Mother and son win free passes to the movies – Family Nudity

Mother and son win free passes to the movies Family Nudity at Indianxxxstories website, Mother and son learn a lot about themselves on an innocent trip to the movies. They will also learn nothing in life is free

I have always enjoyed going to the movies with mom ever since I can remember. Now that I am eighteen I still enjoy watching movies with her. Mom would take me to the theatre for a Sunday matinee and we would share popcorn, a soda and sometimes we would even sneak in our own candy. It was a lot of fun.

There was always a free raffle at the counter and I stuffed the box full of entries in hopes that I would win something. After eleven years of stuffing the raffle box at the theatre you would have thought I would win something but no such luck.

Maybe my luck changed today as I received an invitation in the mail to view a couple movies at no charge. “Well what do you know, after all these years I finally won something.”

In fact, the company holding the raffle would pay mom and myself $100 each to view both movies. The letter specified both of us must be mother and son, be blood relatives and over the age of eighteen, and we needed to verify we are mother and son with birth certificates and a picture ID. Another requirement was that we needed to view both movies in their entirety. They wanted our candid opinions of movie viewers’ likes and habits.

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I thought it odd they required both mother and son must be blood relatives. In fact they wanted proof which made it all the more suspicious. The stipulation was that afterwards we would need to complete a survey about the movies and viewing habits. For maybe four hours of watching movies I was not going to pass up $100 for each of us.

After dinner, I approached mom and let her read the letter I received. When she finished reading the letter she turned her head to me, gave me a quizzical look, then sat down at the kitchen table to reread the letter.

“Hiroto, what is this and why did they send it to you?”

“Mom, remember how I would always stuff the raffle box at the movie theatre? Well, I finally won. They will pay the both of us $100 each to view a couple movies after we filled out their survey about our opinions and viewing habits on the movies.”

“But Hiroto, why do they state it needs to be a mother and son and on top of it we need to verify it with a birth certificate and picture ID?”

“I don’t know mom but isn’t it cool. We get to watch a couple movies and get paid $100 each.”

“It sounds strange to me but if you really want to go see the movies I don’t see why not. It’s been awhile since the both us have been to a movie anyway. Why don’t you call the telephone number and see if they will allow us to view the movies this Sunday. If not, see about the following Sunday.”

“Thanks mom, you’re the best. I love you.”

With that, I gave mom one of the biggest hugs and a kiss. Years ago I never liked hugging or kissing mom for fear of one of my friends seeing me. But now that I’m eighteen I love it. To tell you the truth, I believe mom enjoys my affection just as much as I like being affectionate with her. Her lips are so soft, full and sensuous. All my friends keep reminding me she’s a real MILF being a petite Japanese woman. Mom always dresses impeccably and the fragrance she wears is subtle, yet alluring.

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