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I was posted out of India. My boyfriend’s friend (let’s call him Mr. R) was also posted there, and we were in the same office. All of us were colleagues and my office love story was about to start.

Mr. R and I bonded more. He was a silent man, and we used to be together most of the time. Gradually he became close to me. He started keeping his hands on my waist while we walked around.

I told him not to hold like that. But he praised my waist, and I felt good. I did not get any sex from my boyfriend. Not even intimate moments even after asking, except only kissing. I was craving sex.

One day I and Mr. R sat out drinking beer and chatting. I thought that he had a random hard-on and ignored it, and we went home. The same night we were texting casually.

I asked him whether he was high and wanted me close. He started to open up, and one thing led to another, and we had the best 1st sexting ever. The next day onwards, we were sexting whenever we got time.

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We had many adventures as we did not have a proper place to satisfy our lust for sex.

1st: I was in a park. He started caressing me and slid his hand on my thigh. He started rubbing me from outside, and my pant and panties were wet.

2nd: We went to watch a movie. I wore leggings and a kurta so that I could cover his hands with the kurta. He again started caressing my boobs from outside. He slowly slid his hands on my leggings and started rubbing my pussy.

I was dripping wet. I covered his hand with a kurta so that others couldn’t see this intimacy. I rubbed his cock from outside his pants.

3rd: We used to travel by metro. Once in a metro, while traveling back home after office. He started coming closer and rubbing my thighs. As the metro was empty, we could use that space for fun. He started rubbing my clit from outside only.

Again I was damn wet and started to moan. He asked me to control it as it was a public place. I was holding the metro rod so tight with pleasure.

4th: All of us colleagues went on a trip for a vacation in a van – eight of us traveling via road. Mr.R and I sat in the last seat. As it became dark, I slept on his lap in the last seat. He was so addicted to me, and I, too, used to be horny always 24/7.

He slowly started caressing my boobs and put his hand inside the top He felt my boobs for the 1st time and played with nipples. I also felt his hard-on near my head. I started rubbing from outside. He always used to reach my navel as he loved it.

He played with my navel. I was so shy because there were many people in front. What if they saw us and we got caught?  So I stopped him, but he was uncontrollable. He then slid his hands below and started rubbing my pussy from outside again. I was wet again. Oh god, that feeling.

5th: In the office, we did sexting once. He went to the washroom and jerked off, and I was dripping wet. All my panties and bottoms would smell of my juice during those days as I was horny to the core.

All of these adventures happened in another country when we were there for 2.5 months.

6th: While traveling back to India, I was sitting on the window seat, and he was beside me. Again I tried to sleep on his lap, and he slid his hands inside my t-shirt and touched my boobs, and played with my nipple.

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The person sitting in the 3rd seat may have understood. But I don’t know as we did not bother looking at him. Mr. R covered his hands with the blanket that the flight gave.

We landed in India-Bangalore and went on to our respective PG stay. One day Mr. R invited me to his house where he stays alone. We went shopping when we were abroad. He had gifted me 2 dresses, a short single dress and another long dress with 2 shoulder straps.

So he asked me to get one dress with me. Somewhere inside, even I was waiting for something to happen. I knew this was wrong as I had a boyfriend. But my boyfriend did not want to have any minimal intimacy before marriage. That made me hornier.

Mr. R and I had decided that this should end when we were abroad and should not continue in India. But something inside our minds did not stop us. So one noon on the weekend I went to his house. And after that, he asked me to wear that long dress.

As soon he saw me in that long dress, I don’t know what got inside him- he was looking at me this way for the 1st time. Normally I was always in a tomboy look.

He came to me and immediately pulled my straps and exposed my boobs. He pushed me on the sofa like a hungry lion. And he started licking and sucking my boobs. Oh, that was the 1st time I felt so good. It was all new as until now our encounter was from outside with clothes on.

He kept sucking and eating my boobs, slowly slid my dress below. He started touching his favorite part – navel and went down and started licking the navel. I was on cloud 9 and wanted more. Within no time, he removed my dress completely and got me naked.

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He smelt my hairy pussy, and placed his tongue on my clit. And oh my goodness, what was that tingling feeling! When he started licking my clit I was in heaven. I still want his tongue on my clit every day. He is the clit licking magician, and I started moaning.

He was so hard. He couldn’t take his tongue away from my pussy. He loved my juices so much that he licked me multiple times on that day. I was uncontrollable and stayed back at his house.

At night we slept on different beds. But he again came to me like a magnet and started kissing my neck, caressing my boobs, navel, and fingering my pussy. And his mouth did the work with my boobs and clit.

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I pressed his face against my pussy so hard, and sometimes he was breathless. I was so desperate and wanted more. I was becoming hornier and hornier each time. I pressed his head hard against my pussy and used to grind his mouth like a bitch. Aah, that licking was uncontrollable and unexplainable.

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