Facial with my brother’s cum

Hey!! This is Priyanka. Aaj mere hath kisi ki dabti nas aaye hai. Jiska faeda me toh puri tarah se lene wala hu. Here the story begins and welcomes me to my world of fantasies. I belong to a middle-class family and leave along with my parents and younger stepbrother. Years ago, my dad had two marriages, from which his first wife died as she was suffering from cancer. They had a child whose name was Rahul. So Rahul mera stepbrother hai. I used to hate Rahul because of his chipku and over-obedient nature. Hence, I always used to find ways of troubling him.

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We were together in the same school. I was in class 12th and he was in 11th class. To describe Rahul, he is tall and has a flat body. He is a shy and reserved kind of person, wo na hi kisi baat karta jyada na hi gulta milta bas apne khayalo me khoya hua banda hai wo. But he was very good at academics, sports, and other activities. Especially, was good at Biology. My dad always appreciated him. 

It was Wednesday I clearly remembered. We ended the class and came back home. I was punished that day badly because I scored less in my exams. Usdin Mujhe bahut gussa chadh gaya kyunki Rahul ko full marks aaye then and my dad was scolding me in front of him. Hence, I decided to study the whole night. I was in my room and was studying the same chapter that was on the test. 

After some time, mujhe nature’s call aaya and I visited the toilet. But then what the fuck, I saw something weird that is Rahul masturbating himself badly, exerting noise of relief. I was literally surprised to see him under this condition, but then I remember one while I slept near Rahul, I realized as if I caught my brother masturbating on my panty. I felt that was a nightmare and hence I ignored it. But after seeing this epic scene, I had to believe over the one that is happening. 

I saw his long penis, getting a stronger erection. Gosh!! I saw Rahul’s dick for the first time, it was nearly 7inch plus, I had never seen such a big dick in real, although I have seen many times in adult movies, I was just shocked, my eyes were opened seeing such thick and big dick, Rahul’s dick was almost red like a porn star’s I have seen in movies. This is something I need to capture. Me bhagte hue gaye and phone le aai to make a video. Bas phir camera uske expression and aur uska Lamba mota penis ko capture kar liye. After some time, Rahul came to the bedroom, he was feeling relaxed, he tried to sleep, But his big cock was just hanging on my eyes, my nipples were tight,I was just few cm away from touching his tool, but I wanted to take advantages of the situation, so i thought a plan to blackmail him with the video. After sometime, I told him, I have a surprise for you, do you want to see?  I opened my phone and showed him the video,

He was just got shocked, his eyes and mouth was opened, and could not thought what to express,  I was literally enjoying the moment and started blackmailing him. His face was full of stress and tension as if I caught him commenting on some crime. 

Are, it’s just a nature’s call(I said in my mind). 

Although, it was not less than a golden opportunity to have developed incest and seducing my brother. He was almost in a condition of crying, begging for not sharing his amazing over social media and to Papa. I was enjoying myself a lot to see him in such a shaky situation, my corrupted mind got a brilliant idea for using him to have fun. Rahul was busy trying to convince me not to spill off my mouth before papa nor over social media.

I shouted on Rahul, it was a damn mistake you did by masturbating on my panty, either you have to obey what ever I says or I am going to complain to Dad. You will be nowhere if this video goes to Dad. 

Rahul(Crying) , please Didi , I am ready to do whatever you says, but please forgive for the last time, it wont happen.

But still calm, not showing any exciting expression with a devil face, I asked Rahul, “Are you sure?” Rahul in hassle, answered yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Till then I had already made my plan.

I ordered rahul, jab ab nanga hoja chup chap, Listening this Rahul was shocked again, and begged not to do so, I told, agar tumhe bachna hai, toh tujhe karna padega, ju mein bol rahi hoo.

Rahul, was in shock a bit, but he has no option and had to what ever I says!! Rahul chup chap nanga hua, aur jaise hi usne apna pant utara, his 7 inch semi errect tool was hanging, I was feeling like touching it, but I controlled myself,

Me: wah, ek batt bata, tune itna bada hatiyar rakha hai, aur tere didi ku aaj tak nehi dikhaya, bdw, I like it, then i touched his red cap of the dick.

Sunn, ye batt agar kahi pe bola, soch le tera video jayega viral.

Fir mene bola, Rahul chal ab mera pair chatna suru, kar, Rahul saw my eyes, could not say anything, usne mera per ke pas chup chap betha aur, lick karna suru kia, I was in heaven feeling like a real mistress.

Rahul was a pro licker, I asked Rahul, I guess you did this to your gf before, you seems like a pro licker, are you also good at lick pussy?

Indian Sex Stories

Before Rahul could say antyhing, I pulled the hair of Rahul and forced his nose in my panty, till now, My panty was really wet with lot of juicey water, he started smelling it like a dog, My tank was again full, i felt like peeing, 

And I asked Rahul to follow me to the washroom, he just obeyed and followed me to the washroom, then I asked, him to lie down on floor, and open the mouth. 

He just did, what I said, I opened my panty, and about to pee, 

Rahul: are you sure didi? You going to pee on me?

Me: how dare you to ask bitch, you are my slave , do what ever I ask, or else your video is going on school fb group.

Then I started peeing on face, at first he started resisiting, they he enjoyed the warm saly Golden shower of Mistress. 

I saw him, he is trying to trest it with her tongue, and try to drink some of it, I was so happy to see , this was my first time Golden shower experience, and that too my own brother.

Then I was empty, and asked him to clean yourself and come back to the mistress. 

I was on my bed, Rahul came to me, stand near by, and requesting, please na sis, delete that video, 

Me: nothing have started yet, you are telling to delete, I want you be my slave for atleast a month, then I will think about deleting, he was like crying but could not express anything.

Then I asked, Rahul, do you like the golden shower, he nodded with a smile, Yes didi, thoda kadba tha, but acha tha. I liked it, 

Me: do you want your lick my pussy too? Chal jaldi se aja, 

Mein apna leg spread kar ke bed per so gayi, and Rahul in doggy position, started licking it. 

As I said earlier, Rahul was really good at licking, 

Rahul was so expressive with his tongue, it was out of mind, I was in heaven that time, he was licking like a real dog, with all of his force and soul. He licked my all over my pussy till I cum. Kab mein do baar ejacuate hogaya, mujhe pata hi nehi chala. 

Rahul was also enjoying, but I want Rahul to do more for me, but it was really late that night, I asked him to sleep like naked under my blanket whole night. Then we slep together,his tool was in full erect whole night, I felt the warm of the dick and slept with all the happiness that time. 

Sone se pehele, mein Rahul ko bol dia, Kal ka din, aur v jayda hard hone wala hai, ready rehna. Then I slept.

I was so happy in the morning, to my fortune, Mom and dad had a plan for a shopping that whole day for upcoming durga puja, I was so happy. I requested mom, I will stay back home with brother to continue study, you go for shopping, then Mom and dad left the home.

I Immediately went to bed room, Rahul was still sleeping, I kicked him hard on his ass, and asked, chal beta uth ja ab, tera mistress ki seva karni hai, he got up with a confused face, what sis is going to do with him.

I went straight inside the toilet and told rahul to come inside when I wll ask, 

From my child hood, I am bit adeventuers , when it comes to sex, I always wanted dirty and kinky type of sex and dreamed about it many times. But never got an opportunity, but as mere hath koi apna laga hai, toh mein koi mauka gawana nehi chati thi. 

Mein loo karne ke baad, I shouted “Shuuu Shuu” point to my brother, He knew, I was calling him, he came inside the toilet, I was on the seat, then I ordered, chal Rahul ye batta, tujhe abhi pyas laga hai ya bhuk, 

Rahul: please na did, chor dijiye mujhe, 

Me: Beta chup chap aja idher, aur mein seat per ulta hoke doggy positon mein beth gayi, aur mere ass ko usek taraf karke boli, 

Indian Sex Stories

Rahul chal ab fata fat mere ass ko clean kar, apne jibh se, Rahul was about to say something, I shouted, 

You bitch, do what I say now!!!(Angry voice)

Rahul mere ass ke uper jibh rakh ke , mere ass hole ko lick karne laga, I cant express myself, what I was feeling that moment, yes I know it was bit more dirty, but the feeling of getting licked ass hole, only can be feeled by who already tried this. 

I was in cloud 9 and Rahul started enjoying licking my hole, he cleaned it all, and the started licking my pussy from back side, 

Me: do you want a golden shower too? He nodded yess didi, 

Ok, chal ab nehi , thodi der mein detta hoo tujhe, then I asked rahul to clean yourself and comedown to kitchen. 

Rahul was naked since last night, I went to kitchen, afer some time Rahul came, his dick was sleeping, but uska mota laund dekh ke mere se aur control nehi ho raha tha, 

Mein kitchen mein uske dick ko touch karne laga, aur niche ghutne mein beth ke usko ek nice blow job dene laga, 

Mein ye bata dun, mujhe suru se blow job dena pasand hai, fir thodi der mein usne sara load mere munh per hi nikal dia, 

I was really enjoying his cum on my face, and sara uske cum ko mein apne face mein facial ke tarah spread kia, aur uske ball ko kiss karne laga.

Rahul was also started enjoying it. Then we went for a bath together and had a nice shower, and came back. I ordered rahul to arrange the food on table, and he did as I follows, 

Ye sab itna jayda majedar tha ki, Kab saam ke 5 baj gaye, pata hi nehi chala

And then Mama Papa came bac, We had dinner together I and Rahul slept together, It was more than midnight, and I felt a sensation of some watery liquid spilled on my face. I sensed and realized that Rahul jerked off and cum on my face. It was just like brother cum as facial. Rahul masturbated and ejaculated sperm on my face. 

Slowly, I realized that my step brother started enjoying along with me the entire scenario. Once for a while, Rahul asked me to continue the incest relationship without any conditions or barriers. It’s just you and me. Well, I felt his deal wasn’t bad. I really wanted this to hang off stress and enjoy the moment.

Finally, I agreed with Rahul’s word but can’t trust him. That’s why I didn’t delete the video too, as it wasn’t confirmed. Some days passed, and I realized that his words were genuine. We continued the same relation irrespective of our differences and ego.

So, yes!! This was my incest famedom that i enjoyed. 

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