Luckdown Sex With Cousin Brother

Hi, this is Radhika with a story of cousins making love. I am 37 now. I work on the electricity board. Recently just before lockdown, I got promoted. But promotion was on condition of transfer. I was unwilling to stay away from family. But my sweet hubby motivated me to accept the promotion. audiosex stories


It was the first time I had to stay away from my family. It was a rural part. I remember in childhood I used to go to my uncle’s place. I love to be there as the people in the village are very humble and friendly. I grew up in a city like Mumbai and Pune.

It’s ok to stay in the village for 2 or 3 days. But I was transferred and had to stay here alone. So there was no option left. I have to be here for at least 2 years for the next transfer, and my luck, a lockdown was imposed. I was stuck here.

The only thing that was good here was that it’s my maternal uncle’s village. So they were supportive of me in such a pandemic situation. Uncle’s younger son Rohit was a very good guy and jolly nature. Rohit helped me a lot in getting settled.

However, he was much younger than me. But due to his nature and sincerity, we became good friends. Rohit was a local guy. My uncle was a respectable person and good hold in politics. It was easy for me to work even though surrounded by men.

As our field has maximum male employees, we were only 3 ladies in our office. As lockdown started, I was stuck. My work comes in emergency service so that I couldn’t leave the place. I was staying alone in that guest house. So my uncle insisted I stay with them. I also decided it’s better to be with them.

Uncle’s house is big in the village although he was rich, surrounded by lush green trees. They arranged a separate room which was a single room on the first floor. It was a nice room with big windows and an open terrace with fresh and cold air all the time.

It was a lovely place which I had dreamed of staying after retirement. I was happy with all the arrangements and love they were giving. After all, I was after that many years.

Rohit was a good guy. We were good company. He was just 28 but mature. He was a little bit naughty too, which made me love him. I remember him when they were very small kids. He was the favorite brother among all as he was the youngest of our brothers and sisters.

He has grown up now 6 fit tall, muscular with an attractive personality. My aunt has told him to take care of all my needs. Even whenever I have to go for office work, he comes with me. I noticed many times that he stares at me or can say checks out my body.

But I always ignored his behavior. After all, he was a grown-up young man, and every man is attracted to women. As I am surrounded by men, I can easily guess how men checkout or stare at women. It was common behavior of men looking to every woman with lust and trying on.

Almost 90% of men I met in the office are lusty. They don’t leave any chance to impress a woman. But it was ok with them, and I was used to now handling such men. It’s been almost 3 months away from my family.

The incident happened that my senior was suffering from the corona. I was next in seniority, so I had to be here. I was missing hubby. We had daily video calls. One night we had a very intense chat over the phone. I was very horny and out of control.

It was the first time I had not had sex in the last 3 to 4 months. Even my hubby loves sex. He is always horny. We do a lot of sex even now. We used to do it at least 2 to 3 times a week, and now no sex. Due to kids and mother-in-law’s old age, he was also not able to come.

Staying with my uncle was very good. Just one thing that I have to wear saree or salwar suit even at night. As I said, I lived in a metro city, so it was very irritating for me. I used to wear gowns or loose clothes at home. It was good that my room was separate. I could wear gowns or night suits at least at night.

I generally wake up at 6, but today I woke up early morning at 5. It might be due to a sex chat last night with hubby. The whole night, I was a little restless. I tried to sleep but didn’t succeed. I do yoga regularly. As it was early morning, I knew no one comes early morning to the terrace.

So I started to do yoga without changing last night’s clothes. I was in shorts and a slip without a bra inside. It was a very pleasant environment. I did one or 2 exercises I sensed someone’s presence. I just turned to check. Rohit was there. He was watching me while doing exercise. His eyes were stuck on my body.

Even I realized that I was just in short and a slip. I wished him Good morning. He came in a sense he felt shy about his behavior, even I was. He wished me Good morning. I said, wait, I will change and come. He got downstairs. I felt the very awkward whole day I was thinking about the incident.

Whenever Rohit comes in front, I feel very shy. Days were gone, and things were normal. But after the incident, I felt some change in Rohit’s behavior. He used to talk freely with me. But now, either try to ignore or avoid coming in front of me. I thought he felt guilty and shy about that.

But one more thing I noticed, he used to sneak peek. The way he used to look was very awkward for me. I have noticed this before also. But after that incident, it gave me other feelings. I was not able to understand what was happening why he was behaving such.

One thing I also want to confess is that I liked Rohit’s company. He used to be around me always. But after the incident, he kept his distance or avoided coming with me. His ignorance was making my mind think about him. Even lack of sex was attracting me towards him.

The way he used to look at me was making me uncomfortable but also something different. After all, we were cousins, brother, and sister, and so we were controlling both of our feelings.

One night I just thought about Rohit, which made me horny. I had a sex chat with hubby. But it was not enough to give me peace. Rohit’s thought was not going from my mind. I was not able to sleep also. It was around 12:30 at night. I thought to move out of the room and have a walk in the lovely environment.

After a walk, for some time, I sat on the chair and closed my eyes. Half an hour, I woke up and saw Rohit. Rohit was in his shorts and tee looking at me. He was resting on to terrace parapet. I smiled and asked, what are you doing here. He was still looking at me. His eyes were moving all over my body.

He came close to me, held my arms, and pulled me up from a chair. He placed his hand on my waist and pulled me close. My breast was touching his chest. We both were breathing heavily. I was blanked with no sense just looking into Rohit’s eyes.

He tightened his grip. My boobs were crushed on his chest. He placed his lips on mine. We were kissing each other. He was holding me tight. We kissed with passion for few minutes. We broke the kiss, and I came to my sense.

“Oh God, what am I doing?”

He was holding me tight. I told him to leave, but he didn’t. After a few requests, he loosened his grip, and I moved away from him. I immediately moved to my room and closed the door. I was in shock at what had happened. After almost 15 minutes, the door knocked.

“Didi, open the door.” I didn’t. But he knocked again and again. I opened the door he came inside. He looked at me. I was wearing a short gown length up to my thighs with no bra. He again came close to me, kept his hands on my shoulder.

He said, “Didi, you look very beautiful.” He tried to pull me over him, but I moved 2 steps back, so he couldn’t. He was looking at me to avoid him. I turned and moved to take a sip of water. I was breathing heavily. He was the second man in my life who touched me like this and kissed me.

It was in my thoughts, and he held me from behind. He pushed me to the wall. I was sandwiched between the wall and Rohit. His all weight was over me.

He whispered in my ear, “Didi, you are very beautiful. You look sexy. I can’t control my feeling. From day one, I saw you, and I wished to make love with you. When I saw you in short and slip, I couldn’t sleep well. Your beautiful body, especially those big melons and the sexy ass, makes me wild and horny.”

While he was saying these words, his hand was also working. He had almost slid his hands inside my panty. His fingers were arousing my pussy. I was all wet below. He now kissed me on my neck and said, “I am removing your panty.”

In no time, he removed my panty. He also removed his clothes. He was all nude. He fingered me for some more time. He asked me, “Didi, I think you also love this.” I was silent didn’t speak anything. He squeezed my ass. Now he bent me little and parted my legs wide.

My gown was all lifted to my waist my ass was all nude to him. He pinched my ass. I screamed. He now parted my legs a little, and with all his force, he put his dick inside. Oh, it was very powerful. I could sense his big and thick dick. He was bigger than my hubby.

His dick was feeling awesome inside. He now kept both his hand on my waist and pulled his dick out. Again with all his power, he inserted his dick inside. It feels good and painful also. He hugged me from behind with his dick inside me. He said in my ears, “Didi, you like it?”

My hubby love to fuck me in this position. But his small and thin dick was not giving me any feel or saying it was impossible for him to fuck in such. But Rohit’s dick was giving me all pleasure. He again bent me and pulled my hair. I was also giving him the right position so he could fuck properly.

He increased his pace and was ramming me from behind with all his power. We both were excited, which made us coming very soon. He was resting on me. After some minutes, he moved away. I went to the washroom to clean myself.
I was in so hurry that I didn’t even close the washroom door.

After some minutes, he came inside the bathroom. He held me and started kissing me. I said, “Rohit, we must stop now.” He was not listening. He was out of control. He held me tightly and kissed me all over my body. He then took me to bed. He removed my gown.

I was all nude. He was in no mood to stop. I can see the wildness in him. He lifted my legs. There was no chance to stop him, so I also opened my legs for him. He inserted his dick. It was too big to handle. I felt that my hubby stood nowhere in front of him.

He was all in his mood. He was fucking me very hard with all his power. I felt like a virgin girl. His dick was tearing my pussy. There was a pain as well as pleasure – his weight over me and big dick. He must have fucked me almost 10 to 15 minutes nonstop.

He came inside me. I had 2 orgasms in these 15 minutes. Oh, god, he is a devil. Sex with hubby and Rohit was no comparison. I never imagined this kind of sex. We both were exhausted. He slept beside me for a while. It was 3 in the night. He was normal now.

He kissed me, said, “I love you,” and went downstairs. I was still in bed. I didn’t know what had happened to me. Oh, I had no words to express the feeling. I closed the door, wore my gown, and slept.

Due to last night’s session, I woke up a little late. As I went downstairs, Rohit was there. He was looking at me. I just blushed, but his smile was saying liking he had won the race. He came close to me, squeezed my ass.

He said, “I think your hubby had not fucked you nicely. Your pussy is awesome and going to drill it more. Be ready.” I didn’t say anything. He squeezed my ass even hard. “Be ready tonight. I am going to give you more pain.”

The next night was awesome. He fucked me like I am whore with no mercy. Oh, god taking in the ass was like hell. I was sick the next day. He fucked me all night. It was like a honeymoon couple, just sex and sex all night.