foot. “How about we go in the bathroom? Okay?”

I walked him there and sat him down in the middle of the floor, which Koko seemed to think was just fine. After a moment looking at the surroundings however, he decided the bedroom was better. He got up and trotted off.

“Hey!” I grabbed at his collar and missed. He sat back down at the bed. Now I was angry.

“What the hell’s with you, anyway?” I fairly yelled it.

“Give a guy a break.”

By way of answer he barked loudly.


I walked to the bed and sat down and again he tried to
nuzzled me.

“Son of a bitch!” I swatted his snout. “Cut it out.”

I was not quite sure what to do. Koko was terribly strong and I had discovered long ago that obedience was entirely his choice. He was being tolerant, in fact he might stop. Then he’d go nowhere. He propped his head on my knee, eyed me hang-dog. I shook my head.

“Forget it. You don’t deserve to be pet.”

He remained where he was, woeful-eyed, then coaxed himself between my legs and probed my groin.

I did something shocking.

“Okay! Let’s see how much you really like it!” I spread wide and yanked Koko forward by his collar. His nose jabbed my crotch, too hard, and it made me leap.

“Whoa!” But I wouldn’t let him go. “Get it out of your system!” I said.

For a moment Koko struggled, then, remembering what he wanted in the first place, butted me hard with his snout. I yelped and scrambled back.

“Take it easy! That hurt!” I rubbed my crotch. He had gotten both testicles. I looked around in guilt, eying the windows.

What a stupid idea.

Koko stood, sniffed the air, and make poking motions with his snout. I stood and moved away, suddenly and uncomfortably aware that I had a hard-on. What the hell was going on? I let a dog sniff my crotch.

“This never happened,” I said. “Understand?”

My erection continued to grow until it both created a small tent in the front of my jeans and, and made me panic.

“Fuck this! I’m outta here.”

I went to the dresser and removed the box of pictures, leaving the room to Koko. In the hallway, raw with anger, I stopped at the top of the stairs. I was letting a dog thwart me. If so, I must not want it very bad. For a moment, emotions warred: lust against anger, disgust with jealousy, then I said, “Fuck this,” and went back inside.

“You are not stopping me,” I said, unzipping my jeans. “This is my afternoon.”

I crossed to the bed and sat down, undoing my belt. Koko hadn’t moved; I glared at him, daring him to so much as budge.

I kicked off my sneakers and pushed them under the bed. My jeans went down to my knees. My erection, full blown and aching, I rubbed through the front of my shorts and groaned.

Koko rose, suddenly alert.

“Stay right there!” I ordered. I put out my foot.
“This is not for you!”

Given time, I’m sure I could force Koko from the room. But his presence wasn’t such a drawback; it was actually kind of cool. I’ve always wanted to masturbate in front of someone else, and it being Koko was just weird enough to turn me on.

Then I made a serious blunder. I removed my penis through the fold-overs and began to stroke. Then I got even stupider.

“Wanna sniff?” I turned toward him a little. And set off a disastrous chain of events.

I had no intention of letting him, of course, but the tease was irresistible. Koko watched intently.

“What’s the matter?” I said. “The real thing scare you?”

He arose and I about had heart-stroke.

“Whoa! Whoa!” I back-peddled across the bed. “Get away!”

He followed and I held him off with my foot, then both feet, yelling: “I was kidding! Get down!”

He did not get down.

Koko fought back and I began a slow slide backward, toward the edge of the bed. I ran out of mattress and put a hand down to keep from going over. It was all the opening Koko needed. He broke through my feet and dug his nose into my crotch and tongued my penis. Like a thunderbolt I was standing.

“Get away from me!”

But my pants had me locked at the knees and off- balance, and with no footing on the bed, I suddenly wind milled to keep from going over. Koko lunged. Hitting both my penis and balls, he knocked me backwards, setting fireworks went off in my groin. I sucked air and Koko rammed forward again and got me in the groin, finishing the job. I went over like a toppling oak.


I lay there, staring. No air moved in my lungs and heat radiated from my balls in a nuclear explosion of pain, megaton range. Then Koko was on the floor, licking my face, licking my ass, licking my testicles and penis and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

This isn’t happening! Please, God, this isn’t happening!

But it was happening, and as the convulsion in my lungs started up, and the pain twisted sideways up and down in my gut, I lay over on my side and coughed. I retched–dry-heaving. I almost passed out. Koko licked my ass.

“Don’t take this wrong,” I said, when enough strength returned to turn over. I stuck a foot on his head and yelled:

“I am not ready for this!”

Koko went skidding across the floor and came up against the far wall, collapsing with a thud. He remained there, shaken and wobbly, looking shocked. I doubt anyone had ever kicked Koko before.

I had to move. Sliding on my ass, I made the side of the bed and sat up. Koko stayed where he was. I inspected my groin and battled nausea after every touch. He’d really done me good.

“I could kill you,” I said. Then: “Fucking dog.”

Koko tilted his head and woofed, softly.

“Come over and see what happens.”

Koko continued to watch.

I pulled my underwear up and over my aching balls, adjusted them with nausea dogging every move. I started to pull up my jeans. Koko stood up. Realizing his prize was lost, he moved forward half a dozen paces, stopped only when I put out my foot.

“What do you think you’re doing? Stay put.”

We stared.

I began to inch up the jeans and moved forward again.

This was absurd.

I said: “You’re not having at me, Koko. No matter what you think. Now just move the fuck outta here.” I kicked, but missed his head. He moved one step back. But Koko was insistent. Each movement brought him a step closer and soon my foot was holding him away. The pain in my groin was too great too fight for long; soon I gave in. His nose pressed against my crotch and I almost cried.

Then I lost my temper. “Here!” I yelled, yanking down my shorts. “Is this what you want?” Koko’s head jerked back and forth and he suddenly stooped–for a second he growled. Regretting this latest smart move, I put my hand down as protection–hand shook badly. I put myself back inside. Incredibly, I had an erection.

Koko remained in a crouch.

“No, Koko,” I said, gently. “Get away.”

Leaving was not on Koko’s mind. He moved forward, eyes locked on my crotch, head down, swinging side-to- side. I used both hands to hold him away. I might as well hold back a tank. Trapping me against the bed, Koko licked my crotch.

“Oh, Jesus, no.”

He worked me out through the front of my shorts and

I became frantic.

“How did you do that! Stop!”

The roar in my ears was like air rushing before a subway train. I was close to loosing it. Then Koko did something truly frightening: Taking the waistband between his teeth, he pulled my shorts down, exposing it all. I sat there, pop-eyed, refusing to believe. But the plan was too complex for just a mouth, and Koko let go and the waistband snapped back on my balls. I again leapt in pain. Every nerve ending rang anew.

“Thanks! Oh-Jesus-God-stupid! I really needed that.”

I fixed the shorts but Koko nosed me again and licked their front; soon I closed my eyes and and lay back. My underwear joined my jeans about my knees .

“Don’t hurt me,” I pleaded.

This time he didn’t.

Using the rough saw of his tongue, Koko made my penis dance. He lapped the head and the shaft, my bare testicles, until gasping breath chugged in my lungs. A glistening dot of semen formed at the tip of my cock, which Koko deftly licked away. My entire body sang with tension.

Again I formed the question: What the hell was I doing?

The answer: Having sex with a dog.

I groaned, disgusted and totally turned on. Koko began to lick my balls with frenzied excitement and I jumped off the floor.

“You’re hurting me!” I hissed. “Don’t hurt me!”

But his tongue followed, and my testicles bounced, and the more he licked the more excruciating was the pain. Soon something really bad would happen.

“Koko,” I panted, trying to close my legs. “This is insane! You can never, ever tell anyone about this.”

Undeterred, Koko opened my legs.

Using doggie magic, he timed his licks and caught my penis on each backswing, slapping it against my belly and then catching it again. A quake of stimulation grabbed my gut and I shuddered like a Tokyo earthquake. My testicles were under full attack when he suddenly lunged in excitement and rammed me flat against the bed.


out of my lungs. I strangle a groan and fell to my side– little help because Koko Koko followed. He straddled me.

Panic turned to terror.

“Koko! No!”

His erection, huge and red and wet–the size of a small blimp–slapped against my mouth.

I shrieked.

His shoulders held me pinned to the floor and I struggled frantically to keep my mouth turned away. Koko did his best to capture it.


He suddenly leapt away, tore at my penis and balls, and this was the last straw. I hit him with my fist. He jerked away, barking.


I rolled onto my side and pulled my jeans high enough to protect my balls. Koko stopped them from going any further.

“Leave me alone!” I cried.

He licked my naked ass.

He licked my asshole.

“I hate you, you fucker.”

He dug his cold wet nose into my crack.

“Leave me alone!”

But of course he didn’t.

Eventually, the pain subsided enough to roll on my back. I let my knees fall apart, and open invitation. I had no choice. I’d been whacked with a baseball bat. Every movement was agony and when I pulled my underwear down to free my balls, even this was a torture.

“You are a fucking cocksucker.” I growled at him.

“And I am a moron. A fucking gay queer moron who is
out of his mind.”

Koko made no comment.

Movement in general was unwise, and sitting up was impossible. The ache extended from my groin to the depths of my chest, and generated a nausea almost unbearable. I shook and trembled and shuddered. I was covered with cold sweat. I wanted nothing more than to vomit.

Koko, two feet away, lay on the floor and watched. I
gave him a kick, but missed.

“Fuck you and your mother too.”

My flaccid stub of a penis hung miserably between my legs, looking like a concentration camp survivor. It couldn’t have been more than an inch long. I continued to massage my testicles and after some time, felt ready to sit up. Pushing up on one elbow, I waited to see if the dizziness returned. It did not.

“See this?” I said, pointing at my crotch. “You did
that. Now stay away.”

He continued to watch.

“I must have been trippin’,” I said. “Even to consider this. Never, ever, ever, again.”

I pushed up on one foot, and Koko, never far away, rose up. One good lunge and he’d have me again. Though it took a lot of effort and was painful as hell, I sat down on the bed. I did not for one second close my eyes. Koko stayed back, eyes big and round and watchful.

Standing up was wishful thinking. I worked myself to the center of the bed and lay down. Koko lay his chin on the edge. We engaged in another staring contest, which Koko won, and I felt even worse. Things were definitely not out of control.

Time passed and my penis returned to life–which I didn’t particularly like, though I was glad for any movement. It grew harder and more erect and as Koko watched with interest, it grew harder yet. I could not believe it. I will never understand why, not as long as I fucking live.

“Koko,” I said. “I want some more.”

It was frustration of course.

Things had gone so fucking wrong, and so weird, that I was horny beyond belief. I needed to salvage something, even if, God help me, it was Koko licking my dick. I slid off my jeans and my underwear and let them drop to the floor.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” To myself: “You are truly nuts.”

Koko climbed on the bed, sniffed my hardened cock, and then he licked it.

“God,” I moaned. “You are so nuts.”

He tongued with some restraint, as though aware of my condition, gradually working into a rhythm. I grew stiffer with each lick. Then he licked my balls.

“Please, Koko,” I begged. “If you have any regard for your old buddy, please by careful.”

He licked a bit harder. I jumped. I forced myself to relax. Slowly, his tongue made the pain go away and I began to enjoy it.

“You should charge for this, Koko. You really should.”

Fully erect and leaking semen, the thought of Koko swallowing it aroused me even more. I moved my penis back against my belly to make him concentrate on my balls. I was immeasurably turned on. Every breath went a little deeper and became a little more ragged, and though not yet at industrial strength action, his intensity increase. So did the pain, though I refused to make him stop. Even when a deep ache settled in, and I could only groan, I did not let him stop.

I no longer had much interest in Mrs. A or her pictures. Whatever happened now was between me and the dog. No third party was required. I removed my shirt and dropped it on the floor, toed off my socks, and was completely nude.

“What, oh, what am I doing?”

Koko moved between my legs and I raised them, intending to bare my anus. I’d read on the Internet that nothing beats rim by a dog. I’m sorry to say, it’s true. But Koko wanted more than a rim job, and suddenly I was straddled, thighs pressed flat against my stomach, Koko ready to fuck. I jumped, taken totally by surprise.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “No one told you to–“

He tongued me with vigor and at once I was thrilled and repulsed. His erection slapped my thighs and my bottom and my testicles, and following a couple good whacks, the dull ache turned into throbbing pain. And still I didn’t stop.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts,” I whispered.

Pain was a blossoming flower, a red Iris, a rose. Koko changed position, getting onto his knees and I
groaned loudly when he batted my testicles with his club. I bit my lip to keep from crying. I began to drift, loosing consciousness to something else, while my anus spasmed wildly from desperate need. I reached down and pulled apart my cheeks and bared the whole shabang. This was the last straw. Koko suddenly was frantic, ready to mount me, and with a thickly wet slap his penis jabbed my anus
and lodged.

For a split second this was a truly fine thing, absolutely logical. I was in heat and Koko, following his
instincts. was about to fill my needs. But then his penis jabbed me again, dead center on my anus, and forced it open. I leapt in shock.

What was I doing!

I freaked and pushed upward with my legs, sent Koko sailing, yelping, off the bed, across the floor on his stammering legs. Try as he might, he could not stay erect. He slammed against the chest of drawers and collapsed.

Jesus-God help me! I had nearly fucked a dog!

Making terrible noises, I dragged my ass to the middle of the bed, staring at Koko, every muscle screaming to go.

RUN! I shook violently

I had almost done it with a dog! A DOG!

Then I saw his erection, and how big it really was, how veined, how enormous, and I nearly choked.
Engorged with blood, viscously red, veined completely around the circumference, it had grown. Easily a foot long, it protruded from the black sheath and swayed with absolute menace. I coughed, stared at it open-mouthed while my heart tattooed beats through my chest

“My God,” I whispered. I gulped. The sound was an audible clack. “You were gonna put that up me?”

Koko nodded, tongue lolling out.

“No way.”

His erection swayed back and forth, bouncing, dripped a thick clear drop of semen onto the floor. My
eyes could not, would not, believe the sight.

I rubbed the sides of my jaw.

“Ha-God.” I shook like a California earthquake.

The tip was not pointed like a human penis, but a thick blunt end having a large hole offset from the center, It was bordered one side by a crest. There was no discernible transition from head to the shaft, no glans at all. Just a huge swollen tapering club. I started when a huge dollop of semen splattered obscenely on the floor.

“You were gonna put that in me?” I repeated

Thoroughly rattled, I drew up my legs. I had forgotten the ache. I wanted to touch Koko, feel the thickness for myself, find out if the skin was as hot and as angry as it looked. And despite my revulsion, the desire was strong. I slid off the bed and squatted beside him on the floor, not
believing what I intended to do.

“Don’t do this, Michael,” I said. I pleaded. “Please?”

I placed a hand on his back and reached between Koko’s legs and carefully took his penis in my other hand hand. It was as hot and angry and dangerous as it looked. It thud with the beat of his heart.

“Oh my God.”

Koko sat unmoving, content to let me hold it. Then he did two things. He arched his pelvis forward and he licked my mouth. I broke out laughing, stunned.

“Jesus, Koko.” I wiped slobber from my mouth.

“That tongue has been in unmentionable places.” He butted my shoulder, and so, gently squeezing the shaft, I stroked him a few times. He was incredibly taut, much hard than my own penis. (Or that of my friend David, who also I had stroked.) My hand slid up the thick flesh with ease, collecting lubricant between the fingers. Whatever it was, the stuff worked great.

I continued to stroke, becoming used to the act, and my hand slid farther and farther up. Soon I stroked the entire thing. Koko spread his legs and again I laughed.

“You’re no dummy.”

He licked my face.

My own penis was amazingly hard. Rising tautly like a flagpole, I don’t need to tell you how much it ached. The more aroused I became, the more I suffered. I had to work it

“This puts me in the lowest class of human shit,” I
said. “I hope you appreciate that.”

The muscles in his back worked and Koko began to shudder. If possible his penis grew more taut. My strokes ran the entire length, and I don’t know who was more excited, Koko or me. Lubricant had worked itself onto the back of my hand and over my wrist and dripped from between my fingers. I too was making a mess of the Mrs.A’s floor.

I said: “I guess you–” and got no further.

“Whoa, boy!” I yelled, dodging backward. “What are
you doing?”

Koko butted me with his head. Then again harder. Then he arched his back and stood up and put his paws on my chest and shoulders and thrust forward with his pelvis catching me in the sternum. I went over.

“Hey! Take it easy. You already tried to mount me
once. I’m not ready for that.”

Did that mean I soon might?.

What exactly, did I really want?

His penis was circled by massive knot, blood red and three inches around. It protruded from the base like a huge growth. I stared, amazed. If that ever got inside you, my brain announced, it would tear you apart. Or you’d walk like Charlie Chaplin.

“Don’t worry,” I muttered. “It won’t.”

Women (and also some men) enjoy sex with dogs. I’ve seen as much on the Internet. But the idea of Koko’s penis in my ass or my mouth seemed ludicrous. First, it wouldn’t fit. My rectum was eight inches deep and I might handle the length of a normal sized dildo (or penis for that matter), but that was all. Koko was nearly twice that long. I might as well fuck a horse. And by mouth? Not even Julia Roberts with her huge kisser could do that. No, the fantasy was terribly strong, but it was just a fantasy. Which hurt because the more I stroked him, the worse the desire became.

Squatting was difficult and I changed position. I stretched out but this was only marginally better, and my forearm tired rapidly. I tried supporting myself on one elbow, but the carpet ate my skin, and the angle had my shoulder aching something fierce. Finally I moved into a sitting position, and this was the worst position of all.

Frustrated, I said: “You better enjoy this, Koko.
Because it’s killing me.”

He licked my face.

Deciding it was stupid, I reached behind and sought out his testicles. They were enormous, lemon-size, one larger than the other like those of a man. The tubes I felt coming off them were thick as a pencil. This is a lot of plumbing, I thought. His orgasms reach the megaton range.

The lubricant did a marvelous job, but smelled just awful. (Imagine a huge Vienna sausage slicked in slimy gelatin.) Giving off an odor of musk, it made me slightly nauseous. Koko, antsy and starting to move about, began to lick himself, and then me. I didn’t complain.

Soon he growled and shifted on his haunches, making it evident he needed more. Trying to decide what next, I hesitated a moment too long–Koko decided for me. Rearing, he caught me by surprise and knocked me onto my back. His forepaws came down on my shoulders.

“Whoa!” I tried to push him away. “What are you doing?” He lost his footing, slipped off, and gouged long grooves into both shoulders. I howled loudly.

“Koko! Get off!”

Then the impossible happened. He lost his footing completely and came down in my lap, crushingly hard on both testicles. They were mashed to the floor. The world exploded and the heavens caved in and the inside of my eyelids burst in a cascade of flames. The air turned to molasses in my lungs.

This time I passed out.

An interval passed–how long I’m not sure, it could have been a week–and then Koko woke me with his nose.

“No. Please.”

Koko paid no attention.

I was in a fetal position, anus exposed, and the persistent Koko found it too ready a target. He lapped and I had no choice but to let him. After some minutes, however, I turned onto my stomach and crossed my ankles, momentarily thwarting him. He backed away. Then he sat down. He watched with disapproval.

“Fuck you,” I croaked. “Enough.”

He maintained watch another ten minutes, penis huge and bouncing, occasionally dripping semen. I turned onto my back, again spread my legs and checked for damage. Not squashed flat as I feared, though still incredibly bruised. It was like touching a deep, open

I asked: “What did I do to deserve this? All I wanted was to beat off on Mrs.A’s bed, maybe fuck myself in the ass. Instead I get this.” I laughed at the ceiling. “I never asked for sex with a dog. Never! Please stop torturing me.”

Koko, nothing if not persistent, circled and sniffed. I shoved him away–or tried to.

“So help me, Koko, leave me alone or I’ll bite off your balls.”

He continued to circle, looking for my penis, anything good to lick. I let him have nothing.

“Go to hell!”

Again I turned over and crossed my ankles. Tighter this time. His tongue sought out it’s target anyway, and straddling me, he worked my compressed cheeks until fighting him was pointless. I uncrossed my ankles.

“You son-of-a-bitch.”

With the persistence of a honey bee repairing its nest, Koko worked deeper into my crack. My breathing increased, so too my heart beat. How could anything feel
so good? I shifted position on the floor; my legs opened. I moaned.

“Jesus. Mnnahh!” I gasped when he found my balls.

“Easy! Easy! Neuhh!”

To this day I don’t remember deciding. I suspect Koko decided for me. My tail rose and both hands spread my cheeks and very shortly, I was squirming uncontrollably and coming higher up. I made noises both humiliating and provocative.

“Oh, no! Oh, no-no-no!”

My threshold of pain was sky high–or I was numb to it–and my testicles bounced like rubber balls on a wooden paddle. My hard-as-an-iron-spike erection slapped my belly and the harder Koko licked, the higher my ass went. Soon it could go no higher. Both shoulders and my chin were burned (Let a boy explain that to his mother) and somehow I had crab-walked into the bed. My head was against the frame. My balls were demolished. I was too aroused to care. I wanted Koko so badly I whispered and pleaded and begged.

This time I would not stop.

I spread my cheeks, making my anus a bullseye. Koko took it all. For minutes this went on, until coherent thought was lost and I was ready, willing and able to fuck. Koko had other intentions. Suddenly he was at my face, licking furiously and I was so startled I yelped.


He butted me.

“What are you doing?” I could not believe it. The way he worked my tail I couldn’t imagine him wanting anything else. Yet he was soaking my face with slobber and I got on all fours and pushed him away. I sat back.

“I thought you wanted to fuck me.”

His penis bounced, thumping the floor. He licked it.

“No way,” I said. “You can forget that! Right now!”

He continued to lick my face.

“Either you fuck me,” I said, feeling completely ridiculous. “Or it’s nothing. I’m not giving you head.”

He turned and sidled against me, raising his hind leg and jutting his penis against my side.

“No!” I broke out laughing. “Forget it!”

He reared and landed both paws on my shoulders and over I went again.

“God dammit! Koko! No!”

He stood on my chest, looking up and back, then moved forward. His penis came right over my face,
dangerously close. It thumped with blood.

“Koko–” I squirmed, dodging the tip. “You’re not putting that in my–“

Then he slammed downward and I screamed.

“Get off of me!”

I had opened my mouth at the wrong instant. Suddenly it was there, pushing past my lips and I convulsed in panic, smacking my head on the floor. Sparks flew. I tried to push away, but his penis pushed in deeper, and then my mouth was jammed and the crested tip pressed into my

I stopped struggling.

Every movement, his or mine, threatened to choke me.

“Mmmnnmmmnnnnffffffff! Mnnnnhhmmmnnnffff.”

I was sucking a dog’s cock.

I gripped his hind legs but was afraid to move while he jack-stepped on my shoulders. He tried to get footing. What he accomplished was to tear up my skin. I held him tighter and pushed back but he was like a bronze statue. The slimy lubricant was violently bitter and made me retch. It ran down my cheeks. It coated my lips and my chin. The baseball-sized knot was eight inches from my
nose, and I looked at it in cross-eyed horror. Warm, salty fluid filled my mouth. It was semen.


Seconds passed and semen filled my mouth. It had nowhere left to go: I refused to swallow. It erupted
out my lips, blew into my nose, and I gagged. Then I swallowed. And swallowed again. Then a whole lot more.


The flow increase until it was a river of flowing gook, a veritable cascade. If something didn’t change, and change soon, I’d have a stomach full of sperm.

Something did change.

Koko lunged forward and down my throat and I was deep-sucking three inches of dog. He began to fuck me.


My jaw stretched until muscle’s creaked and joints popped, and I could breathe only when he pulled out. A rhythm set up, a horrible cadence, where his penis came down and my mouth went up, my throat distending to let him in. Mindless, I began to suck.


His penis went deeper.


My mouth could open no wider, but I used what muscles remained to coax movement out of my tongue. I extended as he came in, sucked as he went out.


Swallowing as practical, I closed my eyes and concentrated on making this work. It did.


Soon the rhythm became a tango and Koko and I danced. I sucked and he panted. He blocked my throat and I chose not to breath. Every ten strokes or I did breath. I did not care. This was nirvana. This was joy. My five and a half inches of erection wobbled and swung and cut the air like a conductor’s baton, its movement arousing me more. I clenched my scrotum, relished the testicular pain.

Every sense was a cacophony of sound, of pleasure. I watched the cardinal knot come closer, five inches from my lips–then four, then three. I began to masturbate.
How much could I take? Eight inches? Ten? A foot?

I began to masturbate furiously.

The knot came closer; jagged veins standing out across the flesh, literally thumping with blood. It could not fit in my mouth. Nothing that size could fit in my mouth. But on one especially brutal plunge, Koko brought it against my lips and I could no longer see it.

Guiness will never record it, but a record had just been set. He was fully within my mouth.

I could not breath at all.

For a moment no one moved, then Koko lunged again and the knot wedged in my teeth and my eyes popped right out of my face.

I tried to scream. No sound came out.

Finding himself immobilized, Koko stopped lunging and began to whine and danced around. He skittered on my chest and shoulders, claws digging the skin. His penis thudded deeply in my throat.

I saw double. My lungs convulsed. Strangulation threatened to send me down a black hole.

If he came now, sperm would explode right into my

Reaching up, I planted both hands against his underside and with the last of my strength, pushed
mightily upward. Koko’s hindquarter’s lifted from the floor and though he yelped and made noises like a maddened dog, his cock would not budge.

The knot had swollen larger.

With desperation borne of terror, I forced open my jaw and shoved again. Koko planted a hind paw in the center of my chest and pushed off, and the knot popped free. Pain exploded as my head smacked down on the floor and my throat spasmed. Free of its obstruction, it sucked down air and I began to gag and retch and do whooping coughs.

Someone had rammed a flamethrower down my throat and pulled the trigger.

“Stop it!”

Koko licked my face, butted me with his snout. I could not escape his tongue.

“Leave me alone.”

I was nauseous and dizzy and covered with slime. My throat ached. Everything ached.

I pushed away his snout.

“Go away.”

I sat up, and I swear my stomach swooshed. I grimaced.

How much had I swallowed? A quart? A gallon?

Koko licked my hand. Koko licked my penis. Koko licked my swollen balls.

I lay back down, raised and opened my legs, stared at
the ceiling.

“I am not in control of my senses.”

But Koko was in control of me.

I turned on my stomach and went up my knees, spread my cheeks. He attacked with feverish intensity. His tongue was remorseless, his snout a live dildo. My anus quaked and I quaked inside. I prayed to be fucked, to be fucked right now, to be fucked long and hard and deep.

Very long and hard and deep.

I wanted a gallon of sperm in my rectum. I wanted his twelve inches and four inches in my ass. I wanted my anus stretched like a rubber band. I wanted pain!

“Please, Koko,” I whimpered. “Mount me!” Koko mounted.

Something wet and sticky and hot smacked my anus. I whimpered again.


Claws raked my calves and gouged my back and I didn’t care. Koko wrapped his front legs around my
middle, clambered onto my back, and the same hot, wet and sticky thing planted on my anus. I reached back and found him ready at my door and held the tip in place and thrust my anus back up against it.

“Come on! Come on! Kokooo!”

Nothing happened again. Just as I thought nothing would ever happen, he penetrated and I grit my teeth, sucked down breath. I shuddered everywhere at once.


My chest pounded the floor. His erection pounded my ass. Fever like poison pounded my brain.

My anus stretched like a widening mouth, and then the tip was in and I began to moan.

“Owwww! Ohh-noo!

He was three inches thick at least, and as the thickest part entered, my ass began to spasm. I grabbed his legs, hung on.

“Oh God!” Jesus! “Oh God!”

I felt pain. I felt REAL PAIN! I felt the rim where I gripped his shaft and felt no anus at all, just a sucked-in depression. I guessed he was halfway there.

“Koko! Oh God, Koko! This hurts!”

A telephone pole was inside, not a penis, a monster from a nightmare. I shook my tail. I wagged it. I started to cry.

“Oh-no! Oh-no! Ohhhhh-Goooooddd!” I wailed. “It hurrrrtttssss!”

The pain stopped my breath and almost my heart.

I was fucking deep-fucking a dog.

Koko got going then, up and down, in and out, and though clumsy and frenzied, he had me pleading for more.

Every inch was paid in pain.

Convinced I’d snap like a rubber band, I released his legs and clasped my buttocks again, parted them like the Red Sea. I stared at the wall, at the cool white paint, at
the smudge two feet off the floor. At the nail pop six inches from the door. I asked what a penis the size of a beer bottle was doing in my ass. I asked what a boy my age would do if caught with a penis the size of a beer bottle in his ass. I stared at the box of Mrs.A’s pictures on the corner of the dresser and wished I never found them. I stared at the wall and heard Christmas carols.

Koko halted and shifted his weight, climbed higher. His claws dug my skin before he gained purchase and God, I thought, how am I going to explain this? Then he started humping, and six inches, eight inches went in and out with each plunge.

I was being deep-fucked by a dog.

I gasped.

I mewed.

I whined.

I was the churn and Koko churned my butter.

I lifted my tail higher, high as I could get, and Koko knotted out against my anus. The ridge of bone which normally stopped my dildo’s didn’t stop Koko because he was flexible and pliant and just didn’t know bounds. He went in my colon.

The pain exceeded enormous. It passed cataclysmic and became catastrophic. Every thrust made my rectum scream, and threatened to tear it loose from my anus. I wanted the knot. Jesus Christ and God Almighty I wanted the knot!

“More, Koko! More!” I begged. “Please more!”

I wanted the knot.

I wanted the knot!


Koko stayed on me, riding, my ass bucking him up and down. The knot worked further and further inside, and on one especially deep plunge, it went in.


Air went into my lungs, then out.


The knot was trapped and Koko couldn’t move. Rather he couldn’t withdraw. He moved plenty.

I screamed and then screamed again, dragged covers off the King size bed and chomp them like a shark. I bit my tongue.

If you can imagine giving birth to a watermelon, that is how it felt.

I screamed a third time and a huge pressure wave blew into my bowels and Koko was coming. He howled in triumph, wrapped his legs around my waist and locked to me like a straight-jacket. I felt every inch and it seemed like a mile and it was all exploding at once. Then the
whole room exploded.


I started to come.

He rode me through the first wave and into the second, then was mad-fucking me again, making me howl. Convulsion’s wracked my spine and sperm flooded my bowels and a tremendous orgasm powered us both. Liquid the temperature of molten lead spurt into my ass, out of my ass, spattering on the floor and Koko. And all over
me. And still he came.


Spurt after spurt after spurt blew in!


But nothing goes on forever.

Eventually Koko slowed, then slowed more, then stopped entirely. He let go of my middle and with him
inside, I collapsed.

Time passed.

“No. Please God, tell me I didn’t.” My anus belched and a quake jolted my rectum. Nothing
but red carpet in my eyes. Then that faded away too and then I was gone.

I awoke on my stomach, empty. Koko lay beside me, licking his penis, softly panting. Every muscle ached and a throb in my bowels told me I would ache for a week. It
lasted two.

I drifted off again.

This time it was six o’clock.

The parents were home, no doubt wondering where I was; I struggled to move, stopped that foolishness when every muscle screamed in protest. My rectum exploded a loud belch. Poison gas wafted and Koko rose up, moved to the doorway.

I began to laugh.

His tongue lolled, and for a time he stood there, undecided, looking down the hall. Then he came back.

He licked me.

I let him.

Two minutes later his erection was huge and so was mine, and when he butted me on the rump, the good bitch I am, I obediently raised my ass and was mounted.

I found this hilarious and began to laugh.

I was still laughing five minutes later when the front door opened and mother called and I didn’t hear. Two minutes later when the bedroom door opened and I did hear it this time, and didn’t care, I laughed even more.

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