Mother’s Second Wedding

Hello dosto, This is Ananthraj. My moma’s name is Rajeshwari, her age 38 years and looking gorgeous. Her size was 36 34 38 something between. My mom was working as a nurse in a hospital, she was a private worker. She always likes to wear skirts due to always duo to her duty. My dad was working as a doctor in that hospital too. My moma was loving my dad very much. My dad also loved her too much.

One day my mom caught my dad red-handed when he was fucking my mom’s friend in the hospital. My mom and dad now not spoken with each other for the last week. I know my mom’s wedding anniversary was in the next week. So I also planned to seduce my mom who was now looking for love. I make a plan and when my dad was taking bath, I take his cellphone and send a message to his mom’s friend and deleted the message.

Within a second she replied to my dad’s cell phone because she was a widow. She wants to have a healthy sexual relationship with my dad to meet her sexual satisfaction. My mom also watched each and every moment of my dad.

Once my dad replied to her message and both started chatting. My mom was very angry and she fight with my dad and went to the hospital. On the weekend I again make a plan, because my dad was off duty and mom was on duty, I send a message to her to come to my home from my dad’s phone.

Mom’s friend came to my home and went to our dad’s room both are making love to each other, and that time I called my mom and gave information, but my mom did not give any response for that. She came in the evening and at that time my mom’s friend was not available at the home. My mom prepared dinner for us and we ate together at the dining table. My mom was not asking anything about her friend.

My dad took this as an advantage and bring her home even when mom was at the home. Now both are fucking in front of my mom.on the wedding day of my mom, my dad did not come to our home. I saw my sexy mom in full makeup and thought this is the time to seduce her.

I took my dick in my hand and stroked it, when my mom was seeing my dick, she was not taking her eyes from my dick, and I am telling sorry to her. I started to hide my dick but my mom was in shocking condition.

So I came to her and hugged her and wished her a happy wedding anniversary and my mom feels my dick and her hands touched my penis, I was shocked and cooperating with my mom. She was now taking me and giving me a hand job.

Foot Massage From Daughter

So I slowly take her saree pallu and make her stand in her blouse and petticoat. My mom was not reacted, so I take advantage of her and unhooked her blouse. Her black color bra came into view and once I take her bra from her body.

Her two mango-sized boobs came into view and her nipples are erect. I am sucking her nipples and making her moan. I played with her boobs and navel. When I open the knot of her petticoat her clean shaved pussy came to view. When I saw her pussy lips and started licking her pussy, she was fully wet there.

So I take my mom’s naked body to the bedroom and told her to lay by her back and undress and take my virgin dick and started to insert it into the place from where I came into the world. My mom moaned loudly when my dick was fully inside.

Once I give hard strokes my mom tells me to fuck harder and the most shocking word comes from her mouth, come on son make me pregnant, I am fertile now. So I again fucking her deep harder, my mom started squirting in her bed and seeing her husband’s photo on the wall, telling see her wife fucked by her son’s dick. So I got an idea and told my mom to make a video call to your husband while I fucking you. See your body to your husband. My mom took her phone and video call to dad. Once dad attend the call, my mom showed her pussy fucked by dick live to her husband.

Shadi Shuda Cousin Ki Chudai

Dad started scolding my mom with bad words hearing the bad words I fucked my mom very hard and she was in heavy orgasm now and commented yes you fucked me better than my husband, I am your slut, make me satisfied. Dad got angrier and told her he will come and kill her. Mom replied today is our wedding anniversary but you are fucking that bitch. Dad replied you are also an bitch. Mom replied you make me bitch now. Now I signaled mom to bend and I mount her in the doggy position her boobs are shaking heavily and she giving another orgasm.

Dad saw her wife fucked by someone, he asked my mom with whom are you making love now. Mom replied I don’t know him before but he fucking me very nice and takes me to heaven. My mom asks me to fuck harder, fuck me deeper and harder I am your whore, call me bitch and fuck me. When heated this type of word from her mouth I fucked her by riding her hair. My mom is now telling me I let you fuck in front of my husband. My dad watched all those things, and my mom commented see your wife mounted by a stranger’s dick in her pussy without any condom. I want to get pregnant from her sperm because he gave a perfect wedding anniversary gift to my sex starvation body. Come on seeding your sperms inside my pussy and making me pregnant.

By hearing these I am fucking like a dog and deposited my cum deep inside her and make her stand in the same position since my dick got articles up inside her pussy. Once my dick became limp and I take my dick outside and my cum came from her pussy. After that mom cut the video call we slept naked in the room and in the morning when dad came to your house and knocked on the bedroom.

then i became confused, what to do, then suddenly i went washroom. My mom get up and open the door and got shocked because she was standing nude in front of dad, and inside of the washroom i was thinking my dad gona kill me know, because when i was fucking my mother at that time i was getting pleasure, but now i can’t face so it was become big problem inside my mind. but My mom and dad again argued with each other after that dad went outside and I am also gone to my bedroom. and meet with my mom,

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My story is not finished yet i will upload it soon, kahani abi baki hy mere dost..