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Hi everyone. This is Riya (Real name changed) again. Hope you already know that I am from Kolkata (North; Near Dumdum). I am 23 now. I am fair, 5’3″ tall. My stats are 34b 28 36. I am in a relationship for the last 3 years. His name is Jay (Real name changed). We both are Bengali. Back to the story

1st day – (Evening to Night)

I woke up in the evening around 6:30 pm in one of the Digha hotels. I saw Jay was awake and having a smoke in the balcony. I was wearing a bra and panty. But as it was dark outside, I went to him and hugged him from behind. He turned towards me and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back.

We kept kissing in the open balcony until it felt tasteless. Then he called room service and ordered tea for all of us. I went to the bathroom to clean my face. Meanwhile, Jay tried to wake Vikram, but he was sleeping like a log.

Soon the doorbell rang, and Jay opened the door. At the same time, I also came out of the washroom. The same older guy was holding a tray with tea and some cookies.

He greeted Jay, “Good Evening, sir.” But he got a glance of me in bra and panty. So without asking for permission, he entered and walked straight to the table and put the tray on it. Then he turned towards Jay and asked if we need anything else.

Jay nodded his head sideways. Then the guy looked at me with a smile and greeted me. I forced a smile and said good evening to him. Then he got out of the room. One thing I must say – I felt kind of excited. It was like an erotic cat and mouse game.

After finishing tea and cookies, we got dressed and went to the beach. We walked for a while, holding each other’s hands. Then we sat in a quiet place on the rocks. We stayed for an hour or so. Around 8:15 pm, we returned to the hotel.

When we entered our room, we didn’t find Vikram. So Jay called him. Vikram told Jay that he will be back in half an hour. So we started to watch TV. Around 9:00 pm, Vikram returned. He went to buy alcohol and condoms.

Vikram told me to wear a see-through crop top with no bra and a skirt with no panties. I started to change my clothes while Vikram called room service and ordered some non-veg starters. Then he went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and came back within 10 minutes.

We all were sitting on the bed. Vikram was touching my nipples with his fingers over the top, and Jay was rubbing my clit. I was getting hornier by each second. Within 15 minutes, the doorbell rang, and Vikram told me to open.

When I opened the door, I found the same older guy and another guy standing with dishes. Their eyes were stuck at my poking nipples over the see-through crop top. Vikram said, “Come in and put those on the bed.”

They entered the room and put them. The older guy said, “Anything else you need, sir?” Vikram said, “Not now. How late at night can we get service?” The older guy said, “We mostly finish around midnight. But if you need anything else, you can call me personally.”

Vikram asked for the number. The older guy gave him his number and also told his name, Raju. He also said if he is unavailable, he will send the other guy, Ashok. Then they both left, and I closed the door after them.

We 3 started to have drinks and talk. I drank 6 -7 pegs and was feeling tipsy. I told Vikram I need to stop, and I need to have dinner. Vikram called room service and ordered dinner. It was around 10:30 pm. Jay and Vikram had 10 pegs each.

There were no cigarettes left, so Vikram told Jay to get some. He put on a shirt and went out. Vikram went to the balcony and made a call. He suddenly told me to lie on the floor. I was about to ask him why, but he smooched me and said, “No questions, bitch.”

I did as he told me, and then he told me to act like I am too drunk and can’t walk or sit. He poured water on my top and skirt and made it wet. Then the doorbell rang. Vikram opened the door and said, “Oh Ashok, thanks for coming, but I was expecting Raju.”

Ashok replied, “Sir, Raju is busy with kitchen duty, tell me how I can help.”

Vikram said, “She got too drunk and slept on the floor. And he went out to buy cigarettes. I needed a hand to lift her up and put her on the bed.”

Ashok said, “Don’t worry, I can help.”

I heard they locked the door and came near me. I kept my eyes a little shut. Vikram put his hands under my arm and lifted me a little while Ashok lifted my legs. As I wasn’t wearing any panty, my pussy became visible when Ashok lifted my legs. He forgot everything and kept staring at it.

Vikram told him to leave my legs and hold my waist. He did. Vikram’s hands were right on top of my boobs. He made me stand and told Ashok to put down my skirt. Ashok was startled, but Vikram said, “It’s wet. What if she catches a cold?”

Ashok unbuttoned my skirt and started to pull my skirt down. Within a minute, I was bottomless. Then Vikram told him that he will hold me tightly while Ashok must remove the top. This time Ashok didn’t waste a second. He pulled my top upwards and removed it while Vikram held me by the waist.

Ashok took Vikram’s position and put his hands under my arms. His firm palms were cupping my boobs, and fingers were brushing my nipples. Vikram took my legs, and they both lifted me up and put me on the bed.

Ashok said, “Mam’s body is still wet. Dry it with a towel.” Vikram brought the towel and threw it to Ashok and said, “You do that, let me call her boyfriend.” Ashok took the towel and started to soak the water from my body. He asked Vikram, “Isn’t she your girlfriend?”

Vikram replied, “No, I am just a friend who fucks her time to time.”

Vikram went to the balcony. Ashok put his finger on my nipples. He pressed it and then pinched it. I moaned. He then put his mouth on my boob and sucked for a few seconds. Then he got down from the bed and told Vikram that it’s done. Vikram thanked him, and he went. Vikram closed the door.

Then he jumped on the bed and held my both boobs in his hands. He started to maul and said, “You are awesome bitch, and you did exactly how I wanted.” Then he removed his pants and put his dick in my mouth. I started sucking it. I was feeling horny.

I wanted him to fuck me right then, but the doorbell rang again. This time he went to open the door. It was Jay and another hotel boy with our dinner. I didn’t know whether to cover myself or not. But it was already late to react. I stayed naked, and the guy came in and put the dishes on the table.

Vikram told him to gather previously brought dishes and take them. He collected but didn’t say anything and left. I told Jay to give me a cigarette first. He lit 3 cigarettes, and we all smoked. Then we finished dinner. I lit another cigarette, switched off the lights, and went to the balcony naked.

It was almost 11:00 pm, and the doorbell rang again. Jay opened it, and Raju entered. He came to take the dishes. I turned back, and he smiled at me and left. Vikram and Jay cleaned the sheets, and both came to the balcony naked. Vikram pulled me closer and pinched my nipples.

Jay started to rub my clit from behind. As soon as I finished smoking, Vikram pulled me and started to chew my lips. His hands were on my ass-cheeks, mauling them hard. I got down and took Vikram’s dick in my mouth and started sucking it gently. Jay came closer. I held his dick and started stroking it.

A few minutes later, I took Jay’s dick in my mouth while stroking Vikram’s dick. Then Vikram sat down and put his dick in my pussy while I kept sucking Jay’s dick. By each minute, Vikram increased his pace. Jay held my head and started fucking my mouth. Vikram held both hands on my back.

He even pushed my head further to Jay’s dick. I almost deep-throated his dick. After 5 minutes, Vikram pulled out and went into the room. Jay lifted my leg with one hand and pushed me against the wall. He slapped my pussy with his dick a few times. While suddenly, the light was switched on.

I clutched to Jay’s body, which leads his dick to enter my hole. Vikram came to the balcony and said, “Now it’s a party.” Vikram lit a cigarette while Jay kept fucking me in that position. Jay was pushing deeper and deeper with every thrust.

He was licking my neck, cheeks, lips, earlobes, and everywhere while his hands were pressing and squeezing my boobs and nipples. I could sense his pleasure as I was having pleasure too. He probably fucked me like that for 10 minutes. Then he lifted my other leg and took me totally in his lap.

Then pushed me against the wall and kept fucking me. After a few minutes, he turned me to Vikram. Vikram got down on his knees and put his tongue in my asshole while mauling my ass with his hands. A dick was pumping my pussy while my asshole was getting a tongue job.

It was new and different and very much exhilarating. I could sense his tongue is getting deeper. Jay then pulled out but held me in his lap so that Vikram could do what he was doing. Suddenly we heard a whistle. We saw 3 guys are enjoying our sex-session from the opposite hotel.

They were waving their hands at us. Vikram waved back and then pushed his dick in my pussy from behind. He held my throat with one hand and another at my belly. He started fucking me slowly. He turned me towards that hotel. I held the railing of the balcony, and he kept fucking me from behind.

I knew those 3 guys were jerking off by watching me. Vikram increased his speed and started pressing my boobs. He fucked me like that for more than 5 minutes. Then he pulled out again and took me to the room. He spanked my ass and told me to sit on top of Jay.

Jay sat on the edge of the bed. I rode on top of him and guided his dick in my pussy. Jay spread my ass cheeks, and Vikram used some lube on my ass and shoved his dick inside. Both started slowly, but in minutes, they reached full speed. One in, another out-it was like a rhythm.

Jay held my neck with one hand and choking me, and with another hand, he started slapping my boobs. Vikram pulled my hands behind started slapping my back and ass. I was getting fucked and slapped continuously for more than 10 minutes. I already had orgasms 4 times. But this time, I almost fainted.

Vikram pulled out, and Jay made me lie on the bed. Jay shot his sperm inside me while Vikram painted my boobs and face with his cum. Jay pulled out, and his cum was oozing out. Vikram brought his dick near my face, and I sucked it clean. Jay went to the bathroom to clean his dick.

I asked Vikram to give me another drink. He made me another, and I drank in one go. Then I guess I dozed off.  Later that night, what happened, I came to know the next morning from Vikram.

It was 1:00 am. Jay took a quick shower and came out. I was sleeping naked with cum all over my body. The bottle of the drink was finished. So Vikram asked Jay if he wants to drink something. Jay nodded his head affirmatively and went to the balcony. Vikram called Raju on the phone.

Vikram, “Hello, Raju, I know it’s late, but can we get 2 bottles of beer?”

Raju, “Yes, sir, of course, give me 5 minutes.”

Vikram, “And we need some help in cleaning too, can you help?”

Raju, “That is our job.”

Vikram, “Thanks, come fast.”

Raju replied, “Sure, sir.”

After 10 minutes, Raju came. Vikram opened the door. He entered with 2 beers and kept it on the table. He looked at my state. Vikram asked him, “Can you help me clean her up?”

Raju said, “You enjoy the beer, I can clean her up.”

Raju went to the bathroom and brought a wet towel. He cleaned the cum from my body and pussy and then packed it. Vikram then offered him a beer, but he denied it. He said he doesn’t drink beer, only dark rum.

Vikram told him to come tomorrow night, and let’s have a drink together. Raju accepted his offer. Then he left. Jay and Vikram finished their bottle and slept by my side.

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