Foot Massage From Daughter

One hot summer day a few years back, my gorgeous stepdaughter, who was 16 at the time, came in from doing her chores and complained that all the work she had done had made her legs and feet sore. She sat down next to me on the couch with a cold drink and acted like she wanted to stretch out… putting her feet under my ass and then behind my back. But she didn’t seem comfortable. So I offered to let her put her feet on my lap.

She didn’t hesitate. “YES!” I thought to myself. I looked at them as we bullshitted and I ate my breakfast, all the while trying to hurry eating so I could have my hands free. After I ate I casually put my bowl down and laid one hand on her little ankle and the other on her sexy round calf. We kept talking.

I subtly caressed her ankle while slowly working my way down toward her foot. She used to watch me rub her mom’s feet and I always detected a little jealousy, meaning she would get a little snotty with her mom any time I did. So I’m pretty sure she was attracted to me by that age.

She would walk around the house topless when she knew I was home or on my way home. And she would often leave her bedroom door cracked open as she lay on her bed topless.

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She had D cups by then. And she would hear me exit our bedroom, which was right next to hers, and I’d see her laying there with her big tits exposed. She would pretend she didn’t hear me coming past her door or that she didn’t realize the door wasn’t shut. But it happened too often for her not to know

. She even liked to leave her blinds open at night, with her bedroom light on. We live in a rural area and our house is pretty far from the road. So nobody can see into her room, except me. She knew very well that when one of us had to take the dog outside to relieve itself, it had a path it always followed. This path took the dog and whoever went outside to keep an eye on it directly past her window.

My only guess is she would listen through her bedroom door and if she heard her mom going outside with the dog she would close the blinds real quick. But if it was me she would pose herself instead and leave the blinds open. I got regular shows and I always enjoyed them. So I became very attracted to her. It was hard not to put my hands all over her and flirt with her. I was trying to be good. But my mind was full of bad thoughts. I began hoping I could get my hands on her, at least her feet. Maybe that would satisfy me until she moved out. But back to the foot rub.

So there I was trying to very subtly get my fingers from her ankle to her foot. I knew I was about to enjoy myself and I hoped she would to. I slid my hand on top of her foot, still gently caressing, and slowly worked my fingers around to her sole…

my favorite part. As I began rubbing her SOFT little sole I noticed that she was being very casual about it. She didn’t pull away. She didn’t even comment about it. She just kept on with whatever teenage subject she was talking about. I was in heaven! I just massaged and gave her a deep tissue rub and squeezed her little uncalloused heel. I know what treatments make women react, sexually.

So I’d look at her when I did one of my special moves. She would stop talking temporarily, sometimes in mid-sentence. She would close her eyes, probably so I wouldn’t see them rolling back in her head. God they felt so good, so soft and meaty. Not a rough spot ANYWHERE. I had always wondered if they were ticklish.

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I like to stroke a woman’s soles with my fingertips, you know, the act that causes tickling. But I always wanted a woman who wasn’t ticklish so that I could keep “tickling” without her pulling her feet away. I like touching a woman’s feet that way and if she’s ticklish I get interrupted. She accepted the “tickling” as if I was scratching her back. I was so hard. I could feel her other foot on my cock. I hoped she wouldn’t notice my hands trembling with excitement. I stroked her wrinkled soles and caressed for a long while. Then I remembered,

“She has another foot!” It was getting late and her mom could wake up and come down the hallway and see us. I let go of her right foot and gestured for her left, which she had tucked under my thigh by this point. Would she cut me off? She pulled her right foot away and didn’t hesitate to give me her left one. YES again. I had just as much fun with it as I did her right one. Her mom never interrupted us. I was so tempted to lift it up and lick it.

But I didn’t want to push my luck. I can read women when sensually touching them. I knew she was wet. Not too long after I stopped she went to take a bath. Later I snuck into her bathroom and picked up the pair of panties on top of her dirty clothes.

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They were thoroughly creamed. I used to lick her pussy juice off her worn panties so I knew what was normal. This amount of wet was unbelievable! I was pretty proud of myself still being able to arouse a sixteen year old girl that much. If you also want to foot massage please join Chat Room