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Hello everybody, I am back with a new Xnxx story. And I want to clarify that I am male and the story is not imaginary. I hope you guys will enjoy this story too and give me your valuable feedback The story is about Milly and Mansi. Milly is a modern girl, growing in confidence, highly fashionable, broad-minded and bold. Whereas Mansi is a kind of contradiction to her. She is born and brought up in a town-like place, in a traditional family who believes in culture more than modernity. I hope you will enjoy this sweet story between these two sweet dolls. Hello everybody,

I am Milly. I am 24 years old. I was born and brought up in a metro city and hence I perceived the city lifestyle. I am quite open-minded and at times bold by nature. I have been working with an MNC for 1 and a half years now. Oh yeah, I have forgotten to tell you that I am a bisexual. I enjoy sleeping with both men and women. Though sleeping with both the sexes has a different experience, both have their unique pleasure.

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But I like lesbian more because I think a woman can understand a woman’s sexuality better than men. Let me describe myself so that you can imagine me while masturbating. I am fair-skinned, height 5’5, weight below 50, hair up to the shoulder, blue Eyes. I always prefer Western outfits and dresses like jeans, shorts, skirts, one-piece, etc and top. As you can expect, I am not a virgin.

I had sex with quite a few guys and girls as well. But I always believe in safe sex. This experience happened to me some six months ago. I had been selected as the best employee of the year. Hence I had been sent to Mumbai for further training. My parents were very happy with my selection. Let me tell you that they are more open-minded than me. So they had no fear of how I would manage myself at a new place and safety and blah blah blah. The only words that my mom told me as a bit of advice were, “Take care of yourself. And take every decision wisely.” I knew these two sentences meant everything.

My training was for four months. I was super excited about my selection. When I left home for Mumbai, I had many emotions in my heart. That pride for being the best employee of the year, that excitement to explore new places and meet new people. I was indeed super excited. I reached Mumbai late in the evening. I was given a flat by the company. So my food and staying were managed by the company. It was a small one BHK flat but with ample facilities. It was quite a nice sweet little home.

I was excited about being the sole owner of the flat. I enjoyed the privacy and more importantly the possessiveness, that I own this flat. I have my own room at home but this feeling was something different. I was somewhat tired. So I straight away removed my clothes and got naked to have a bath. After having the bath, I felt quite refreshed. I didn’t feel any need for the clothes after the bath so I slept naked. I used to sleep naked whenever I feel. My parents know that but this feeling was something different as I was enjoying freedom. And being so tired I thought to masturbate watching porn because having an orgasm gives me so much relief.

The next day I woke up at 7:00 a.m. as I had to reach the training center at 9:00 a.m. After a long time, I woke up by putting an alarm. My mum wakes me up when I am home and sometimes my dad too. As it was my first day, I was very conscious of my attire. I had already waxed myself. I always keep my armpits and pubic hair clean so it wasn’t the issue. The basic thing was what to put on? I wasn’t informed about any dress code. But I wanted to look great because the first impression is the last.

I put on lacy pink lingerie with black skirt white top and black overcoat with a matching purse. I applied a purple color on my nails. I reached there on time. My first day went quite well. I impressed everybody with my introductory speech and looks of course! I kept my tone polite yet sweet and confident. Though it was my first day and I was relatively young among others, I could impress everybody. At the end of the day, I was quite happy with my performance. There were few freshers as well from other parts of the country. There were two such people, a guy, and a girl. They both got a special entry on their merit.

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The first day went quite well. In the evening I was quite free after the training session. So I had a walk nearby and later on, I had dinner outside. I don’t like cooking much and I don’t know much either. So I decided I will have food from outside only. Yes, I would miss my mom’s tasty food but I have no other option. I came home, had a bath, slept naked, passed my time watching TV and surfing. I have to admit that though it was the first day, I had started to feel lonely. But luckily having a video call with my parents helped me. Though I had put on my tee while talking with my dad, I just felt a little shy with him as I was all naked from beneath.

After all, I am a daddy’s girl. The second day also went quite well, slowly but surely I was making my mark. I was really happy. After the end of the evening session, my team leader introduced me to Mansi. She was one of the two freshers. My team leader said that Mansi was offered a room with that other guy but she refused. She wanted to live with a girl only. I was thinking about how could she miss such an opportunity! My leader asked me if Mansi can stay with me or not. I thought that anyway I was feeling lonely then why not to have a company.

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Mansi looked attractive but certainly not hot. Let me tell you one thing honestly, her boobs attracted me right from the first time I saw her. I wished to grab them but it was a conference hall and not my bedroom. So I agreed and was excited to have a room partner. I knew this would gonna be fun.so guys next time I am going to tell you how my brother fucked me and as a lesbien how I feel become a transexual.So my lovely readers tell me about your sex experience too. Comments down and share your experience too.