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Divorced Big Boobs Colleague And Affair From Office Shuttle

My name is Anil and this is my real-life incident. I work in a multi-national organization and our daily commute is provided by the company. In the morning, it is usually a tempo traveler and in the evenings, we get a Tata Sumo or other MUVs.

We are about 7 people in our route and since we log in pretty early in the day, usually get picked by 6 am and have about 40-minutes to the office. Jasmine is one of them. She has an above-average body with long black hair. All of us while traveling are pretty jovial and chatty and it never occurred to me that things would be different.

One fine day while coming back from the office, my colleague Jasmine told me that she loves the smell of my perfume. I was surprised by that comment but felt good about the compliment. I was getting attracted to her, the way she ties her hair, her pulpy lips, her big large ass – I realized I never noticed these before.

She was on vacation and the night she was traveling, called me. It was around 10 pm. I was surprised with the call, curious to pick but equally scared of what my wife would think if she saw. My colleague was on her bus to her native and she said that she was in love with me and didn’t care that I was married.

We spoke for an hour, mostly me pushing her advances.

For the next couple of days, things went on with chats and small conversations. It was then my colleague told me that she was divorced but I played it down as I was married.

While these conversations kept things going, I had an undeniable feeling to take this further. One day while having casual conversations, I asked her about a personal meeting.

Me: Jaz, when are you coming back?
Jasmine: Next weekend is what I am planning.

Me: You know I am waiting for you.
Jasmine: I can’t wait to come back and meet you.

Me: I might lose my control once we meet.
Jasmine: Me too, I want you to kiss me on my lips.

I got too excited when my divorced colleague said that. Never expected her to be to the point.

Me: Not just kiss you. I want us to go all the way.
Jasmine: Chee…You are so open about it. I am going now, got to take bath.

Me: Jaz, call me while you shower. I want to see you like no one else can.

She said no to me and disconnected the call. While I was disappointed, I was happy there was something to look ahead, maybe once she is back here.

To my surprise, I got a WhatsApp message asking if anyone was near me. I can’t explain how fast my heart was beating. And then my phone rang.

I was looking at her face and I knew my divorced horny colleague was naked in her bathroom. We spoke enough through our eyes and she slowly brought her camera down. What I saw was one of the best sights any man can ask for. Flawless skin of hers, water dripping from her hair. Beautiful big boobs with hard dark nipples asking to be touched.

In a flash, she lowered the camera towards her milky white thigh. My dick was a hard rock when I saw her trimmed vagina. The call ended but I was in trance. It was not the first time I saw a girl naked nor when one stripped for me but this was different.

Jasmine was voluptuous with large boobs. Her nipples were the ones I now wanted to suck and I can no longer wait to get my dick deep in her vagina.

Two weeks later came the day I was waiting for. I went to meet her at her place. She opened the door and was in a green satin maxi. She stayed in a small one-bedroom apartment alone and that was the most private space we could have asked for.

We started with a few awkward conversations but she sitting close to me touching shoulder to shoulder sent an electric current all over my body. With seeking permission, I gave a peck on her cheeks. She responded by closing her eyes and kissing me on my lips.

I opened my mouth and let my tongue go deep inside her mouth. Our kissing became deeper, passionate, and wanting to have much more. My hands were running all over her back while kissing her and she guided me to her boobs. I gave a good press to my divorced colleague’s boobs without breaking our kiss and still heard her moan.

I struggled to get the maxi off her body but she knew we had to undress. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom lifting her maxi revealing high-end lingerie. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her hard on her lips, neck, and back to lips.

I slowly undid her bra and I had the big boobs of hers in front of me. I went on top of her and started sucking her nipples. I took my shirt and pants off and was in my underwear when she held my tool over the cloth. I was surprised how easily she took my dick in her mouth giving me the best blowjob I ever received.

She staring at my eyes, sucking my penis naked with her big boobs hanging was divine. I was about the release my cum when I stopped her and kissed her again tasting my own cum mixed with her saliva. I removed her panties and tried going down her but she was too shy and didn’t let me.

I slowly took my fingers to run over her shaved vagina. Without waiting for a sign, while kissing her, I pushed my fingers inside. I knew she loved the feeling when she said “Anil..more..I want to feel you…bite my nipples.”

I obliged by sucking my colleague’s nipples and started moving my fingers faster. In no time my hands were dripping her vagina discharge and her moaning became louder. She came in no time hugging me and tears flowing down her eyes. I kissed her eyes, nose, lips and promised to keep meeting and having sex again.

We have been having sex for the last 3 years and have now tried anal as well. Things have changed so much that now she swallows my cum after her blowjob but she is yet to let me eat her, something I love doing for my wife.

I hope you all liked my experience and I will share another experience with a colleague in my next story

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