बीवियों की अदला बदली करके नंगी चुदाई – Hindi sex story

Hindi Sex story

मैं मिसेज़ पिंकी सेन हूँ ३३ साल की एक खूबसूरत शादीशुदा औरत हूँ. Hindi sex story मैं अक्सर यहाँ गन्दी चुदाई, देसी चुदाई और बीवी की अदला बदली चुदाई कहानी पढ़ने आती हु.. मुझे शादीशुदा नंगे मर्द बहुत अच्छे लगते है और उनसे भी ज्यादा अच्छे लगतें है उनके बड़े मोटे मोटे लंड जो की … Read more

What Happens when I mistake my brother in law as my Husband

Hello my dear readers my name is Sudha Naik. Today I’ll tell you a real life audiosex stories which gave me some unforgettable experience and memories . I’ll tell you how my brother in law (sister-in-law’s husband) fuck me and my sister-in-law and how it happened. So my handsome brother in laws grab your dicks … Read more

My HR MA’AM gave me everything I never had

Hello readers how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Let me introduce myself Karthik Anand I’m 26 height 5’9″ fair and gym body with beard. Cock size 6″ ,thickness 3.2″ I originally belong to a small village in Kerela my parents almost gave his everything for my studies. Today I’m telling you my real life … Read more

Horny Bengali Lady Got Diwali Gift

Hello my dear readers my name is Anupama Ghose I’m 24, I’m fair with curvy figure breast 34 waist 28 hips 35 I look very sexy my friends said my figure look hot and who will be my husband will get everything he want from me. audiosex stories   I  belong to a conservative family … Read more

A Great Sex With My Crush audiosex stories

Sighing lazily, a young and pretty university student, Seulgi shut her laptop, not enjoying the boredom that has been hunting her in quarantine. Boringly, her eyes dropped to her window. Standing up from her chair, she opened her window, and there her heart went, pounding in her chest as her gaze landed on ‘Him’. Ryeom, … Read more

Pizza Delivery Guy Ko Jannat Dikhaya

How about having a long-term relationship? Boring or Exciting? Well, Mujhe Esa Lagta hai trial basis pe karlo try, ek baar in long-term relationship and in physical relationship. But actually was searching for someone who can be my partner in crime, having fun, enjoyment, no stress, and life on track. But ese koi nai mil … Read more