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Fantasy to Nightmare

As I sit here, in the spare bedroom listening to my wife’s moans coming through the walls, I wonder how did things come to this!

My story began two years ago. My name is Aniket. I am 28 years old, 5’7″ and medium built. I had been married for little over one year. I had an arranged marriage. I met my wife Shraddha a couple of times before we decided to get married. Shraddha was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. She was 5’6″, fair and had the most mesmerising smile. She had an athletic build. That does not mean she was flat-chested! She had nice firm C-cups. Her best asset however, was her ass. She was not big but had a nice luscious apple bottom.

We were both very inexperienced in the matters of sex. After the intial excitement of sex wore off in the first eight months, our sex life had plateaued. We both were busy with our professional lives and sex kinda got boring. Shraddha remained very shy and reserved in the bedroom department, while I started looking at ways to add zing to our sex life. While surfing for porn on the internet, I realized I was attracted to threesomes, both FFM (2 females and 1 Male) and MMF (2 Males and 1 Female) kinds. I was more excited by the MMF kinds where I noticed that 2 guys could make a woman cum so many more times and so much longer than a single guy could. The women in the videos were almost blacking out by the time both the guys were done. I got excited thinking how I would get Shraddha to lose her shyness, experiment and make her cum over and over again. I would tag-team her into sexual orgasms like she never experienced before and have weekend long fuckathons.

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One night after sex, I broached the topic of sexual fantasies. As expected Shraddha had none. When I told her about my fantasy about having a MMF threesome wih her, she got squeamish.

“Aniket!! How could you think that? Seeing your wife with another man … really?” she said. “Sorry, but this one fantasy is going to remain a fantasy. I am not doing that .. EVER.”.

Seeing her reaction, I pooh-poohed the topic and tried to calm her down. Later I tried to find other things that would catch my fancy, but the thought of a threesome was stuck on me. I had to find some way to turn her around. Atleast, I needed to try it once. I knew, once she experienced the pleasures it could offer her, she would be convinced. As luck would have it, I got that opportunity at Shraddha’s office party.

Shraddha’s company had a great year and threw a big party. I went down with her to the hotel. As the evening wore on, Shraddha started mingling around with the rest of the staff and I sat at the bar. There were two guys standing right next to me. I noticed one of them was huge. He was about 6’5″ and built like a lumberjack. He was good looking, had a deep voice and had an animal magnetism about him. The big guy took out his cell and started showing the other person something on it. I could see his eyes POP!

“How did you get her to do THIS?! She is so prudish .. and you got her to pose nude.”

Just then the big guys eyes flicked to me. I was embarrassed and looked away. As I looked around the room, I noticed that a number of women were stealing glances at the big guy. I turned my attention back to their conversation.

“Vishal .. you are now my GOD. When I went out with her, Archana did not even kiss me on the mouth until the fourth date and slept with me after we had been going around for two months. You got her to pose naked after two dates! What’s your secret?”

‘Vishal’, I smiled. The name certainly suited him .. it meant ‘Big’ and he physically was a huge guy.

“Trade secrets my friend.” laughed the big guy. “But seriously there is no secret, Anuj. Archana and I were just fooling around, we both enjoyed each other’s company and had a little fun. I asked her to give me something to remember her by. So she let me take this snap.” Vishal continued.

Anuj asked “And? …”

“Well … I do have her panties in my pocket right now.” Vishal said casually.

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Boy, this guy was something! Two dates and he had slept with the girl, clicked her naked photo and was caring around her panties. He must have a way with the ladies. Could he tell me how to convince Shraddha, I began to wonder? He seemed like a nice enough guy while talking to Anuj. He was not crass while talking about Archana.

And although he showed Anuj the photo, Anuj had already slept with Archana so, I reasoned, it was not inappropriate. If he could just guide me on how to go about convincing Shraddha, I could get a chance to live out my fantasy. I was in deep thought and did not realize that Anuj had walked away and Vishal was now sitting on the stool next to me.

“Hi .. Never seen you around the office. Are you here with someone?” he asked.

“Hi .. I am Shraddha’s husband.” I said.

“Ooh .. congratulations. You are a lucky man.” he said.

I smiled. The gears in my brain whirred furiously trying to think of a way to ask for his help.

“Something bothering you mate.” he asked.

“Well .. er .. its kinda personal .. but.. ” I hesitated. “Sorry, I overheard your conversation with Anuj and I could really use your help.”

“If you promise to keep my secret, I will keep your’s.” he smiled.

“Er .. you see .. er .. I have this fantasy and … er .. I want to ..” I struggled to get the words out.

“Convince Shraddha?” he asked bluntly.

“Yes.” I meekly acknowledged. Almost embarrassed.

“Don’t worry .. Its fine. You are with a friend. What’s your fantasy?” I could see Vishal was trying to make me feel comfortable.

“A threesome.” I blurted out. “I want to have a threesome with Shraddha and another guy. So spice up my love life and also for her pleasure.”

As I said it, I thought I saw something flash behind his eyes and felt a knot in my gut. I pushed down the doubt.

“A noble sentiment .. most guys would go for a threesome with two girls. I see you also thought about Shraddha.” Vishal replied. “But you see Shraddha seems to me a very simple girl. She will not agree to this one bit. You will need to gently open her up to the idea. I would suggest you could start her with role-play.”

“First get her used to the ‘idea’ of sex with someone other than you. Let her imagine the pleasure and once she is comfortable with the idea then broach the topic of an actual person. But make sure you suggest the idea of role-play once she is turned on. She would have had a couple of drinks today. Pick up some wine on the way home. Trust me, alcohol will help lower her inhibitions. Engage in longer foreplay and once she is sufficiently turned on broach the idea of role-play. Once she accepts that, I am sure we can get her to agree to a threesome. Here, take my card. It has my cell listed. Let me know how it goes.” Vishal pulled out his card and slipped it into my hands.

I thought the plan sounded good. I decided to put it into motion. I was so pleased on getting an idea that I did not realize that in my mind Vishal was now part of the threesome.

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That night, I put the plan into action. Shraddha and I had the best sex in months. Before going to sleep, I sent an SMS to Vishal thanking him for his advice. Next morning, I had a reply from him waiting for me. ‘Keep this going for the next 2-3 weeks. Encourage her to fantasize about men she knows. Then suggest a threesome.’ In the next three weeks we had put the spark back into our sex life. We were both enjoying sex again. I decided that the time was right to talk to Shraddha about mÈnage ‡ trois.

I decided to check with Vishal again. He had got me this far. May be he had a trick that could help me convince her. One day after work, we got together for drinks. I told him that his first suggestion was a spectacular success and I needed his advice on how to proceed further.

“Well Aniket, before we go there, have you thought about who the third person in your fantasy is going to be?” Vishal said.

Ever since the party I had thought about Vishal as our third party, but unsure of how he would react, I said “Err … I am not sure. I was thinking of checking on some adult websites.”

“I don’t think you should do that. You never know what kind of a person will show up. A stranger might not be discreet … might not be clean.” Vishal had made a valid point. “Don’t you know someone who would be UP for the task.” he quipped.

“Would you be?” I took the opportunity.

He grinned .. “Drinks are on me.”

“Well, I would suggest that you take a week off sex. Let Shraddha crave a little. Then after your next role-playing session, plant the seeds…”. For the next 10 mins Vishal walked me through the plan to convince Shraddha.

So following Vishal’s advice, I made up some lame ass work excuses and we had a week of abstinence. The next session was a particularly satisfying session one. I was feeling really good about choosing Vishal. The guy knew what he was talking about.

To a satisfied Shraddha, I suggested “Shraddha, do you think we could try a threesome?”

I was plesantly surprised that she did not turn down the idea right away. She was thinking about it. I pushed on “We have been role-playing for a while now and it has definetly improved our sex life. I think we can take this to the next level.”

She seemed hesitant, so I added “Haven’t you enjoyed sex more in the last few weeks? Just imagine, bringing in someone will just push your pleasure a whole new height.”

“But who will be bring in? I do not want to bring a complete stranger into our home. He might have some infection or might take advantage of the situation.” Shraddha said.

The worm had turned. This was going just as Vishal had predicted.

“Well, he would not be a stranger. Someone you or I know.”


“How, about Vishal from your office?”

“Vishal! .. He is so arrogant. He thinks he is god’s gift to women. He is always bragging about his sexual prowess.”

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“Well, its just sex, he does not have to be a gentlemen as long as he does the job in bed. Also as I see it, if he is a braggart and you find out, he won’t boast around you anymore and if he is as good as he says then all the better for us. Its a win-win.”

“But I am not asking him.” Shraddha declared.

“I will take care of everything, ok? You just relax and enjoy.” I said.

Well I had done it !! Next morning I called up Vishal and told him of the success of our plan. We decided to go ahead with the plan on Friday … seven days from today. Vishal told me to do two things
1. Ask Shraddha to shave and remove all her pubic hair.
2. Abstain again for one week before our threesome.

On Friday

By Friday evening both Shraddha and I were horny as hell as we waited for Vishal to show up. He came promptly at 8, dressed in a stylish jacket, tee and jeans. After a couple of drinks we moved the party to the bedroom.

Moving to Shraddha, Vishal kissed her full on the lips. I felt a slight pang of jealousy. I wanted this, but somehow seeing my wife kiss another man still felt weird. How was I going to feel when he actually pushed inside her? The kiss started slow at first but Vishal increased the intensity gradually, first pulling Shraddha into his arms, then their tongues met and the kiss prolonged, finally his hands were roaming over her body and settled on her ass grinding his pelvis into hers. After 2 minutes they finally pulled apart and I could see Shraddha’s eyes glazing over with lust.

“Well Aniket, ask Shraddha to take off her clothes.” Vishal said, taking control of the situation. I moved next to Shraddha and started helping her undress. I was surprised to see her wearing sexy new lacy bra and panties underneath. I had never seen these before. She was looking really sexy in these.

“When did you buy these?” I asked.

“Vishal took me to a lingere store and had me try on a few items. A few items were too racy for me, and we finally agreed on these.” Shraddha replied.

I was again jealous that Vishal had seen her wearing this before I had. I was now starting to have doubts about the whole thing. Somehow this was feeling less and less like a threesome and more like something else.

“You next.” Vishal said to me.

I moved away from Shraddha and started undressing. As I stripped down to my boxers, I looked up to see a fully dressed Vishal standing beind Shraddha, his hands around her waist holding her close. He was nuzzling her neck and both of them were looking at me as I took off my boxers.

“Lets see if we can make him hard.”. Saying this Vishal grabbed Shraddha’s left breast with his right hand and slid his left hand inside her panties. Shraddha gasped at this unexpected move but almost immediately metled into his hug rested the back of her head against his chest. They looked spectacular together and I almost instantly got hard. I looked up and say Vishal smirking.

“Well, look what we have here. Have you ever measured yourself?” he asked, motioning Shraddha to sit on the bed.

“I am average. 5 inches long and 4.25 inches around.” I said.

“Now my turn.” declaring, Vishal took off his shirt. He was powerfully built with rippling muscles and not an ounce of fat. He took off his pants and stood in front of my wife in just his boxers.

“Take them off.” Vishal almost commanded Shraddha.

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Shraddha tentatively pulled down his boxers and let out an audible gasp. Vishal was big!! He looked bigger than me and he wasn’t even hard yet. Shraddha was mesmerized by his cock. Her eyes were glued to his crotch. She hesitantly reached out and took his cock in her hand and started stroking it.

As I moved closer to them, she turned to me and gave me a look that almost seemed to say ‘Can you believe this?’ I pulled her other hand to mine. That seemed to pull her out of her trance. She looked from Vishal’s cock to mine as if comparing the two and I was not going to come up trumps in that contest. She was constantly stroking Vishal’s monster as it was slowly growing in her hand while she held mine in her open palm. Her hands moved to our balls. Even his balls were huge. Each ball bigger than my entire ball sack and hanging low.

“It is so big and heavy! Even his balls seem heavy and full! He seems much bigger than you Aniket.” Shraddha said in an awestruck voice.

“And it gets bigger! but you are going to have to blow for me to grow.” laughed Vishal.

Without hesitating for an instant, Shraddha let go of me and focussed entirely on Vishal. Taking his cock in her mouth she started bobbing up and down on his shaft. Her lips were stretched around his cock and she could barely take half his cock in her mouth. She was using her hands to massage the portion that she could not service with her mouth. Vishal was growing rapidly now. After a 10 min blowjob, Vishal was finally hard. As Shraddha pulled away, I could see that a little less than half his cock was slimy with her saliva and there was spit on Shraddha’s chin as well.

Fully erect, Vishal’s cock looked formidable. It looked longer and thicker than mine. It had a bulbous head that had a purplish angry looking color and had thick veins criss-crossing the entire shaft. The head and first couple of inches were glistening with my wife’s spit. As Shraddha mentioned, the balls were really swollen and full.

“How big is it? Have you ever measured?” Shraddha said, breaking my chain of thought. I felt embarrassed that I was so engrossed thinking about another man’s cock.

“I have never measured it myself but an ex-girlfriend of mine had measured me once. I am 11.25 inches long and 10 inches around.” Vishal said.

“Well, that’s a little more than twice as big as Aniket.” Shraddha said.

“In terms of measurements it might seem to be twice but my cock is almost 12 times larger in volume .. and you are going to feeling every square inch of it !! Trust me when I say this, you are going to feel completely stretched out by the time we are done.” Vishal responded confidently.

As I walked to the closet to get the condoms, I noticed Vishal started to undress Shraddha. She was still reaching out to caress his monster cock. I got the condoms and came back to the bed and handed one to Vishal.

“Dude, I cannot use these. These are normal sized, I need either the Magnum or the Durex XL. These just do not fit.” Vishal said.

“Its ok. Its my safe time of the month, you can skip the condom. I just need to feel that inside me.” Shraddha was anxious to fuck Vishal. My wife was turning into a slut in front of my eyes.

“Aniket, eat my pussy and make me wet for Vishal. I won’t be able to take him otherwise.” Shraddha said pulling my head between her legs and lying on the bed. This was so not my fantasy at all! This was not like the threesomes I saw online at all. This was turning into something else …. something nasty. But her legs locked behind me, pulling me to her pussy. Her labia was swollen and she was really turned on. I locked my lips on hers and started licking her pussy. I felt the weight shift on the bed and looked up to see Vishal lying next to my wife with his lips glued to her breasts. After 10 mins Shraddha finally let me go and I sat on the floor as Vishal took my place between her legs, only he was ready to mount her. I could see Vishal kneel between her legs with the tip of his cock poised on her pussy lips. He began sliding the head along her wet lips until she started raising her hips into it. He pushed down just as Shraddha moaned raising herself onto the end on his cock. I watched as the first inch disappeared into my wife’s pussy.

“So tight.” Vishal said, pushing another two inches in. Shraddha’s eyes widened with disbelief as her pussy lips stretched out like never before and closed around his head.

“oooh god, you are big!” Shraddha moaned.

Vishal laughed derisively. Taking her hand, he guided it between them to show her how much was yet to come. I could see the shock on Shraddha’s face as she felt his cock and looked down to his shaft still sticking out of her pussy.

“It is just the head, the fun is yet to start.” saying this Vishal started see-sawing his cock head in her pussy. Shraddha started moaning and I saw her raising and lowering her ass along with Vishal’s movements. Suddenly I heard a scream of pleasure from Shraddha as she pulled Vishal into an embrace and a clear trickle of fluid poured out around the thrusting cock, trickling down her ass.

Shraddha had orgasmed. Up until now, I was the only man to hold that distinction and I felt a pang of regret. Vishal was only fucking her with the head. Vishal’s cock glistened with her cum and the fresh lubrication allowed him to slide in another inch into my wife pussy. A few more strokes and Shraddha screamed again and a fresh stream of cum trickled down her ass allowing Vishal to slide another inch in.

I remembered the time on our honeymoon I had given her two orgasms, but that was a long time ago. Vishal had matched my feat and he still had 7 inches more to go. He was going to obliterate me. He countinued to fuck her at a steady rhythm and Shraddha was moaning and writhing under him. Her cum continued to pour out as she seemed to orgasm every few strokes allowing Vishal to slide more and more of his pussy-pleaser into her and fuck her with longer and longer strokes.

After 45 mins of non stop fucking Vishal finally bottomed out as Shraddha screamed to her 9th orgasm. Giving her a moment to rest, Vishal straightened. I saw that his cock was still buried to the hilt in my wife pussy. He wet his thumb and starts massaging her clit with it. I could see her ass quivering and clit was engorged. Vishal then started a slow fucking rhythm pulling almost his entire cock out and pushing it all the way in balls deep, while continuing to massage her clit.

“Ooh my fucking god .. this feels sooo goood … please don’t stop … I am cummmminggg.” Shraddha screamed out, louder this time, her cum squirting out around Vishal’s shaft as my wife had her 10th orgasm and the biggest one of her life.

“Jeez … Archana wasn’t kidding .. you are fucking incredible. You’ve made me cum more in one hour than Aniket has managed in the last 6 months. A girl could get wet just thinking about your cock and your fucking.” Shraddha was spontaneous in her praise of Vishal’s prodigious skills. I had never heard her talk about sex in such a manner.

Vishal smiled, squeezed her breasts and pulled out his monster cock from her pussy. As he pulled out the head it made a popping sound. I was shocked to see that he was still hard. This guy had fucked my wife into 10 delirious orgasms and he had not cum yet. He had been fucking her for over an hour.

Turning to me, he said “Your turn.. I’ll go grab a beer.”.

As I took my place between my wife legs, I was feeling very intimidated. How am I going to compete with this fuck machine? I normally last 10-15 mins. Vishal had beaten me for size and stamina. I hesitantly grabbed my dick and pushed it into Shraddha. I was shocked !! She was very loose and I could barely feel her around me. I just slid all the way inside her without even touching her pussy walls. As I tried to fuck her she looked at me with a confused look in her face.

“Are you in yet? I cannot feel anything!” I heard a suppressed laugh from the bedroom door and turned to see Vishal standing in the door looking at us. He had heard Shraddha! My own penis seemed to shrivel up and crawl into my scrotum.

“She must be tired. Why don’t you just soothe her with your tongue?” the arrogant bastard was smirking.

“Yes baby, please roll your tongue on my sore pussy.” Shraddha was joining him. My fantasy had become my nightmare. I told myself, this will soon be over and I can go back to my life.

As I sat eating my wife used pussy, Vishal pulled up a chair and sat looking at us while drinking his beer. After resting for some time, he got up and walked over to the bed and standing besides me looked at Shraddha and said “Ready for round two?”

“You weren’t exaggerating your sexcapades, were you?” Shraddha laughed looking at Vishal lovingly. She gently pushed me away with her legs making room for Vishal. As I turned, his monster was dangling right in front of my face. His cock was still hard and I could smell my wife’s pussy on it. I couldn’t wait for the night to be over.

Vishal kneeled between her legs again as Shraddha lifted her legs and locked them behind his hips pulling him in. He rubbed his head on her pussy getting it wet and with one soul fucking stroke sank his entire cock inside her as Shraddha let out a big gasp. Staying that way for just a few seconds he started pistoning in and out of her. I could hear my wife’s pussy squelching around his cock, forming a tight seal, where my cock was barely touching its sides.

“Now I am going to stretch out your pussy and resize it to my cock.” Vishal said in a commanding voice and I knew that the night was far from over.

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After getting into a rhythm, he suddenly flipped to his right and was on his back with Shraddha on top straddling him. Without missing a stroke they continued fucking. Vishal had his hands on Shraddha’s ass helping her bounce on his cock. It was strange watching my wife dance on a stranger’s cock. Every few minutes Shraddha would let out a scream, drop her head onto his chest and I could see his cock get wetter with her juices. Vishal whispered something in Shraddha’s ear and she turned to look at me. I saw her looking at my crotch with disappointment. I looked down to see I was completely flacid and my dick had shrunk and seemed even smaller than usual. Shraddha turned away and continued to dance to Vishal’s cock. I felt terrible as my threesome had turned into a twosome between my wife and this sex god. I walked out of the room to get a drink.

“Oooooh god … fuckkkkkkkking helllll.” Shraddha’s loud screams brought me back to the bedroom and I saw my wife, on her knees .. her ass up in the air and her head on the bed as she screamed into a pillow. Vishal was kneeling behind her with half his cock buried inside her. Was he fucking her in the ass?!! I moved forward to take a closer look and was relieved to see that he was not. He was fucking her pussy in doggy. Grabbing her by the waist he shoved his entire length into her and Shraddha screamed again. Vishal glanced at me and then thrust even more powerfully into Shraddha. He built up an unforgiving tempo. Fucking my wife with his entire length, he was going like a jack hammer. Shraddha lifted her head from the pillow and howled like a wolf in heat. Her pussy was clinging to Vishal’s cock making wet sucking noises. She continued to howl and seemed to be cuming almost non stop as her cum squirted around Vishal’s well soaked cock and was dribbling down the inside of her thighs onto the bedsheets. A huge wet spot had formed under them. Vishal kept up this relentless pace for another 15 mins before screaming “I am going to cum.”

“Please .. don’t .. stop .. cum .. in .. my .. pussy .. I .. want .. to .. feel .. you .. cum .. in .. meeeeee!” screamed Shraddha between thrusts.

After three hours of non stop fucking, holding his cock buried completely in my wife’s pussy, Vishal finally bellowed “I am cummmmminggggg.”. Feeling him throb inside her, seemed to send Shraddha over the edge again and she experienced an earth shattering orgasm. Her body slackened and I saw her eyes roll up into her head as she started trembling all over. Vishal had almost fucked her unconsious. Vishal held his cock buried in her pussy for an entire minute and I could see his massive balls expanding and contracting as they continued to pump sperm deep into my wife’s pussy. Vishal signaled me to come over and I walked in a stupor towards him.

“Now watch this.” He said and pulled out his cock from my wife’s pussy. It came out making a sort of hissing and farting sound, drawing with it a frothy, foamy mixture of his and Shraddha’s cum. As he pulled his cock out completely, I saw that Shraddha’s pussy lips were very red and distended and her pussy was gaping !! I could see inside her and it looked like Vishal had deposited nearly half a quart of cum in her. Her pussy stayed open for nearly 30 seconds during which his cum started leaking out of her pussy looking almost like a cum waterfall. Her pussy finally stared closing slowly, pushing a little more of his cum out of her but sealing more than half of it inside her.

“so good .. so good .. so good.” Shraddha kept muttering deliriously as she slowly slid down on the bed straighting her legs to lie prone on the bed. I saw a huge wet stain of their mixed juices on my marital bed and it jerked me out of my stupor. I shuddered, but a wave of relief washed over me .. this nightmare was finally over.

As Vishal walked into the room, I said “You can sleep in the spare bedroom and call a cab in the morning.”

“Morning??!! .. we still have the whole weekend left.” Vishal laughed me away and slid into the bed next to Shraddha and she snuggled into him.

Over the next 48 hours, I watched helplessly as Vishal used my wife as his cum dump over and over again. They were naked for the entire time and fucked in the shower, on the kitchen table .. He even bent her over the living room sofa, her feet dangling a couple of inches off the ground, providing his fuck tool the best possible angle of penetration and he fucked her to countless orgasms while watching a “Monster Cocks” porn video that he had brought along. Vishal was more impressive than even the guy in the video.

On Monday morning as he was finally getting dressed to leave, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lets make this a weekly event.” Shraddha said lying naked on the bed, with Vishal’s cum drying on her pussy, and the sigh died in my throat. I haven’t managed to fuck my wife since.

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