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Chachi ne mujhe chodna sikhaya

On phone call, Namaste Chacha ji!!! Namaste Chachi Ji. Kaise hai aap? Sab Badiya? Mere dosto me hi Biju Pujari, rahne wala hi Banaras ka, aur jinko me naman kar rah h wo hai mere chacha chachi jo ki rahete h Mumbai. (Present Time)

Ab Hua Kuch esa that my dad is a strict school teacher in Banaras and Mom was a typical housewife. My dad had dreamt that one day I will stand up on my own, doing some job and working in a stable company, well-settled and having a happily married life. This is my family, seems a bit ortho right, ab kya kare Bhai!! Par mujhe mere remaining friends ke tarah rahena tha. Jaise parties attend Karna, drugs Lena, casual relationships rakhna, girls ke sath Thoda horny hona, dicks and pussy ka smash-up,…..sos just loving it. But ye sab mene sab sunna h but real-time me mene kabhi ni kiya. Yaar seriously, I wanna feel the essence but mujhe koi mila nai as everyone felt that I am scholar and padaku. But the reality wasn’t same, I even want to explore sex diaries and the world of porn.  

Indian Sex Stories

Well, today is the golden day for me. Why? Coz i did fulfilled my dad’s dream. How did this miracle happened? I was in final year Post Graduation Program. It was the season of placements where MNCs visit the campus for selection of best candidature. I cracked every stage of the curriculum beginning from Aptitude, technical round and Hr round. Finally, Today on this golden day I got placed into One of the MNCs whose location was Mumbai. I shared this with my dad, mom and friends. Everyone got damn excited hearing my work location was Mumbai. It’s a big city, unsafe, full of pollution and politics, etc. The only happy person who heard about my work location in Mumbai was my friend as he knew Mumbai’s ambience. My Mom was worried about how I would stay there alone, on the other side, Dad has set up every single thing for me. 

When mom asked dad, Mera bacha kaha rahega Mumbai me? Tab unka jawab aaya, Janardhan hai na use baat  karliya hai. Janardhan, mere chacha ji hai. Mom wasn’t ready yet to send me to stay there due to Kamla Chachi. Kamla is the second wife of Janardhan, and she belongs from Mumbai. Mom believes that Kamla Chachi is a sexybud girl, and provokes men for sex. Still, Dad said, Biju will not be in their room the whole day, he has an office and a lot of work. After two days of long discussion, finally, I am traveling to Mumbai and beginning a new life. At the station, my friend came running, and he hugged me, but I realized he had dropped something in my pocket. Abe kya dala tune, mere jeeb me?? Biju, rakh le Mumbai me kam aaega, I just removed and saw CONDOM. 

Friend sayng to me, E hai CONDOM wa, sex karega toh pehen lena. Biju making weird expressions, Are bhai hum waha job ke liye ja rahe hai, ye sabke ke liye waqt nahi hai. I said this, and went back inside the train, entered my coach and found the seat too. Over my neighbouring seat, there was a girl sitting with big boobs that was attracting me harder. Gosh!! I was getting boner, and my dick was just indicating to fuck her. Later, on her mom came but she was having big boobs as well. Her mom started asking, where you belong from? Now currently, where are you traveling, I am to Mumbai for my job. She asked ahead, which company? I replied, MNCs company. By the time, I was getting a gut feeling that she was definitely staring at my dick. As her eyes, were marking at my dick continuously. I was a bit scared of her, but the girl with the boobs wasn’t interested in me at all. Thinking, this stuff, how the day turns to night I had no idea. Chalo I ordered biryani, but ek interesting chiz dikhi. The neighboring aunt asked her daughter, to bring out roti from the below bag. Wo ladki neeche zuki aur muje woh haseen nazara dekhne mila. I could her boobs clearly locked in her bra. The pink color bra and her deeper chest. I just wanted to grab her waist, remove her clothes and give her a boob massage harder.  

In a fraction of seconds, mene nazar guma li due to embracement. Sochte hi rahgaya ki when I will fuck a girl in real time. But seems like, i won’t get satisfaction and sex. I went to the washroom and started jerking off. It took 5-10 minutes as the boobs had really fucked. Damm! One person started knocking the door and when I opened it, he was staring at me as if I did a crime. 

I moved back to my seat and slept, as the arrival time was 6 AM. It was morning 6 AM, and Mumbai arrived. Chacha ji came to pick me up at the station. Namaste Chacha ji!! Chacha ji hadh se jyada fel gae h lagta, unka size kitna bada hoga difficult for sex, isn’t it? (Just in my mind). I was enjoying Mumbai’s environment and surroundings, which were so lovely. 

I entered their apartment and went down the stairs. The whole way Chacha Ji was talking about several things like his business, and even shared that his wife wasn’t happy with him. For a second, I think that Chacha Ji and Chachi Ji’s sexual compatibility is bahut dheeli hai lagta hai. I got curious and wanted to see Chachi Ji. Chacha Ji rang the bell, and Chachi Ji opened the door. FUCK!! Her appearance was awesome. Starting from her sexy legs, gore chitte per, sexy night dress, sleeveless nightgown, deep cut big boobs and big ass just fab!! Chacha Ji looking at her and whispering pure kapde pehen ke aao. Biju ye tumhari chachi ji hai, me saying Namaste Chachi ji. 

I felt that Chachi ji is deeply willing to grab and jerk my dick. She wanted to give me a blowjob. Apart from imagination, I entered the living area and then chacha Ji showed up in my room. I was literally tired and wanted to rest for the day. 

The next morning, I went to the office for documentation along with Chacha Ji. It was a long day, and I rushed back home after crossing the heavy rain and traffic. I was really feeling and wanted to sleep. Doing the same as I had decided, I went into the room. I realized that Chacha Ji will be out for two days. Me and Chachi Ji were home. I had dinner in my room itself and slept. 

At midnight, I heard some sounds…..a bit of whispering and moans. I woke up and started checking the entire living area, bathroom, and bedroom. Suddenly, some surprising scene came forward flashing in front of my eyes. It was Chacha Ji’s bedroom, aur Chachi Ji bade parde par porn laga ke baithi hue thi. Uss porn scene me, the girl was naked, talking sex language and seducing the boy by giving blowjob.

Meanwhile, Chachi was fingering deeper, and deeper, utna clear I wasn’t able to see and hence peeping. Meri panty wetty hone lagi unko dek kar and unka moans sunkar, My dick got stronger erection. But I was scared a bit, like what she will think of me, hence was moving back to my room. By the time, Chaichi Ji saw and called Biju come here. I went near her. She started removing her clothes, opened her bra, and whispered, do you know your dick is so handsome? I was literally not in my state of mind how should I react? Later, she dragged me upon her and started kissing and lick my dick. But as it was my first time, I was not having any idea what should be my next move? 

Indian Sex Stories

Chachi Ji got an idea about my thinking due to my facial expressions, hence she asked to watch TV and follow the same. The world of porn i had watched but how to implement it practically, was unaware off. But chachi ne mujhe sikhaya, kya sikhaya? Sex…Fucking over. I watched the video in which boy started kissing and pressing the boobs harder. I did the same, her boobs were softy and I was enjoying massaging boobs, sucking her nipples and kissing her hard. In the next round, Chachi started sucking my dick, jerking it off harder and shooting the sperms. I was feeling as if I am heaven. Literally, had a memory loss and was in a fantasy world. In the last round, I inserted my dick inside her pussy, came inside her pussy and licked. 

Deeper and deeper at extreme level, I was in a memento, shaking her harder. She was moaning with sound like ouchhh…aaa…lovely….awesome. We both satisfied each other. Thanks to my friend, as he had given me Condom at station to use in Mumbai. And I used that while fucking chachi. Chachi was a bit surprised how I had condom? Because for her initially, this was the first time, and also was tensed without protection how it will be? But no worries, I used condom as protection and then only proceeded. 

We both had a good time, fucking each other and need some rest too. Iss tarah chachi introduced world of actual porn to me. 

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