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Hey there me Smita heartily welcoming you to indianxxxstories.com where you can read some of the most erotic romantic sex with stranger stories with audiosex stories and enjoy this cozy Winter. I’ll recommend you some at the end of the story, If you’re looking for some Don’t worry 😉. Ok let’s come to our today’s story which recently happened to me and gave me some never-forgetting memories. Today I’ll Share my story in which I got a facial cumshot & my small tiny delicate pussy got smashed and banged by a stranger whom I met through tinder.

So let’s start!

So as I said I’m Smita Bansal I’m. I was born in Rohtak, Hariyana but have been living in Karolbagh ,Delhi since I was a child.I’m a class of 2020 (graduated in 2020) Now working in a small business company to save my ass from being broke . Though parents send me money but some ego you know…….

I have fair skin and have a size of 30-27-32 I know it’s too skinny. My boobs are almost invisible though I’m a beautiful girl having long raven brown hair upto my thighs. But these were of no use as I ain’t a thick chic .

While I was perusing my graduation in Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College in karol bagh, I noticed every boy like a girl who has good body proportion and curves but I didn’t have any of them. In spite of being too beautiful boys never approached me.

As a typical teenage girl I was always upset and insecure about my body. When I was in 2nd year of graduation, Vivek who is one of my classmates approached me and asked me for a date . After that we were together till our graduation but things weren’t like previous,

Vivek started ignoring me And even when he had sex he wasn’t interested much ,and we often fought when I found out he was sexting some other junior of our college and then things even became worse when he told me he is no more interested in me and I have nothing which attracts him. And my flat chest is a big turnoff for him.

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I was Literally shattered after hearing his harsh words. But I was kinda happy for the breakup. But I was still insecure about my flat chest. Then Ritika, my best friend suggested me a filthiest way to resolve my problem which was, “being touched by a manly man can grow my boobs.”

First I was taken aback like “what on the earth she was telling! ” I had a breakup just then and how can I love someone so easily now?? you can say I’m a little conservative at that time.Then I realized vivek never touched or squeezed my boobs may be that’s why they are not that much big .

Then gradually when I explored what self satisfaction was, what self pleasure was then I got a bit comfortable at mastarubation, blind date, strip club, tinder and sex with strangers and many other things which are pretty much common Now a days..

Now as I was going through post breakup trauma Ritika told me to open tinder and chat with random boys, to party as much as possible to keep distracted. First I was denying but then she forcefully installed tinder on my phone and opened a id of mine. And I had least attention to that crap.

One day I was exploring my instagram where I saw vivek with a girl and the caption was “world ♥ ” I was furiously staring at my phone u was very angry then I somehow managed to control myself and opened the tinder and right swiped most of the boys who were popped in my suggestion.

I was right swiping nonchalantly then suddenly it showed “Its a crush! ” I jumped out suddenly then I checked his profile, He was a damn handsome guy named Rachit.

sex with stranger stories

He was looking Charming from his pfp for a second I got mesmerized by his side jaws. I was literally staring at him while biting my lips unconsciously. At that very time a message popped up on my screen

*Rachit waved at you! *

Rachit : Hey!

I : hi

Rachit : You look cute in pfp yk

I smiled gently looking at his message

I : ikr

Rachit : Ooo….. Pooh in 2021 😃!

I : 😂😂 pooh is so underrated now its smuts!.

I : smits*

Rachit : Haha I like the previous one tho 😁

And we had a little chat about where we live and what are we doing as profession and all. He told me that he’s a stripper in one of the expensive and luxury club in Mumbai and he was here to meet his family after lockdown. Then we exchanged our instagram id. Guess what I literally stalked his instagram the whole night.

Rachit was insanely handsome , a tall 6feet guy with honey skin salivating physique and sharp jaws which can cut anyone’s throat and broad Adam’s apple which screams his voice would be deeper that Pacific Ocean.

As days passed we got closer to each other ,first dming in instagram to sending each other snaps .Snaps turns to sex chat and sending nudes to each other. Once I was sitting on my couch as my parents showed up. Suddenly, Rachit video called me as soon as i received the call he was already masturbating. I cut the call immediately and rushed to my room and locked it.

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He was calling me continuously and I received it and he was all naked showing his huge staff decorated with veins and the red tip of his 8inch long 3inch thick cock was a cherry on cake. His moaning was skipping deep and lewd from his mouth and I couldn’t control myself either. We were literally having sex through video call.

then one day he asked me for a date. I was super nervous at his sudden move but also agreed to go with him. It was a Movie date. As the movie theaters were opened just after lockdown.

I reached at the Liberty Cinema which was near my apartment and he lived in the same location as mine so it was more convenient. I was wearing a Golden shimmer crop top and white jeans. He was already there when I reached looking jaw dropping handsome in plain black tee and jeans.

There weren’t such crowd as usual but about 50 people were there. He already booked the corner seat, we went and sat there. To be very honest I wasn’t focussing on movie at all all of my attention was on Rachit. This was the first time I met him actually. He looked more stunning in real life than pictures.

His masculine body bumping biceps and sharp jaw and when he said “hi! “and waved at me at the front of the mall my knees almost turned jelly. I was more than nervous and continuously fidgeting my fingers.

My body stiffened when he placed his calloused hand on my right thigh and caressed it. I was just blankly watching the screen but couldn’t hear even a word , my mind was anticipating what Would be his next step.

After around 10 mins of caressing my thighs and giving me goosebumps , he wrapped his hand around my tiny waist at that point I looked at him, he was looking at the screen with a smirk on his face.

I smiled ear to ear and tried watching the movie. When there’s a dark scene his hands lifted up and he grabbed my left boob on his hand and started squeezing it over my top.

“Ahhh!!!…. ” a muffled moan slipped through my tongue and I pressed my mouth with my right hand. He was pinching my already hard nipples with his thumb and index finger pulling my nips as it is some kinda elastic.

I was trying hard not to moan loud but couldn’t even control myself so I grabbed his hand which was on my thigh and digged my nails in it. And to my utter shock that man didn’t even budge instead his hands made their way under my top to my bra.

He opened my bra with his one hand and started squeezing both of my boobs one by one. His cold hands touching my hot underneath sent chill to my spine. His one arm was covering my entire chest. He came near me and whispered in my ear

“I can make these apples watermelons wanna try? ” with a deep hushed voice which instantly gave me eargasm if I say. I I couldn’t even find words to say to him. I was just cursing myself for buffering and zoning out.

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As I didn’t utter a word he again wishpered, “why aren’t you saying anything smits you’re so brave and bold in chats dont you wanna eat me now? Umm… What was that Ahh.. Yes devour…. I remember Don’t you wanna devour my Adam’s apple Huh? ” And started nibbling my ear lobes.

And that’s it!!! He touched the most sensitive point which can wet my pussy in a blink of a second. “Ummm…..ahhh….!!!!! S…st.. St…. Stop please Ahhh!! There’s people around us! “

He : “you said you like these kinda things don’t you! So now why are you backing up little scary cat? ” and he bit my earlobe and detached from me before licking my nape. I was red listening the Nick name he just gave me.

I was literally wanted mother earth to devour me that very Time. I was squeezed like a scared cat on the seat. He smirked Lookin at me and then And I regret saying him the things I want my partner to do list.

His hands started unzipping my jeans and I stopped him by tapping his hand but he was acting demanding and looked at me like an alpha male looked at omega female, to surrender.

He unzipped my jeans and slided his two long fingers inside my pant . As soon as his cold fingers touched my warm pussy I grabbed his hand but he didn’t listen as he tried exploring my little pussy through his finger. When he touched my Clit I jolted back to my seat and he understood that. He said With a smug look “Hmmm… Was that your small cookie under there want me to eat it kitten Hmmm? ” I was in haze when he rubbed his fingers right on my clit straight looking at my eyes.

“isn’t it feel good baby…. Tell me right here when i touch this isn’t it good? “

Me : “uamm…. Uhhh…!!. Hummmmm Aahhhh ummmmff.. ”

He was about to release his hands from my pants but I stopped him and pressed his hands into my pants. I saw him smirking he looked at my eyes and said ,”I have a big surprise for you my little kitten and I don’t wanna spoil it here” though I didn’t want him to stop , he invited me to a place we both left the theater before the interval.

We both went on his Royal enfield and during the ride I was only staring at him like he was some kinda hot meal. His muscles stretched everytime he moved his arms which was only making me hornier .

After 10 or 15 minutes we reached near a building. He escorted me to the 5th Floor and opened a flat as he had the keys. The room was dark but illuminated with blue and pink lights and Smelled faded lavender and musk. there’s only one couch on the entire living room I was confused and was wondering all over the living room.

“Rachit….!! What is this!! ” I showed him the pool which was on the middle of the living room.

Rachit :” just wait a minute I’ll show you ” Saying this he glided his hands on my collar and vanished in the dankness.

*1 message arrived!*

Rachit : “sit on the couch honey Close your eyes… I’m here dont be scared my little kitten “

I sat on the couch after 2mins I heard footsteps approaching me and it was rachit he stood me up and told me to open my eyes. I did so and I was beyond surprised what I saw in front of me.

Rachit was dressed up as a stripper, a blue brief with black boots and a black tie. His lavishing abs were full on display which made me week on my knees. He turned on a slow jazz music and started undressing me little bit by little.

“your highness tonight I’m all yours…. Devour me or gulp me I won’t complain ” he said sheepishly smiling. I looked at him and hugged his bare body. His body was still hard as he maintained well for his profession.

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He took off my top reveling my nude bra and threw it on the corner and pulled down my pants as well I was standing just in my nude lace panty. I was embarrassed as well as insecure so I snuggled my head under his chest as he was taller than me.

“Don’t hide yourself kitten, feel free it’s your night let’s enjoy it “

He sat on the couch and gestured me to sit on his lap. When I did that he started slowYy Moving his body as I can feel his cock growing under my butt poking my buttock.

Rachit started kissing my back, his sloppy kisses were enough to make me numb . He was sucking my skin leaving red purple marks here and there.

“How can one have such smooth baby skin? I afraid I’ll hurt you when I drill inside “

He whispered in a husky tone which made my eyes shut. He turned me around and I wrapped both of my legs around his abdomen he picked me up and kissed my lips entering his tongue inside my mouth, exploring every inch of my mouth with his swirling tongue exchanging saliva.

He placed me against the wall while my legs were hanging to both the side. He was kissing the soul out of me and I was responding accordingly. I was so in haze that I didn’t realize when he pulled my panty down and took me to a bedroom near there and threw me on bed as I bounced against the soft matress.

He hovered over me and started sucking my boobs while playing with the other with his hand. “I know you’re insecure about them but don’t worry I’ll make them the biggest melons you can ever imagine “. He said while sucking my nipples literally biting them.

” Ahhh….. Ummm….!!!!! Ohhhh……. All…. So….slow down….. Please!! “I was begging as the pressure was too much for me.

Then he sat between my legs, Rachit, “umm…. Let me see my cookie ” looking at me he spread my legs and opened my vaginal lips with his two hands. He stared it for 5second before saying “it’s such a small cookie let’s see if it can handle my banana or not “

Saying this he attacked my hairless pussy with his tongue. A loud moan escaped from my mouth as the pleasure was sudden. His tongue technology was doing magic in my Clit. He inserted Three fingers hitting upward direct my gspot.

“I’m getting inside kitten if you want to stop then tell me I’ll stop ” he said as he was controlling himself from ripping me apart.

I looked at him and said, “I want you to fuck my pussy until I see the starts and forget everything except your cock “

“you’ll regret this you bratty slut ” he said and pushed his cock inside my pussy without any warning. I grabbed the bed sheet in pain as it was unbearable for me. Half of his cock was still outside.

He gave me sometime to adjust before stroking harder and all of his cock was inside me. I was crying in pain as my small pussy couldn’t handle the pleasure of such a huge cock. I felt like my walls were ripping inside my pussy.

But when he started moving his waist fucking me slowly pace the pain soon dissolved replacing the pleasure I have never experienced.

he put a pillow under my butt for support and increased his pace I was rhythm with him by moving my thighs apart and taking my butt off.

The skin slapping against each other and the sound of him growling each time he put his cock inside me was filled in the room.

He was hitting my g spot with his slightly curved cock which was perfectly hitting my walls.

I was being wrecked under him while he was growling and fucking me in an animalistic pace.

“shhhhhh….. ..!!!!!uhhm.. Uhhmmm.. Ahhhh…. Fuckk you little bitch! You showed yourself very hard to play but look at you here you are underneath me being a slut to me “

“ummnmmmmm…. Mmmm.. .yes….. I like being your slut….. ĐADDY…!!! Ahhh…. You’re the daddy…… Now fuck me until I cum please daddy please!!! “

He got more excited being called daddy and fucked me literally bouncing on the bed. Even The bed started creaking.

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After few minutes i came with a loud orgasms…. “ahhhhhhhhhhh…..!!! Yessse Faster FASTER!!!!! Ohhhhh gawsdddd… Hhhhhaaaa…. “!!!

But he didn’t stop until he was about to came.

He : “tell me where should I fill you slut tell me!!! Fast… Should i fill it in your pussy so that you could be a mother to my child huh!!! Tell me baby girl where would daddy fill you? “


He stood in front me when he was about to cum and spilled all of his load on my face and in my mouth. I drank all his cum like a good girl and got a facial as well.

After being tired we slept on the bed like that. And Rachit wishpered in my ear “DADDY HUH! ” I blushed hard remembering that. After that day I started having sex With strangers through tinder and when Ever I got horny I told Rachit to bang me.

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