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Hello my name is Seema I’m 21 years old I have big boobs of 34C waist 27 and hips 34. I belong to a very poor family in a small village in Jharkhand. When my father passed away my mother sent me as a servant to a family in Mumbai through my uncle. audiosex stories

The family I was working for is a small family consisting a couple and their 1year old baby, Mr. Rajiv Chaudhary and Mrs. Bandana Chaudhary. They were very kind and loving towards me. Bandana mem was very caring she never yell at me . Overall they were very generous to me.

I have a small room in their house one night when I woke up to drink water I heard something from their bed room I walk closer to hear it properly I heard bed cracking and madam growling I got scared I went to the small window of the room thankfully that was open I peeked inside only to have my eyes wide open jaw dropping to the ground The room was dark the only source of blue light was there where their  figures are visible Sir and madam were fully naked and Sir was fucking mam from behind grabbing her boobs. I got chills in the spine my whole body shivered a foreign feeling tickles all over my body. I have never seen a sex scene in my life I got goosebumps seeing how madam is crying yet moaning sexily “ohh Fuck me Rajiv yes ohh yes Rajiv yess” and his husband was stroking him deeply earning watery wet sound at each stroke then Bandana started sucking Rajiv’s cock taking it whole in her mouth . I nearly vomited looking at that I found it gross and nasty then I walked off to my room but that night I couldn’t think of anything not even sleep as those two figures fucking each other was all in my head

Next morning when I saw them I couldn’t look at their eyes as I felt embarrassed and whenever I tried to look at them the scene from last night came in a flash.

After madam went to office I went to jhadu their room when I saw the bed again I got lost in yesterday’s scene. Suddenly I came out of my thoughts when someone startled me by tapping my shoulder it was Mr. Rajiv . I never noticed but Mr. Rajiv was very handsome 28yr man toned body thanks to his gym habit brown skin with beard he looks alluring every time.

where you’re lost?? I have been calling you god knows how many times” he said

“ sorry saab wo mujhe sunai nahi diya”

it’s ok now go and make  my cofee” I was about to go then he said “You enjoyed that last night didn’t you”

My whole world seem to stop I started sweating shivering in fear he came near me resting his hand on my shoulder “ I saw you yesterday…  and I also know that you have been thinking about that since last night . Want to know how it feels hmm?” I didn’t dare to look into his eyes as I couldn’t process what’s happening . Saying this Rajiv started pressing my boobs over my top I was wearing a top and a long skirt. His strong hands pinching my nipples I unconsciously moaned and for the first time I’m experiencing this and it feels very good my breathing got higher and he smiled evilly seeing this he started pressing it harder and my nipples got harder then he started licking my nipples over my top making my top wet with his saliva. I was far from saying anything lost in the pleasure Rajiv was giving me. He back hugged me and started kissing my neck and shoulder . I went mad when his chapped yet wet lips touched my neck then he used his tongue to lick my neck while playing with my nipples pinching and squeezing it.

I tried to push him away but he was very strong to hold me more tightly Every time I was so small underneath him as he was back hugging me I can feel his big cock in between my butt and I know he was pressing it knowingly.

you’re so beautiful seema I always wanted to touch you your boobs are bigger than Bandana You’re very soft Umm..” he said in deep voice in my ear biting my earlobe. “I always imagine you when I fuck my wife I imagine how you’ll look under me with your boobs out how I’ll suck them, how I’ll put my cock in between your big milk balls “ I couldn’t utter a word as I was very turned on and continuously biting my lips I felt wetness under my panty and couldn’t understand it . After I got some conscious I gather all my strength turn behind and pushed him hard and ran away from there . I was all blushing smiling all day thinking about how it feels to be handled by someone strong and manly like Rajiv sir.

That day Rajiv didn’t do anything except looking at me like he’s going to eat me he was staring at my boobs my butt every time as he didn’t went to his office and work from home.  At night when I was serving dinner to them madam told me that she’d be out of town for 3 days for business trip and their baby will be at his Nani’s house Rajiv looked at me and smile for a second and then discuss about the trip with his wife .I went to pack madam’s things as she had flight at 10pm

Rajiv came home after seeing off Bandana at airport I was preparing to sleep he came and told me to give him a glass of water and went to his bedroom. I was embarrassed to face him after what happened in the morning I slowly walked towards his room the door was slightly open so I didn’t knock and went inside at that time Rajiv was taking off his shirt my breath hitched looking at how dangerously hot he was looking he caught me staring at him and sat on the bed spreading his thighs and pointed me to sit on his lap. I averted my gaze and didn’t move an inch then he stood up and walked towards me lifted me up put the glass on the table and placed me on his lap ,legs both the sides. As I was wearing a skirt my skirt lifted up showing my fleshy thighs and he was wearing shorts I can feel his cock hardened each second he started aggressively kissing me biting my lips I didn’t dare to do anything ,as I keep shutting my mouth he bite my lips and I opened my mouth he sucked my tongue and played with my tongue. He took off all my clothes in just a blink of an eye reveling my red bra and black panty. He took off my panty and smelled it I turned red when he did that I found it sexy. He ripped off my bra and attacked my boobs playing with them like balls Sucking it.

please leave me sir this is wrong” I pleaded

“Randi tujhe to jese bilkul achha nahi lag raha me tere dudh daba raha hu to ,tere nipple chus raha hu to haan bol “ saying this he slapped my boobs two times I moaned in pleasure.

He Put two fingers in my mouth “chus saali randi chus” (suck them bitch) I obey his words like a baby and then he threw me on the bed and started brushing his wet fingers on my Clit. It was a amazing feeling I was experiencing he push both the fingers in my pussy “Ahhh!!! You’re tight!!” he said and again pull those fingers out and wet them With his saliva and push them again finger fucking me with speed. My boobs were bouncing at that speed. He spread my legs wide apart and spit on my pussy 3 times and started licking it he pushed his tongue into my pussy hole and pinched my Clit. After 15 minutes if licking sucking and fingering I released a watery slimy with speed all on his face and he cleaned all them by licking and then he took off his pant and spit on his cock.

He hovered over me and “press your boobs together” he commanded

I pressed my boobs together as he said he pushed his cock in between my boobs fucking my tits. His cock was slapped in my mouth as it was knocking for entrance though I felt it gross at that time I opened my mouth without thinking anything now his cock fucking my boobs and mouth at the same time. After half an hour he released his sperm all over my chest and mouth and spread it like butter on both of my boobs and lie besides me. “ I didn’t fuck you darling don’t worry” he said smiling and went to the bathroom. After that I also came back to my room and slept.

The next morning I dream about Rajiv fucking me raw with his cock on his bed I feel he would split me into two parts, I suddenly open my eyes only to get shocked because he was under my skirt eating my pussy out ,when I tried to get up he firmly grabbed me so that I couldn’t move then he went and comeback with  chocolate “want to eat chocolate seema??” I looked at him in confusion, he smirk looking at my expression then he immediately took off all my clothes I wasn’t wearing any undergarment he pour chocolate on my pussy the cold chocolate was pouring right on my clit I tightly grab his shirt in pleasure then some on my boobs then he spread them as My boobs are completely covered by chocolate and my pussy is as well . “Let me taste your chocolate seema” he said and attack like a animal on my pussy eating the chocolate mixed with my wetness some of the chocolate was around his mouth too . Then he sucked the chocolate on my boobs.. After that he undressed himself put good amount of cold melted chocolate on his cock and tell me to kneel down his chocolate covered big 8inch cock was in front of me he ordered me to eat the chocolate I instantly denied. Then he forcefully pushed his cock in my mouth I gagged then he grab my hair and started fucking my mouth I can’t see anything he was fucking so force fully then he told me to lick the chocolate on his cock after that he bend me over and without wasting any time he slammed his erected big 8inch cock into my pussy I screamed in pain as it was my very first time he keep his first stroke slow but deep I can feel it then for sometime he didn’t move and I got comfortable with the size and started moving my ass “Randi saali itna khujli he chut me Teri chut ka bhosda bana dunga aaj” saying this he fucked my pussy speedily grabbing my hair in doggy style slapping my ass for which it turned red he fucked me nearly an hour and release all his inside my pussy I also released at the same time then again he told me to suck his cock and he suck my pussy in 69 position . That day he fucked me in 7 times for the next days until madam came . He also gave me birth control pills as he released into my pussy. Now when madam is not here he fuck me and brings his friends they all fuck my pussy they tie me up in bed and fuck until they’re satisfied.

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