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She was a flirt and a cock teaser. she is wearing hot one pice in which i can easily watch his boobs she did not wear any kind of bra in that . I can see her nipple.Even though she was married, she would eye good looking men. Manisha looked like someone who was generally open for a fling and adventurous sexual encounters. But as she was my wife’s friend, I talked with her carefully even though she would give me the naughty looks, brush her body against me, making me aware that she was interested in me. Well, soon I too started brushing against her, sent her naughty double meaning jokes and texts. This went on and I was sure that if I make a move, my wife’s friend would be willing. It so happened that my wife had to visit her parents and was going to be away for a week. Manisha hinted that I could drop over for dinner any day I wanted to. I decided to take up on the offer and dropped at her place. I took it as an opportunity to fuck this slutty married woman.


So, the next day after my wife left, I went to manisha’s house for lunch. My wife’s friend opened the door and was happy to see me. She was was wearing a tight top with leggings. She oozed fragrance of exotic perfume which I was sure that she had had a nice bath since I had informed her that I would drop by. I was sure she sensed the real motive behind my visit. She was a little apprehensive but I greeted her with a hug. The hug lasted longer than usual and sensing the opportunity, and without wasting any time, I started kissing my wife’s slutty friend.

To my surprise, manisha immediately melted into my arms! I tenderly laid down with her, fully clothed. She offered her lips willingly to me. She sucked on my tongue and my lips, communicating her anticipation of what was to come. I took off my wife’s friend’s top and her bra and started sucking on her breasts. She never stopped sighing each time I sucked her breasts. Moaning with excitement, she parted her legs and led my hand on her pussy to feel the moistness. I began to rub her pussy gently. I did that for a little while and then I took the rest of her clothes off. So there Nisha was, naked, panting and wet, legs spread and waiting for me. I slid farther down and began to lick her inner thighs and her hot pussy. She tasted sweet! Her pussy was dripping wet and I lapped her up from one fold to the other, driving her crazy. I held her hips up to my face and licked her from her asshole all the way to her clit. Her moaning was driving me to new heights. She started panting and then she started to come, bucking and screaming while I sucked and flicked her clit. My fingers were buried in that hot hole where I wanted my dick to be. After my wife’s friend came, she reached down and pulled me up onto the bed. I lay on my back and she straddled me, placing her gorgeous pussy right over my face. She sucked my dick into her hot mouth. I licked and sucked even harder now that I was deep in her throat. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to fuck her. So I spread her legs wide with my knees, kneeling over her and my dick hard over her belly. “It’s so big,” she said, “and so hard.

I rubbed the head up and down against her dripping pussy and whispered into her ear, “Do you want it? Do you want me inside you?” She moaned, “Yes Rohit. Fuck me. Fuck me with it. Give it to me.” Then I grabbed her hips and guided my cock into my wife’s friend’s soaking wet pussy all the way in one thrust. She yelped in pain and tried to push me out but I continued to thrust in and out of her. Eventually, the pain changed to pleasure and she began to gyrate her pelvis on mine and enjoy it. manisha put her hands around me. As I continued fucking her, I reached around and played with her tits. My god, her pussy was on fire. I never felt a pussy this hot. After a few minutes, she reached behind and pulled me down to her lips and kissed me. It was a whorish kiss and I knew manisha was close to cumming. As she started to cum, I couldn’t hold it any longer. With one final thrust, I buried my cock all the way inside her and exploded. My wife’s buddy then took my dick in her mouth and began to suck me like a kid sucking a candy, with her talented mouth. After about ten minutes of this, I could no longer control myself. She sucked my dick head and tongued the entire length, all the while rhythmically stroking the shaft, I felt the rush that always precedes my orgasms.


I moaned, “Oh manisha, I am cumming” and in a flash aahhh aahhh uhhhh , I shot my cum into her mouth. The force of my shots must have come as a surprise since I had just cummed inside her, because her head jerked back. manisha then regained her posture and continued to suck my dick like crazy. After a few seconds, my dick slipped from between her lips. But, like an eager kid, she quickly stuffed me back into her mouth so she could finish me off by stroking me tenderly while spurt after spurt surged down her throat.

But my dick is still very hard then turn back her and grab her ass then she ask what are you doing i said thai baby just wait i want your second hole now but her ass hole is super tight. So i bring some cream to make it lubed. Firstly i put my one finger in her ass hole .She screamed very hard she said please remove your finger its soo painfull .Then i said baby just wait little much ones your ass feels good you feel better.After 10 mins she is comfertable and i remove my finger and set my dick on her ass hole then i will push harder but her ass hole is soo tight so my half dick manage to get in.She start crying but i did not stop i make one more harder push and this time my whole dick is inserted on her ass whole she scremed aahhhh uhhhhh mar gai and i starrt fucked her like whore.

She licked and give me deep troth until I softened and then smiled at me like a real whore. She said to me later that if we ever fucked again, need to wear a protection other wise i will not allow you to fuck. And that means i get another chance to fuck her. I am now settled in DELHI, any women interested can connect with me at TELEGRAM