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Read in Hot Bhabhi Fak Story that when I went to grandmother’s house, I went to Tauji’s son’s house there. There he met his wife. I slept there at night.

Hello friends, my name is Loknath and I am from Jabalpur.

I have read many stories in antarvasana, so today I also felt like presenting one of my sex stories for you.

The main character in this story is my sister-in-law, who is the mother of two children.
But looking at them, it seems that they are still very cheap goods.
Sister-in-law is the wife of my uncle’s son.

This hot sister-in-law funny story is from those days, when I went to visit my grandmother.

I was with my friends throughout the day, but when I came home in the evening, I saw the elder father’s sons had come. He lived in a separate house next to his grandmother’s house.

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I was very happy to see them.
I touched Bhaiya’s feet and both of us started asking about each other’s well being.

Then grandmother brought breakfast and we came out after having breakfast.

Brother had a habit of smoking cigarettes, so he started smoking.
I also started smoking cigarettes with him.
Mine was all open to them.

I asked brother about sister-in-law, then he told that she had come from her maternal home just a few days ago.

I asked did you go to get them?
Brother told that no his brother had left.

Then we came home talking.

Brother asked grandmother- what are you doing?
She said – I am going to cook food.

Hearing about the food, I felt like eating eggs, so I refused to cook food for my grandmother and said that I will eat with my brother. I will stay there for the night, come in the morning.

My grandmother did not eat eggs and could not even make it because of the temple being built at home.

So I told my wish to my brother.
So brother said – yes man, my mind is doing it too and I too have not eaten for many days.
I said – come on again!

We went to the market and took the eggs… along with spices etc., both of us went towards the brother’s house.
Bhaiya also took a quarter for himself.

There were sister-in-law and two nephews in the brother’s house. One was just three years old and one was five years old.

When both of us reached home, sister-in-law was very happy to see me.

I went to his house after a long time.
Before this, when I went to his house, when sister-in-law was pregnant for the first time. Since then I did not go to his house.

When sister-in-law was pregnant, I teased her and said – how many months pregnant?
I thought that the sister-in-law would not say anything in anger, but looking at me, she laughed and said that she was seven months old.
I too laughed looking at him.

After this much talk, I got busy with other work.
Since then till today the sister-in-law could not be met.

Then suddenly seeing today, sister-in-law said – How did you get the time to come here today?
I said – you people do not get time, so I came myself.

Sister-in-law said – come late, come fit. Now the work will be done.
Saying this, she laughed looking at me.
I could not understand his point.

Then I said to the sister-in-law – the hunger is very strong, is something ready or has to be made now?

Same was the case with my brother.
So he told that the roti has been made, just vegetables have to be made.
I said – we have brought eggs, it is just to make.

In this the sister-in-law said – Wow.
Then we started preparing.

The sister-in-law immediately cut the onion, chilli, ginger, garlic, tomato etc. and put the pot on the gas to make it.

Sister-in-law started talking to me – You make egg curry very well.

Such a brother had already told him because we had done egg party many times before.
Because of that brother knew that I like egg curry and I am also very good at making.

I got busy making egg curry.
In about half an hour, the vegetable is ready.

Then the brother went to the toilet. He had probably gone to take up the work of his quarters.

I told sister-in-law – egg curry is ready. Where are the brothers left… their eggs are ready.
So the sister-in-law said – When are their eggs cooked?

This talk of sister-in-law made me confused as to what sister-in-law wants to say.
By then the brothers also came and we sat down to eat.

I said to sister-in-law – you also come, everyone eats together.
Sister-in-law said – you eat, I will eat later.

Both of us started eating, while giving food, half of sister-in-law’s nipples were clearly visible.
While doing this, the sister-in-law looked at me three or four times, but she neither said anything nor corrected her saree.
Just seeing gave a smile.

After us sister-in-law and her elder son started eating food.
After having dinner, my brother and I came on the terrace and started smoking cigarettes.

Brother ate chewing gum to eliminate the smell of liquor cigarette coming from his mouth and came down after a while.

By then the sister-in-law had eaten and she had put her two sons to sleep as well.

Sister-in-law had put her bed on the floor with the children.
He had made arrangements on the bed for me and my brother to sleep.

It must have been around ten thirty in the night.
Since the people of the village go to sleep only till eight o’clock, but till that time we had not slept.
Bhaiya must have turned upside down due to intoxication.

Then we all turned off the lights and started sleeping.
The zero watt bulb was turned on in the room.

I couldn’t sleep, I was just turning sides.
When I looked down, my sister-in-law’s sari had come up to her thighs, due to which I could see the part up to a little above her knee.

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It was fun to see him like this, but because of fear, I turned to the other side.
Now the sleep that I had in my eyes had also disappeared.

I started remembering the words and scenes of my sister-in-law. Like talking about eggs, their big milk, laughing etc.
Lying like this, it was almost twelve o’clock.

I turned again to my sister-in-law and hung one of my hands under the bed.
As soon as he lowered his hand, he collided with sister-in-law’s feet. I quickly pulled my hand back.
With just one touch of him, my whole body felt like a shock.

Then for a while I lay quietly in silence.
After about ten minutes I did not agree, so I again moved my hand towards sister-in-law’s feet and touched her feet.

There was no response from his side, so I started treading lightly.
When my courage increased, I started pointing my finger at his soles.

I kept doing this for about five minutes.
Then the sister-in-law shook her feet suddenly, then I withdrew my hand.

After some time I started running my hands again.
By now, it had been a long time since the fingers were running in his feet. Now I used to cut chutti on her soles too but she was lying very calm.

I started feeling that sister-in-law is awake and doing drama.
To make sure of this, I took my hand up a little and slowly my hand reached the thighs.
Even then there was no response from sister-in-law.

Now I understood that sister-in-law is doing a sure play.

After doing this for a while I felt urinating, I got up and went to the bathroom and after coming from there I deliberately turned off the night bulb so that it would be completely dark.
I went slowly and lay down on the bed and saw my brother, he was sleeping soundly.

Turned towards sister-in-law and lowered his hand. This time I quickly began to caress his feet and started running in his thighs.

This time I did not hesitate as much as I did the first time.
This time I bit his thighs with a chit, due to which his slight sigh came out.
Now it was my turn for the second step.

I slowly got down from my bed and sat down on my sister-in-law’s knees.
Putting my hand on her thighs, I started pressing a little fast, due to which she started moving a little bit.

I started pulling up her sari, which was already half raised.
Slowly I lifted her sari till the waist, due to which my hand hit her panty.

I put my hand on my sister-in-law’s panty and started moving slowly.
Then I took one of my fingers to his pussy.

As soon as my finger reached near his pussy, I felt that his pussy has become completely wet.

I put my big finger in the crack of sister-in-law’s pussy from the top of her panties.
This made her sister-in-law shudder.

In this way, the sister-in-law had gradually become hot.

Without delay, I put both my hands forward and stuck my fingers in the elastic of sister-in-law’s panty and pulled it, then sister-in-law lifted the ass.
Then I took off my sister-in-law’s panties and spread her legs.

I climbed on top of the sister-in-law and as soon as she came near the nipples.
Sister-in-law’s voice came in my ear. She said slowly – since when have you been heating, now start work quickly.

I said- wait man sister-in-law, haste is the work of the devil. It is half hot now, just be patient.

She said- Now the dam of patience is broken, brother-in-law. Now put it inside quickly. Peel the inside and do the rest of the work later.
My patience was also broken.

I started drinking sister-in-law’s milk.
Sister-in-law started getting happy and started feeding me both of her milk in turn.

After drinking both the milk of sister-in-law for a while, I took out the pillow under her head and put it under the pussy.

Now I came towards the pussy and put my tongue in their pussy.

Sister-in-law shivered suddenly and she pressed my head in her pussy.

After licking the pussy for some time, I got up and put my cock in the clefts of his pussy and put pressure.
Due to wet pussy, the whole cock went inside at once.

A slight sigh came out of her mouth.
I hurriedly put my hand on his face.
Because if the sister-in-law had made a louder voice, the brothers could have woken up and both of us would have been caught.

He slowly exclaimed – Aah… Pelo na yaar!
While caressing my sister-in-law’s nipples, I started putting my cock in and out rapidly.

We started having fun. I started enjoying my sister-in-law.
After about ten minutes, the sister-in-law’s pussy hit the pitcher and after a while my goods also went out.

I lay on my sister-in-law like this for five minutes, till my cock did not shrink and came out.
Sister-in-law lovingly kissed me in the forehead and said – after a long time, I have got such cock and sexual satisfaction .

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I also said – just keep giving me such a chance, darling… I will keep making cocks for your service only.
Sister-in-law laughed lightly.

Then I too came to the bed after kissing my sister-in-law.
After that I stayed at my grandmother’s place for two days and my sister-in-law kept enjoying the fun. He kept making them happy with his cock.