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Hello guys, this is a real sexual incident with my younger brother. And also my first story. So, please ignore silly errors. audiosex stories

Let me introduce myself. I am Anwesha 21 years old, an MBBS student at MKC Medical College in Kolkata. I am a slim girl with a fair complexion and have nice bigger boobies and perfect body curves.

My younger brother’s name is Shaan. He was 18+ years old and was very innocent. He was unaware of sex and porn until he joined college.

Let’s begin with the story.

It was June. And my MBBS classes were going on zoom. I had my personal laptop which I only use for my classes. The rest of the time my brother plays games in it.

One evening, I was searching for some pdf and found that my little brother has searched for porn sites. I was a little angry but thought of letting it go as it was normal, everyone watch porn. So I cleared the history. I found the pdf and started completing my assignment.

A few days later, in the afternoon I was just chilling in my room with some Insta reels. My brother entered my room and was nervous. I asked him if everything was okay? He was trying to say something but he was nervous and kept quiet.

I have been always an open-minded sister. So I pulled him near me and asked him politely what was the matter. What I saw was his pants had some wet spots of cum and his penis was also semi-erect, which clearly indicated he just masturbated.

After asking him for a while, he said everything about how his college classmate had told him about porn and masturbation.

“Di, I tried to masturbate today. But some white fluids were coming from my private part.”

I understood that he masturbated for the first time even though he was over 18 years old and the cum was what made him worried. I explained to my innocent brother that it was normal and no need to fear.

But my devil mind was suggesting me to do something else. It had been a year since I had sex. So I asked my brother to show the private part. He was hesitating. But I fooled him by saying, “Show me now so that nothing serious will happen in the future. And I am going to be a doctor, I know how to check.”

Finally, he opened the pant thread and showed me the penis which was getting an erection. He hadn’t cleaned up the cum. A few were still present there which was making me horny.

To my surprise, my brother’s penis was not that large. It was nearly 5 inches long but it was thicker than my boyfriend’s penis. I tried stroking his penis 2-3 times but he said that it was paining. So I said to him clean up and asked him what he knew about porn.

He was explaining to me like, “I don’t know anything about it.” I just kept listening to him, asking some curious questions to know how he responded. With time, I also asked if he had a gf? He slowly said yes and started telling me about her.

To my curiosity, I asked if he had tried doing some kind of activity with her? To which he replied no and he just wanted to touch her boobs.

I asked my brother, “Wanna check your di’s boob?”

He was a little shocked and said no.

The next afternoon, he again came to my room. He asked, “Di, can I masturbate for the last time. It really feels good. Will anything happen if I do it?” He was again nervous.

I replied, “Last time only, don’t do it regularly.” Also, I was eager to know what was going on in his mind. So I asked him more about porn. This time, he brought the laptop and showed me a porn video. I was speechless that my little brother was showing porn to me.

I asked, “Show me the things you see in porn. I am really getting bored.”

He was quiet for some time and then closed the door and turned the ac as it was a really hot day. He explained to me that we both will have to be naked and show our private parts, blah blah blah. I was acting innocent.

He asked me if I was okay to get naked in front of him. I replied innocently, “Ya, sure.”

He asked me to sleep on the bed. I followed his order. His hand was coming near my pant but he was feeling shy to open it. By the way, I was wearing a t-shirt without a bra and a short pants. I just said to him, “Open it yaar. Don’t be shy.”

He opened up my pant and the underwear. He was opening so passionately like a pornstar. He kissed my thigh but didn’t go down to my vagina. He asked me to open up the t-shirt which I opened.

To my surprise, my brother was more interested in my big boobs. He just jumped on them when I opened the t-shirt. My brother was sucking my big tits with so much excitement that it went red in a few seconds. He was really rough with my boobs.

I tried to kiss him on his lip. He was hesitating first then enjoyed exchanging the saliva. He again went down to the boobs, kissing it passionately. He was kissing the stomach too but wasn’t going to the vagina which was already wet.

I went top of him and opened up his pant. My sibling’s penis was already erect. I took the whole penis in my mouth. I was sucking a penis after a year and that too of my brother. His penis was so thick to be fit in my mouth. I just want it in my vagina. He cummed in my mouth.

He: Wow di, that really feels nice. How did you know about it?

Me: From the video you showed now.

He: I am in so much pleasure, I can’t explain it to you.

Me: See, I sucked your private part and you felt nice. Same way, if you lick my private part the same, it will give me pleasure.

He pressed and played with my boobs for a while. One thing I got to know that he was more interested in the boobs part. He went near my thigh and was gently rubbing with his hand. I was getting excited. His face was now in front of my vagina.

First, my brother kissed the vagina lips. It was completed wet. He started to lick the vagina. He licked the clitoris part. I was getting hornier and said, “Yes bro, please continue this. I love you.”

He licked for nearly 15 minutes and was pulling vagina lips with his mouth. I cummed twice in between. He drank all my juice.

Now his penis was erect again and I want it inside my vagina at any cost. My younger brother went top of me and placed his penis near the vaginal hole. I guided it in with my hand. It was so thick that he was unable to penetrate. I asked him to thrust it with all power. At one go, it was completely in. My vagina wall felt stretching. I moaned so loud.

Me: Fuck me, baby. I am all yours. Fuck me like a bitch..

He: Yes di, I will fuck you every day.

He hardly had done 10-12 strokes. He cummed inside my vagina.

He: Di, I am tired now.

Me: It’s okay, go clean up.

My younger brother asked me to have a shower with him. I agreed with him. His dick again got erect in the shower. I sat on my knees and sucked his dick and drank all his juice. We helped each other cleaning up. He was still playing with my boobs. We had a bath.

It was evening, we had some tiffin and slept in our room, as mom dad would be arriving at any time from the office.

It was his first time. Later we fucked every day in every possible position. His stamina was increasing day by day..until dad arrived early on one day.

(To be continued)

Please give feedback in the comment section below. It was my first story.

Writer: Khusi Kashyap

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