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Family nudity – Banging Drunk Sister

Hello, I am Raj, my sister’s name is Roopa and we live in New Delhi. Today I am going to share you Family Nudity Story of My sister & I have been really close for as far back as I remember. Growing up we did every thing together, we eat, played, went to school and even slept together until, I think, about when I was 14. I am now 38 and my sister is 2 years older than me.

She still has beautiful black shinny hair , deep smoldering brown eyes and curvy body which would not look out of place on a catwalk and the most beautiful breast that seem to contradict all the laws of gravity. When we reached the age of going out to socialize us always went together and had the same group of friends that we hung around with.

We always looked out for each other like a team. If she ever had too much to drink I would look after her and she would look also after me. One night after she had too much to drink we decided to head for home. We called a taxi and she slept on my lap the whole way home.

I always had feelings of sister love for her but this night my feelings turned to something more. As she slept her head was resting right on my crotch and my dick was reacting to this. I began to stroke her head so that she would not wake but we reached home after about 15minutes so I had to wake her.

I carried her to her room taking care not to wake anyone. Our house was very big. You could have had a party at one end of the house and not heard a sound at the other end. When we got to her room I put her down on her bed but since she was totally out of it I took off her top and her jeans.

But as I pulled her jeans off her white panties slipped down around her hips to reveal the most beautiful pussy. I quickly took off her jeans and pulled the panties back up to cover her. There was no reaction from her so I had this urge to look again.

I locked the bedroom door even though everyone was asleep and slipped her panties off. My cock was throbbing at this stage but I just wanted to put my mouth on her pussy lips to see what it tasted like. As I lowered my mouth to her pussy and to my surprise she instinctively opened her legs to me.

I didn’t need a second invitation I continued to lick and kiss and suck on her pussy and gently massaged her clitoris with my tongue, licking it like an ice cream. She started to moan. My heart almost stopped with excitement but she did not wake so I continued to suck her.

After about 20 minutes my jaw started to ache but the pleasure I was giving to sis was driving me on. As she climaxed she let out a kind of whimper, her whole body went into spasm for about 30-40 seconds and a flood of juice flowed from her pussy, which tasted like a sweet dry wine.

I continued to lick and suck her slower and slower until the spasms slowed down. She looked so beautiful lying there on the bed with a very faint smile of satisfaction on her face. I put her panties back on and kissed her goodnight on the lips.

I went to my room and stroked my penis for about 10 minutes but the thrill of what just happened was too much. I came with such intensity that I almost passed out. Thick white sperm gushed from the tip of my penis. I still could not get over what had just happened.

When my sister woke up in the morning she came into my bedroom to find out what happened the previous night and from the glowing look that she had I could see that she enjoyed herself. She knew that she had a good time because she felt so good but she said that she did not remember what happened. You are reading this Nudist family Story at Indian xxx Stories .Com Website

Weeks went on and needless to say the frequency of nights that I offered to take care of my sister increased. I quickly became an expert at oral sex. Each night I took her home put her to bed and climaxed her into a deep sleep.

One night her orgasm lasted for over a minute. I thought she was ill when her body started shaking uncontrollably. She was moaning so deeply I was worried that she was not Ok but when she whispered in her sleep “mere pyaare. ankit… Meri choot chaa”… I knew that everything was fine.

Again I continued to kiss her slower and slower to bring her down from her climax and then went on my way to relieve the pressure building up in my penis. One night on returning home and putting her to bed I had an urge to go just a little bit further. I made her climax as usual but then I thought what i…?

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I turned her on her side and lay down behind her. I had no difficulty in entering her at she was as wet as I was. I slowly made love to her for about 20 minutes kissing her erogenous zones , her neck ,underneath her breasts and the side of her body but as I started to explode inside her pussy.

I became aware that she was stroking my hair and as I looked at her to my surprise she was awake!! She smiled at me and kissed me deeply on the mouth as I came, in a wave of pure pleasure, inside her. As soon as I recovered she put me on my back and kneeled down on top of me, he breasts hanging like ripe melons waiting to be picked, and slid my semi erect penis in to her wet pussy. You are reading this Nudist family Story at Indian xxx Stories .Com Website

She fucked me like a crazy woman, lowering her pussy all the way down my shaft and rising up to the tip of my cock and down again, like a steam train. It wasn’t long before I was hard again. We continued to make love all night. To finish she lowered her mouth to my cock and started to give me the most amazing blowjob I think I will ever get in my life.

She licked, sucked, kissed and stroked me to an intense orgasm and when I climaxed she sucked and swallowed every drop of cum from my penis. Then with a naughty smile on her face she said.

“That’s for all the nights that you made me come so hard!! “

She had been awake every night that I brought her home and she said that she had looked forward to each and every night!! We still look out for each other but she has since married and we both agree that our love making had to stop.

I will never forget the experience that we had together but I am sure that I will experience an orgasm just as intense as I did with sis and I am sure that I will make someone come just as hard. Is that someone you? 

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