Son or Dog, Sushan Choice?

Hi I am Sushan, 45 year lady , masturbates everyday by fantasying about the sex with fucked by the Dog. and finally I got it. here is the Beasteality Stories.

I had been married for 18 years before my divorce. I have a 15 year old son, Mike, that lives with me. My ex-husband was very straight and would never even eat me when we had sex. It was the missionary way or not at all. I have always been a woman with a high sex drive and loved to get kinky sometimes.

Being a little on the heavy side, I have plump thighs and a wide ass. I love to masturbate and have done so since I was a preteen. Why I married a prude, I will never understand. Through out our marriage I was always frustrated and he never completely satisfied my desires. That was what led to our divorce, I guess. One of the favorite things I love to do is to go onto the internet and browse the chat rooms. I belong to several sex sites and one of my favorites is the beast sites. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of letting a dog lick me.

Then when I got into the beast sites, all I could think about was being fucked by a big doggie cock. I love nothing better than to sit at my computer and see the videos of women being fucked by a huge dog. I will sit there without my panties on and masturbate as I watch these or when I am chatting to someone about having doggie sex. I also love to have several orgasms and I might be called multi – orgasmtic as I cum many times during just one session. I keep my pussy well shaved and love to watch myself as I play with my pussy.

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I have had several men since my divorce but nothing to compare with pleasing myself. I just love to masturbate! One night as I was playing on the internet, I had to get up and pee. I got up and was walking past my son’s room when I heard moans coming from inside. As I put my ear to the door, I could tell he was masturbating too.

I eased the door ajar to see my son laying there with his hand wrapped around his young cock as he was stroking it while reading a girly magazine. I could also see that he was well endowed as his young cock seemed so big as I watched him for a second or two. I went on to the bathroom but paused at his door on the way back to my computer.

There was no noise coming from his room so I turned and walked away, going back to my hot masturbation sessions as I surfed the net. I went to bed that night and as I lay there, I got to thinking about Mike stroking his big, young cock. My pussy was wet all over again as I began to masturbate to the thought of his big cock fucking me. As I took my enlarged clit between my fingers, I knew right then that I had to have his cock! I wanted my son to fuck me! ** The very next day I went to a quick mart and bought several girly magazines to take home.

I was going to give them to Mike and let him know that I knew he was masturbating. Of course, I kept a couple for myself. I placed them under his pillow that evening with a note that read, “Mike, I bought these for you and hope you like them. Have a good time tonight as you read these.” Then I signed it, “Mom”. I knew he would be using them that night to masturbate to so I was ready to catch him in the act. Sure enough, that night I was waiting to catch him stroking his cock as I listened and watched for him as he went to bed. I gave him about fifteen minutes and then I eased to his door.

He had left his door slightly ajar and I could peep through the crack as I saw him laying there naked, his big cock in his hand as he was reading one of the magazines I had gave him. I quickly walked through the door and “caught” him masturbating. “I hope you liked my presents.” I told him, “Seems like you are having a good time reading them.” “Mom! I am sorry. I didn’t mean to be doing this. I am sorry you saw me.” He said as he tried to hide his lovely young cock.

“Please don’t be mad at me. I am so sorry.” “Sorry? Son you have nothing to be sorry about. Everyone masturbates, even me.” I said to him as I drew closer, easing down onto the bed beside him. “Seems like you are not a little boy any longer. You sure do have a nice one for a young man your age.” Then I told him that I did not mind if he masturbated and that as a matter of fact, I loved to see a man stroking his cock.

Then I asked if he minded me being there with him and asked him to show me how he does it. “You want to see me jacking off?” he asked. “Mom that is so kinky!” “I would love to watch you, that is if you let me.” I said to him. “I might even let you watch me too. What do you think about that?” Needless to say, I lay down beside him as I watched him wrap his hand around his big, young cock as I opened my thighs and lifted my gown.

I began to play with my wet pussy for him as he stroked his cock for me. He was very surprised to see my plump pussy and that I had it shaved. Then I looked down at his cock again. It was even larger than I thought it was as I saw just how long and thick it was. The sight of his hard young cock was making me want it that much more as I reached over and placed one hand on top of his as he stroked his cock for me. “Let me do it for you, son.

Mommy wants to feel how big it is,” I whispered to him as I took his hand away, only to place it on my wet pussy. “Now, rub me a little bit too while I play with this lovely dick of yours.” “Oh, Mom! You feel so hot and wet down there,” he said as he touched my wet cunt, “Mmmm. I like you doing that. Keep playing with me. It feels so good for you to do it.” I had his big, young cock in my hand as I stroked it for him, his fingers playing with my wet pussy as we lay there. The feel of his hot, silky skin in my hand as so fucking hot as I slowly stroked it up and down.

I need it in me! I needed this big cock in my hot pussy right then! “Mike, I want you to roll over on top of me. I want you to put this big thing inside me.” I whispered to him as I helped him turn over on top of me. “I want you to fuck me! Would you like to put it in Mommy’s hot pussy?” He just nodded as I opened my thick pussy lips and placed his big, thick cockhead to my entrance. Mike had his head on my tits as I felt him kissing on my right breast. I took my large breast and guided it to his mouth as he began to suck on my nipple.

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His hot mouth on my tit was feeling so good as I felt his hard, young cock start to enter my wet cavern. My son had his huge, young cock in me! I was being fucked by my own son! “Oh, Mike! You feel so good in me!” I whispered to him as he sucked on my big tit, “Now, give it all to me. Fuck me with your lovely cock. Fuck me hard!” As I reached and took his ass into my hands, pulling him harder against me, I could feel every inch of his hard, young cock as it plunged deeper into my wanting pussy. He was making me shiver each time he would plunge that marvelous cock to me. I was doing my best to milk it each time he pounded it deep and held it there.

I loved the feeling of his nice, young cock fucking me as I slammed my ass off the bed to meet his down ward plunges. It had been years since I had been fucked so good! Then I felt his hard cock as it began to throb inside me, knowing he was ready to cum. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his ass tighter to me as I shouted. “Oh, YES! That’s it! Fuck Mommy hard, baby! Fill me with that cum!” I cried out to him, “Shoot your sweet cum to Mommy! Fill me with your hot seed!” Just as I was saying that, he rammed his huge, young cock so deep in me and held it tight inside me as I felt it swelling, as I too, started to cum.

I felt the blast of his hot love juice as it erupted into my womb, causing me to tremble as his load filled me. I was cumming so hard as he held it deep inside, me milking his hot, young cock with my pussy as we fucked each other. “YES! YES! Yes, baby! Shoot it to me! Your cum is so hot in my pussy!” I whispered as he pumped his last bit of hot cum to me. “Oh, baby! You are so good! I love it! I LOVE IT!” He sort of collapsed on top of me, his hard young cock now going soft inside me as I put my arms around his neck and pulled him tight to me. He was finished for the time being even though he was still inside me.

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I knew he needed a rest as I kissed him and eased his cock from my dripping pussy. “Did you enjoy that young man? Did you enjoy pleasing your Mom?” I asked as he lay beside me. “I enjoyed it and hope you did too. You were great! I have not felt like that in years. You did a fine good on me.” After that night I was not spending so much time on the internet as I had my hot, young lover in my bed each night. Mike was just what I had been needing for so long, but I knew it would not last. I just had to male the best of it while he was still interested in me. Like I said earlier, I have always been interested in K9s and I love to watch a lady on video as she is fucking one.

I have gotten to where I am addicted to watching the beast sites and have even been thinking about getting my own doggie. Then out of the clear, my son asked me if we could get a dog to replace the small dog he had years ago. I did not have to think any further as I answered yes, telling him that we would pick one out together.

Mike and I went to the pet store to find one for “him.” We could only find a small little puppy and they told us to watch the newspaper ads to see if someone had one to get rid of or we could go to the local pound and adopt one. We chose to read the ads first. I would read the paper every day and the ones I found were either too old or too young for what I needed. Then one day I saw an ad that told of a single lady having to move, who had a large male Lab that was kept inside. When I called the lady and asked about him, she said he had been here best friend for three years and that he was well trained. Then she asked me if I was a single lady looking for a male dog for companionship.

This struck me as odd, her asking me this and I told her yes, that I was divorced and lived alone. She then hinted to me that this would be the perfect dog for me. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she meant “lover” for me. I told her I would come over and see if he was what I was looking for that next morning and to please, not let him go to someone else before I got there. ** The next morning I got up early and was on my way to see the dog, not mentioning him to Mike. As I arrived at her house, I was met at the door by Sara and her dog, Max.

He was very friendly and so beautiful as Sara led me to her sofa. Max followed us there as he sat at her feet, looking at me. “Max is a very loving dog and he has been part of me for the past three years. He has given me lots of joy and I hate to loose him, but I have to move to a small apartment where not dogs are allowed,” she said. “If you are looking for a nice, clean dog to keep in the house, he is perfect. But he does have one bad habit and that is he sleeps on my bed with me at night.”

“I don’t think that would be a problem with me,” I told her as my pussy began to twitch just looking at him sitting there. “Oh, it doesn’t have to be a bad problem. It can be a good problem too.” She smiled seductively, letting me know that he was more to her than just a dog. “Max is not just your dog, is he?” I asked as her face turned sort red as she blushed a little. “I bet he is very good to you in other ways, isn’t he?” “He does have a thing abut him.

He knows exactly what to do to make me happy and I bet he could make you happy too,” she said. “If you would like, maybe you could try him out before you made up your mind. I would be happy to help you with him, that is if you wanted to.” “Help me out with him? How would I try him out?” I asked not wanting to be blunt about Max. “I can tell you want more than a dog. You want a lover too,” she said. “He will be perfect for you. If you want to, I can show you how he pleases me.” I told her that I would love to see him perform with her as my hand slipped to my throbbing pussy. Sara got up and led Max and I to her bedroom as she patted the bed.

Max was on it in a second as she dropped her dress, with no underwear on at all. She assumed the doggie style position as Max started to mount her. “Oh, and another little thing. He likes it better when you don’t wear panties. He wants you ready for him anytime he wants you,” she said as Max pulled her hips to him. I watched as his big red doggie cock sprang from its sheath, that slimy cock so big as he found her pussy with it. I saw him as he slid into her, pulling her hips to him as he sank that big doggie cock so deep in one thrust.

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My pussy was on fire as I watched the two of them going at it, his cock hammering her wet pussy as he drove it faster and faster into her. “Oh, Max! I am going to miss you so much!” she was saying as he hunched her so fast. “Maybe Susan will let me come and visit you often. Oh, yes. You are so good! I am going to miss this from you.” As I too, began to cum, Sara’s body actually shook as I watched her cum, that big red doggie cock still pumping hard and fast to her pussy as he held her there. Then I saw his Knot as it swelled up, her pussy taking it as it seemed so huge. His knot was the size of my fist as I watched her moan loudly as he thrust it to her.

“He is ready now. See how big his knot is? He is going to pump me full of his hot doggie cum!” she said, “Oh, yes! Watch him as he cums in me! His cum is so hot!” I watched as he began to cum, filling her with his hot doggie cum. He was holding her with his paws as he drove that big knot into her and held it to her as he started to pump his cum in her. Sara was moaning and thrashing about as he pounded her pussy, filling her with his hot doggie cum.

I just kept cumming as I watched him fucking her and shooting that hot doggie juice to her cunt. As he slowed down, I could tell his knot was starting to shrink, Sara’s pussy dripping doggie cum from it as he withdrew that big, red cock. “Whew! He is something else, isn’t he?” she asked as she rolled over. “I always give him a treat when he does a good job.” I saw here as she took a canister from under her bed and gave him a big doggie biscuit as she patted his head. “Good doggie. Good doggie, Max. You were great,” she said as she slipped off the bed and pulled her dress back up.

“I can see that you like him already,” she said. “Do you like him well enough to take him home o he can take care of you?” I left with Max that day and took him home with me, him sitting on the back seat as I drove back home. I was hoping he could service me the way he had Sara and I was going to find out soon. Real soon. When I got home with Max, Mike was already home from school. I had called him on my cell phone and told him I was bringing him a surprise. When he saw me drive up with Max in the back seat, he was like a young kid.

He got Max out of the car and put a leash on him as he began to give Max a good walk. I could tell he was happy over us getting Max, but not quite as happy as I was. We brought Max into the house and I made him a food dish and water dish. He was thirsty after riding in my car as he lapped it up. I told Mike that I had to go to the store to get a few items for Max. I left them there and drove to the grocery store where I bought Max a proper food and water dish, along with a good supply of doggie treats.

I knew I was going to need them. Late that night, Max and Mike came into my room as they got ready for bed. Mike got under the cover as Max hopped up onto the bed. I had already hid his doggie treats under my bed. Mike tried to get him off the bed but he wasn’t budging as he knew this was his bed too. I told Mike that his previous owner let him sleep on her bed and that we would let him do it for a little while until he got used to us. ** That night as Mike turned towards me, taking my breasts in his hands, I saw Max as he watched every move Mike was making.

As I pulled Mike on top of me, I felt his hard young cock as it brushed against my thighs. I was ready for some of his lovely cock as I pulled him up between my legs, wrapping my legs around him as I reached down and guided his big cock to my waiting pussy. Mike would always start off slow and work his way faster as he fucked me.

I loved the feeling of his hard young prick as he eased it so deep in me as I began to buck my hips off the bed, taking it as I rotated my ass. I loved his big, young cock and I loved the way he made my hot pussy feel when he was inside me. As we began to get faster, I saw Max as he let out a small growl as he saw Mike fucking me. I reached down and patted his head, telling him it was OK as he seemed to understand what I was saying.

Then Mike and I got into some hard fucking as he pounded his hard young cock to me. I had my legs around him as he grasped my ass and pulled me hard to him as he thrust that beautiful cock to me. He was making me cum as I felt the thick cockhead hitting against my sweet spot, making me tremble as he slammed that big cock to me. I was loving it as my son fucked me! Then he started to swell deep inside my cunt, his big cock throbbing as he began to erupt. I felt his hot cum as it spurted into me, going deep intoy womb as he pound that cock to me.

His cum was so hot as it flooded my cunt, making me cum again as he held it deep in me as I worked my pussy over his hard, young cock. “Oh, baby! That was so good! I think Max was a little jealous of you,” I whispered to him as I held him in my arms. “I think you need to sleep in your bed at night after we make love to each other. That way you won’t depend on sleeping with your mother. I don’t want anyone to call you a mama’s boy, now do we?” Mike agreed to our little deal, as we talked about him coming to my room at night when ever he wanted me.

I told him I was always ready for him and that he could make love to me anytime he wanted. I kissed him on his cheek and he said good night as he got up and went to his bed, leaving me alone with Max. I waited for about an hour to make sure Mike was not coming back to my room as I peeped into his room to check on him. He was sound asleep as I went back to my room, finding Max on my bed waiting for me. It was his turn to fuck me now and I was starting to grow hotter as I went to my bed. I got on my hands and knees, just as Sara had done that day.

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I patted my ass cheeks as Max knew what to do as he mounted me. I reached between my legs and took his cock as I felt it growing longer and harder. His cock was so hot in my hand and I knew it would be hot in my cunt. I opened my thighs and spread my puffy pussy lips apart as I helped Max find my aching pussy with his big, red doggie cock. Max knew exactly what to do as he took his paws and held my hips, driving his hot doggie cock into my waiting pussy.

I felt that hot dog cock as it slammed into me, so hot as it thrust deep as he rammed it home on the first stroke. It almost took my breath as I felt his big cock enter me so hard and so deep. Damn! He was so big and so fucking hot! I had my fingers on my clit as he fucked that hot doggie cock to me, filling me with his big cock as I played with my clit. I was ready to cum as he filled my burning pussy with that lovely doggie cock.

I was cumming as I felt his big, red cock start to swell inside me. I knew that he was ready to slip his huge knot to my tight pussy. I grunted aloud as he thrust that big knot to my hungry pussy. He was spreading me so wide as I thought he was going to rip my pussy apart. I was feeling like a young virgin once again as his slipped that knot inside. I had never felt anything like this before and I was in a sexual daze as he filled my pussy with his hot cock and fat knot.

Then I felt his huge red cock as it began to really pound into my pussy, touching places that had never been touched before. I was cumming over and over as I felt him began to cum. Max had his huge knot buried in my pussy as the rest of that big doggie cock filled my cunt. When he started to cum, I could feel his scalding hot doggie cum as it began to flood my throbbing cunt. His cum was so hot as he fucked it to me, filling me so full of his doggie cum as he hammered that cock to me. My pussy was loving it and so was I.

I had never had such a fucking before and Max had really unload so much doggie cum to me as it ran out of my dripping pussy. I felt him growing softer in me as my body began to convulse as I had my last climax of the night. I was totally exhausted from all the fucking I had gotten, both from Mike and my new found doggie lover. I reached down and found his biscuit as I patted him on the head. “Good job, boy! You rally gave me a good fucking, didn’t you?” I told Max as I got up to clean all the doggie cum that was running down my thighs. “I hope I managed to satisfy you too. You did a good job on me.” ** The next morning as I got out of bed, my pussy was so sore from all the cock it had last night. Max followed me around the house that day, making every step I made.

I knew he was probably wanting to fuck me again but my little pussy was just to sore for another doggie fucking. I was sitting there in my chair, watching TV as Max came over to me and nuzzled his head between my thighs, spreading my legs apart with his head. I spread my thighs as I felt his tongue on me. He was wanting to lick my pussy! I felt his hot tongue through my panties and decided to remove them to give him better access to my hot pussy.

I pulled my panties off and threw them on the floor as Max put his head between my spread thighs once again. I lay back and opened up my thick pussy lips for him as I felt that hot tongue on my slit. Oh, God! His tongue was so hot as he began to lap at my wet pussy. Sara never told me that he liked to lick pussy. But lick me he did! His hot tongue was feeling so good to my sore little pussy as he took his long, hot tongue and slowly lapped at my slit, me holding it open for him as he ;licked my juices from my cunt.

My clit was being licked as he went from my ass to my clit with that long, hot tongue. He was making me cum again as his hot tongue licked me up and down my throbbing slit. I was so hot and his tongue was driving me wild as he licked my climaxing cunt. My juices were flowing as he just kept lapping at my exposed cunt.

He was loving the taste of my cum as his tongue slipped inside a little as I held him to me. My doggie was eating my pussy and I was loving it too. ** That night Mike and I had oral sex as I took his hard young cock and gave him such a good blow job. He pulled my head to his cock as he fucked my mouth with that hot, young cock. It filled my mouth with his hot flesh as he gently pushed me down onto his big cock, playing with my tits as I sucked on that beautiful cock of his.

I wanted his hot cum as my head bobbed up and down, taking it deep into my throat as I tried to deep throat it. But he was just too large as the thick head hit the back of my throat as I sucked on it. When he started to cum, he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I nodded yes and just kept sucking as I felt his big cock start to throb in my mouth as he began to cum. His hot, young cum tasted so good as I swallowed every bit that I could, not wanting to lose a drop of his sweet nectar as it dribbled out and ran onto my chin.

I licked his sweet juices from his cock and my chin as I removed his limp cock from my mouth. Then it was my turn for him to please me. I lay there as he slid between my spread thighs, feeling his ht breath as Max looked on. I saw Max as his cock started to grow bigger, slipping from its sheath as Mike lapped at the pussy Max had licked earlier in the day.

Between looking at that lovely doggie cock and Mike eating my pussy, I started to cum again for the seventh time that day! As I started to cum, I leaned over and told Mike that Max had a hard on too. Then I told him that maybe Max wanted to fuck me with his big red doggie cock just to see Mike’s reaction. He lifted his moth from my pussy for a second and told me.

“Mom, if you want him to fuck you, I will help put him in,” he said as he went back to licking my throbbing pussy once again. “Maybe later, Mike. Maybe later. Now make me cum again.” I whispered to him, “Make your Mommy cum again!” ** After that night I grew bolder as I hinted to Mike that maybe I ought to let max have a little bit of my pussy.

It wasn’t long before I had Mike wanting me to try Max out. He even suggested that maybe a threesome with him and Max at the same time. I took Mike and hugged him close as I fondled that lovely young cock once again. “How am I going to do that?” I asked as he slipped his hand to my wet pussy. “It will be almost impossible for both of you to fuck me at the same time. That is unless you want to fuck my ass as I sit on top of Max.” “Let’s try it, Mom. I bet Max would love some of this hot pussy,” he said as he brought Max and laid him on his back as Mike took his doggie cock and got it good and hard for me. “Bend over and get on top of him.

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I will help you put it in.” I did as Mike said and eased myself on top of Max, not putting all my weight on him as Mike held his doggie cock for me to take. I reached down and spread my aching pussy as Mike took his doggie cock and placed it to my pussy lips. “Mom, stay on your knees so I can get behind you.” Mike said as he crawled behind my ass.

“I am going to fuck this hot ass of yours, Mom. I am going to fuck you while you fuck Max. You are going to have two big cocks in you.” As I felt Max slip into my wet pussy, Mike had his hard young cock at my tiny ass. I felt him as he spread my ass cheeks and wet the tip of his big cock. I was hoping I could take him back there as I felt that huge cockhead slip into my puckered little ass.

He was easy with me as he slid it in, me fucking Max’s doggie cock as Mike’s incestuous cock slipped into his mother’s tight ass. The two big cocks in me, was so fucking hot as I began to thrust first to one and then the other. My son was fucking my ass and I was fucking a dog! What a slut I was! But I was loving every hunch they made as I hunch both my ass and hot pussy to meet their every stroke.

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