I suck my gym trainer protein shake in Chennai gym

Hey everyone I’m Goutam Iyer I’m 21 year old, keeps my interest mostly in Men, I live near Marina Beach, Chennai with my family. My Elder brother Sivam Iyer and my parents. As I’m the youngest my parents love me more than anything else and my brother loves me more than his life. I never lack anything as we belong to a well to do family. My brother is a Police officer in our local police station.

Apart of everything I had I was an introvert from childhood I was a shy person who never talks to anyone in school I always like to stay in my personal bubble for which I had only 2,3 friends. As I grew up and went to college Presidency college, Marina Beach. All of my friends got girlfriends they got busy with their lives. But for some reason I never get attracted to girls as my friends, they told me their sex stories they told me how they fucked their girlfriends but it only gives me gross feelings never an erection.

My friends always tell me to go and talk to girls but I never did it’s not like I never talk to girls I talk to them like friends but there’s nothing sexual towards girls. Sometimes I question myself why I’m like this but there’s nothing but only confusion.

At first, I didn’t know I was gay I never felt attracted to boys either until I met Aditya Yadav, my brother’s best friend. Aditya inspired me so much from childhood, the way he’s confident, the way he presents himself, the way he talks to everyone I adore him so much from childhood. He was just like another member of our family. He often comes to our house, he always teases me pulls my leg calling me in funny names. He was my brother’s childhood friend as I get along with Aditya very well. I got happy every time he came over.

Due to his profession, he hasn’t come to Chennai for 5 Years. One day when I was studying in my room I heard our main door ringing but I didn’t go to open cause of laziness I heard my mother bickering and went to open the door. It was my brother so I didn’t pay attention to them and continued studying.

Suddenly two muscled arms closed my eyes from the back I flinched and tried opening my eyes then That person said “You have gotten bigger and handsome En punai (my cat)!!!

I was surprised to hear this name after a long time. Aditya used to call me this to tease me I looked behind to see a tall, handsome man with well built body his warm honey skin with deep well maintained beard. He was looking like a Greek god I forgot what to say I felt nervous to talk to him it’s been years meeting him I was nervous meeting him after a long time. He tapped my shoulders and asked what happened I couldn’t say anything, too to my surprise he hugged me.

Though it was a simple gesture, I started to feel different in his embrace. His masculine arms squeezed my petite body I felt so small under him. The husky woody smell of his perfume mixed with a little sweat was making me crazy. I suddenly pushed him with my tiny hands he was taken aback by my sudden reaction and looked at me worriedly. I didn’t say anything and left and soon as possible. As I was turned on.

That night I couldn’t hold myself from thinking about Aditya. The way his muscles flex while he hugged me, his callus hands his warm chest, his smell all these didn’t let me sleep that night. I was excited as well as scared these kinds of things for a boy but I couldn’t control myself anymore as I rubbed my dick which is 5inch it isn’t very big not that thick. I masturbate imagining Aditya’s hot body thinking about the feeling when he hugged me.

The next day I was going to college I saw a car pull over in front of me it was nonother than Aditya he was Looking very sexy in his gym attire. His body was dripped in sweat maybe he was coming from the gym. He walked towards me and asked me why I behaved that way yesterday I gave an excuse by saying I had some important thing to do. He offered me to drop me at my college I deny cause my college was literally 5min away from my house he insisted so I said yes then he opened the door for me for which I blushed then he drove the car like a jet.

My heart started beating heavily as I feel intimidated in front of him he was constantly looking at me like he’s going to eat me. I looked around but not him then he speed his car I flinched and grabbed his arm subconsciously. My palm was around his left arm and my nails were digging in his skin and he didn’t even react . I saw him smiling and then realized we were far from my college. When I tried inform him he just smiled and nodded as he already knew that.

I told him that my brother would get angry if I missed the class and he just called my brother in front of me telling I was With him and it’s obvious that my brother has no issue with that. He glanced at me feeling victorious.

He pulled over at a building I was not sure where we were. He held my hand and pulled me towards him I was slammed against his Chest I was red in embarrassment. We entered into a luscious gym area where gym equipments were never ending the gym was filled with mirrors and every equipment were arranged in such an amazing way that everyone could envy to use them. I always wanted to go to gym and make a good body as I have feminine body I even have curves like women. My waist is thin but my hips and ass are broad.

I was so amazed by the gym and he shocked me saying it was his gym I looked at him not believing what he was saying then he showed his office room all of his gym training pictures were hanging there. I pleaded him to train me in his gym he laughed and said yes..

He started with stretching arms from the back but he took off his shirt saying it was sweaty. I was very nervous the way he was stretching me his whole body weight was on me and I can feel his warm breath against my ears. Then he told me to do sit ups he was standing behind me and I could feel his stares deeply. When I looked at the front mirror I saw him staring at my ass seriously. I blushed hard seeing that. He suddenly grabbed my waist and told I was doing it wrong then he directed me how to do sit-ups properly he was literally glued to me from behind whenever I sit I was sitting on his thighs and could feel his cock from his pant.

my own cock was getting harder I’m feeling hornier as he was touching my thighs now his hands roaming all over my thighs and hips. He suddenly grabbed my thighs and I moaned instantly his breathing was getting higher and higher I couldn’t resist anymore as I turned around and kissed him on his lips. I was sure he’ll pushed me away and would be angry at me but he didn’t do anything like that rather he took me around kissed me harder against the wall.

I got more turned on upon his action and in excitement I bit his lips . I felt him moaning in pain but soon he entered his tongue inside my mouth mixing our saliva together he was sucking my tongue while his hands were roaming all over my body and opening my shirt buttons.

He kept his masculine arms around my tiny waist and pushed me upward as I was on his pelvis my legs were around his waist. He went to his office like that then seated me on his table. He aggressively opened my buttons started kissing my neck I arched hard as neck was my sensitive area. He catched that and started biting my neck and left marks there.

I was numb under him as he was controlling me he pulled my pants leaving me only in boxers he knelt down and started kissing my belly to my jawline. I pulled his hair in erection. Then he took off his pant also

I nearly screamed seeing how big his cock was it was nearly 9inch and 3inch thick garnished with pink veins all over his cock. He was looking like a porn star With that huge monstrous cock .My cock was nothing infornt of his.

He brought Vaseline from the drawer Spread it all over my cock and his. Then he smiled naughty and put all my cock in his mouth I arched and moaned loudly he was sucking my cock like ice cream and rubbing his cock with other hand straight looking at my eyes I had no guts to look at him . “LOOK AT ME EN PUNAI! ” WHY ARE YOU EMBARRASSED?? I YOU FEEL SO TASTY PUNAI! “

“UMMM….. Ahhh!!! Adi!!… Agrhhh… Yesss!! Ufff…slow down adi umm please… Slow down “ I was moaning continuously as he speeded his pace. After sometimes I came all over his mouth. He drank all my cum in one shot. I was looking at him anxiously

“don’t you feel gross adi?? ” I asked

“why?? ” he replied it taste good wanna taste it en punai?? Then he slammed his lips on me and directly entered my mouth I tasted my own cum a little bit. It was salty in Taste but I didn’t find it gross as I was lost kissing him like a mad man.

He rubbed our cock together and my cock again stand in 90degree but he hasn’t let me touch his cock yet so I touched his tip he looked and said “wanna taste my protein shake baby? ” I blushed at his question then nodded. He pushed his cock in my mouth his cock was so huge that I didn’t fit in my mouth I held his cock in right hand and sucked his cock. He started fucking my mouth by moving his hips forward. His pre cum was dripping from the both side of my mouth as I was gagging continuously . When he came his cum was a lot and I drank it like my life depended upon it.

I was exhausted but he was still hard as steel and his cock was like hard rock Iron rod ready to rip my small butt hole completely.

He put a good amount of Vaseline on my puckered hole which was stretching squeezing in excitement. He wet his two fingers in his saliva and pushed inside my butt hole. I felt like my butt walls were ripped by scissors . He was ripping my hole by scissoring his fingers.

After stretching my hole he put Vaseline on his cock which highlighted his veins on his cock then he pushed slowly inside my butt hole. I cried and cried it was very painful I tried pushing him and pleading him to remove that hard rock iron cock inside me but he didn’t listen anything as he hugged me tightly to ease my pain.

After sometime he started moving slowly it was still paining But soon pain was taken away by pleasure. I started matching his pace and he fasten his pace. He was sucking my nipples and biting it it was getting so pleasurable as time passed by. I was hugging him his strong metallic body was radiating warmth as it was on fire.

He keep fucking me until he cum he filled all my ass with his cum . My ass couldn’t hold all of his cum as some of it were dripping from it. Then he collapsed on me on the table.

We two slept like that position for sometime then he Clean me up as my butt was still dripping his cum. He helped me to walk as I couldn’t walk then he drove me home.

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