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Hello everyone, I am kalie and today i am telling you Xnxx Stories, I am from california and I am 25 year old, I am married and now it has been 3 months after my marriage.

My husband is working in IT field in angeles. As due to lockdown, it was work from home. I am housewife, after marriage I went to angeles and settled.

 I will introduce myself, as I don’t know well introduction to say, in short I will tell. I am 5.8 Height and my boobs are not big not small but little big then medium and I always keep clean pussy no hair.

 I lost my virginity with my ex-boyfriend during my college first year time. And I made new boyfriend at final year.

Before my marriage, I have done sex with my boyfriend but when I got married I told my husband that I was virgin, if I tell them then it will be big issue so

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so after my marriage now its 4th month, my husband told he need to go to New york as it is new york based company so its emergency and he will come within 2 weeks as it was recently married, there were no message but later all agreed for 2 weeks only

then my parents told, what was my plan to come back to san fransisco or settle at angeles

so I taught about my boyfriend

Ronny : hello baby

me : hi sweetheart

Ronny : so how are you, how is your husband

me : he is fine but now he will go for 2 week in us

Ronny : but now its only 3 month over from your marriage

me : yes but what to do

Ronny : okay hmm

me : where are you

Ronny : oh sorry forgot to tell that I got job with my friend there

the place of us was just 10 min distance by walking

me : great I am also there

Ronny : lets meet then

me : yeah sure

Ronny : hahaha by the way how is your sex life

me : yes husband is sex lover, he always fuck me

Ronny : can I ask you something

me : yes baby

Ronny : now your husband is not there for 2 weeks right

me : yes

Ronny : why not you join us then, we are 4 boys only and here many girls are there so no one will think about else

first I was thinking then I taught fine

me : with you okay but with friends

Ronny : listen you are not virgin, second you got fucked by your husband, if you get pregnant then also they will think that child is of you and your husband

me : yes

Ronny and one more thing my 3 friends are for one week only and second week I and you only so that one week you will be my sex toy wife

me : yes

Ronny : tell your family and husband you are going to your friend house, my friend is there one girl she is sex lover, she is married and her husband stays up so when your husband call, show her but one condition, her husband will fuck you

me : no issue

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Ronny : then fine, and that girl I told, she got fucked more than 100 boys and she love aged men like 60-65 and out of 1000 30-40 where old only and she gone with some boys for 1 month tour where those boys used her like slut

me : no issue and when her husband left

she took her dress

she was having one suit case ( 15-20 bra, 15-20 panty, 5-6 sleeveless saree and 2 jeans, and 10-20 box of condoms and 4-5 bottle lubricants and some dress )

she reached, when she reached she rang calling bell, it was around night 11:40 pm so most of house light was closed and it was around 25th floor and neighbor 3 house was empty so if any sound they make nothing will happen.

 When door open her boyfriend was completely nude with his 8 inch dick and he invited her inside, when she got inside, she saw remaining 3 where watching tv some adult videos of gangbang

Ronny : come inside dear

me : yes

then I kept my bag aside, and I sat on floor, 3 boys got up and all 4 rounder and I was in center. Now in front of each direction all 4 dicks and my friend now owns 9 inch where as 3 remaining own 8.5 To 9 and all thickness is hard, I got shocked, now one of 3 told, so this is our sex toy bitch for 1Week

so only for 1 week we have this girl so we can use as much we can, then all started to undress me and I am totally nude, and all started to suck my boobs and body, then my bf came and started to do liplock, saliva exchange and two started sucking my both boobs nipples and my milk drinking, 4th one was taking my pics and nude and pussy,

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 he also bought 3-4 bottle of rum and whiskey, some cigarettes and 1 empty bottle. Then they started to suck my pussy and my ass hole after 1 hour, one came and put his dick inside my mouth and one by one in 2 hour 3-4 time they cummed inside my mouth and I swallowed as this was my first gangbang as.

I have done 3 some with my bf and his brother before then one time 4some which is also same, my bf, his brother as well as his dad also used me then one time his dad called me, and his dad and his dad friend also fucked me before

Then after all my bf came and put his dick inside my pussy and started fucking where second came and forcedly put his dick inside my ass which I felt pain but for no scream third put his dick inside my mouth and 4th was recording all this and now all cummed inside my pussy after one week they left and 2 for next week my bf and neighbor uncle fucked me but then that girl who was up called her male friend and they also fucked me.

And I left and I reached my house, my husband came and later I got new that I was pregnant as none of them fucked me with condom, all fucked without condom and all drink my boobs milk.

 But later I got message as blackmail from my bf friends as they will call me whenever they call otherwise pics and video will be leak and my bf was also with them and now when ever my husband goes to office, they call me and they sell me too others and they earn money using me.

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Till now I got fucked by more than 350 in which 70-80 where poor category, few where college students, few where old people, few where workers, drivers and all, and all make video and blackmail me. Now I am a slave or slut. So guys if you like my story please do comment. you can share your hot stories with us by our email.