My first Gay Mate in Chennai

Hi friends, I hope you all are doing well.  I am glad you liked my previous stories. This is another story that will be as interesting as the others.

So, let’s begin directly with the story. It was the month of August and still in the world of the pandemic all over. Lots of restrictions and rules still to follow. It has been more than a year, and I haven’t had fun with anyone.

I was so much hungry to get a dick, at least to give someone a blowjob and full my half desire. But that too wasn’t possible with even a lot of tries. Then I traveled to Chennai to attend a work meeting.

I stayed in a hotel provided by my company. It was a good hotel with all the excellent services. It was planned to stay for about a month. After meetings, I used to come back to the hotel room. I used to check apps and sites with the thought of meeting someone and enjoying myself.

Just one day, I got a ping from a guy. His location was shown nearby as per the app. I responded to him immediately. We chatted for a while and exchanged our contact numbers. He called me, and we had a casual talk which went sex talk. We decided to have a video call so that we could see each other.

I was stunned by seeing him. His name was Anuj, average height, well-maintained body, bit dark wheatish complexion. He immediately took down his pants. I was shocked to see his huge black dick semi-erect and getting hard slowly. Assuming his dick was roughly around 8 – 8.2 inches and quite thick.

He told me to undress, but I didn’t want him to see me nude on a video call. So, I just gave him a sneak of my little dick and ass over my underwear. I told him to come in person and see me fully naked, to which he agreed.

I gave him my hotel address. We planned to meet the next evening after office as it was a weekend. I don’t have to visit the office that day and relax in the room. That night we did not sleep and were exchanging naughty pics and chatting.

I went to the office in the morning and informed them that I would be leaving a little early. I left the office around 3 pm. I went to a chemist shop to purchase hair removal cream, a razor, a bottle of lube, and few condoms.

I don’t know if I was ready to take his monster in me. But still, I bought everything for the safe side. Reaching my room with all those stuff, I removed my clothes and got ready to clean myself. First, I started cleaning my chest as there were few hairs grown back.

Then I applied hair removal cream on my ass and cleaned it deeply. I recently cleaned my pubic hairs, so they were not grown much. Still, I applied the cream and scraped it out. Now my whole body was clean. I tried to clean it as much as possible.

I wanted to prep my asshole, so I put on the water heater.  At home, I have a colon cleansing shower head, but I didn’t get it here. Luckily the water closet jet spray was quite of good share to get the job done. But the pressure on that spray was quite fast.

I got in position and inserted the tip in my anal, and started to spray in. The force was hitting me inside, but I still managed to get it cleaned deeply. Imagining his dick, I thought of loosening up my hole as it might hurt me less in real-time.

I took the lube I brought, applied it on my hole, and started fingering, making it wide. The lube was good in texture and aroma. Later I got aroused and started fucking myself with the wide showerhead and spraying the water inside. The force hit my spot, and I was moaning alone in the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I cummed a huge load on me and licked all of it. I relaxed in the bathroom for some time, had a warm shower, and came out. It was already 5:30 pm, I almost spent 2 hours in the bathroom. We decided to meet at 7 pm in my room.

I was naked the whole time since I came out of the bathroom. I was spending some time in bed, surfing the internet. It was 6:40 pm, and I started getting ready. I sprayed a smooth, light fragrance deodorant on every part of my body. I wore a t-shirt and shorts, didn’t bother or wearing underwear.

The bell in the room rang. I looked at the clock. It was just 6:50 pm. I thought it might be the room service as I ordered some food. But as I opened the door, it was not the room service, but Anuj was standing at the door. I didn’t expect him to come so early before time.

I kept on looking at him and forgot to welcome him inside. He shook me. I came back to my sense and welcomed him in by following me. He entered and closed the door. He started walking behind me. While walking, he spanked my ass from behind and commented, “Your ass looks fluffier in real than on video.”

I turned towards him and smiled at him. He reached his hand in the bag he carried and removed a box. He gave it to me as a gift and told me to open it. I had no idea what was there inside. I unwrapped it, and it was a box full of chocolates.

While chatting, he once asked me what I liked, and I told him chocolates. So, I guess that is why he brought it. As I was opening the box, he grabbed and kissed me on my lips. It was a very short kiss to tell me that I was ready. He then took the box from my hand, kept it to the side, and kissed me again.

Now I was charged too and started kissing him too. I turned into a wild smooch as we were deep into it. He took me to the wall and pressed my ass over the shorts while kissing. We both were madly smooching each other, licking tongues, lips, and our saliva was exchanging.

Then the doorbell rang, and this time it was the room service. I made myself clear and went to open the door. I didn’t allow him to come in and took the plate from his hand and closed the door. I was damn horny. So I kept the food aside and went to kiss him again.

We kept on smooching while he removed my t-shirt and started pressing my boobies with both hands. He then broke the kiss and went down, licking my neck to suck my nipples. He was sucking my left boob and pressing my right boob with his wide palm.

With my one hand in his hair, I was pushing his head on my boobs. The other hand was rubbing his bulge. It was becoming huge and rushing to come out of the pants. I was not in control and moved on, unbuttoning his pants, unzipping them, and pulling them down.

He was in his underwear. I was rubbing again on it and could feel it even more. I inserted 2 fingers on either side of the waistline and tried to drag his underwear down. But he didn’t let me do it. He said, “I want to see in your eyes when you drag it down and see my dick.”

He stopped sucking my boobs and told me to kneel. Now his bulge was exact in front of his dick. We looked at each other, and he directed me to drag his underwear down. I caught his underpants, pulled them rapidly. His dick popped out, hitting my face.

I was thrilled to see it so huge in real. In pics and video call, I was assuming it to be 8-8.2 inches. But in reality, it was more than 8.5inches. I was stunned looking at it. He looked into my eyes and said, “Hey, what are you waiting for? It’s all yours now. Go ahead and enjoy.”

I responded to him that I was shocked to see such a huge monster dick in real. I placed my hand on his dick, it was warm, and the aroma made me go crazy. I started stroking it with both my hands for a while. I could see his pre-cum on the tip. I placed my tongue on it, licked his pre-cum, and kissed his top.

The fresh pre-cum tasted great and gave me a strike to suck him whole and drink his huge load. I took the top in my mouth and slowly took it further in. My mouth was full now, and I was not able to make him whole in. He kept on blowing his massive dick as he was trying to push in deep.

It was already hitting my throat and still letting some part out of my mouth. He gagged me for a while and removed the dick out. It was filthy now with my saliva. I stroked him while sucking his clean balls. It was filled with cum and could anytime shoot out on me.

Licking his balls, he pulled me up and kissed me again. Tasting his dick and my saliva, he was enjoying it while guiding his hands inside my shorts and caressing my ass cheeks. He was pressing them firmly. We broke the kiss, and he went down on his keens behind me.

He pressed my ass over the shorts and slowly removed them, revealing my smooth ass. He planted a kiss on both cheeks and said he loved it. I didn’t give him any pic or glimpse of my ass before. Caressing them firmly with both hands, he parted cheeks and had a good view of my ass hole.

Moving his fingers in the crack and placing one on the hole, I left a soft moan. He then turned me around, to which my cute little erected dick was in front of him. Taking my dick in his hand, he kissed it and started sucking. My pre-cum was already oozing out, and he could taste it.

While sucking, he pressed butts and began fingering my hole. I inserted a finger and was moving in and out. I was moaning out in pleasure. He then moved on, getting 2 fingers in and then 2 of his left hand. Now a total of 4 fingers were inside my ass.

He was stretching the hole to make it wide and lose so that his monster cock could travel my cave easily. He was sucking my cock, and I could not control myself. Without warning him, I came into his mouth. He did not say anything and swallowed it all.

He came to me and kissed me while he had my cum in his mouth. We both cum swapped and swallowed it together. I wanted to suck him more, so we got into 69 position. I was sucking his cock, and he was fingering my asshole. I sucked him for about 5 minutes, and he shot a huge load directly in my throat.

That warmth felt so good as it was traveling my neck. He turned toward me while lying and kissed me again with all his sticky cum. He licked it too from my face. We were vigorously kissing each other with that filthy cum.

He whispered in my ears that, “Are you ready to take it in, baby?” I responded by saying, “I was ready from the time you stood at the door.” Listening to this, he spanked my ass grabbed the cheeks tightly. He made me lay on my stomach, pulling my legs down the bed corner.

He got down, spreading my cheeks apart, and kissed on my butt hole. Licking my crack from balls to up the back, he kept on in the same motion. Spiting on the hole, he inserted his finger. It went in smoothly following the second, third and fourth.

He removed all the fingers and was fucking my hole with this tongue. He loved the aroma on my ass and was eating it like a hungry animal. After liking and eating my boi pussy for a while, he stood behind and rubbed his dick in my ass crack. Kept his top on my hole and slowly pushed it to get in.

The top was in me without any extra force or pain. He tried thrusting it more, and it was getting in inch by inch with a little pain and my moans. He said that it was more than half inside me. It would be completely inside with a few more thrusts. So, he started giving more push, and it was hurting a lot.

He saw me crying with pain and asked me if he could stop. I told him not to stop until it was completely inside. I had already lubed the hole. But he still removed the whole dick and poured more lube on the ass and his dick. He inserted in again.

With a few more efforts and pushes, it was completely in me. I was moaning and crying out in pain at the same time.,He stood there still for a while until I relaxed and then started moving in and out slowly. Increasing the speed, he was fucking me so good and was letting load moans.

His balls were hitting my hung penis, and the sound of him fucking me was making me hungrier. He took his dick out and told me to lay on my back while spreading the legs. But first, I wanted to suck the dick which just came out from my ass. So, I sat on the bed and sucked his dick over the condom.

Now my ass was loosed enough to take his whole dick. I suggested he fuck me without a condom. I wanted to feel his nerves on my openings. I removed the condom with my teeth and got in position. Spreading my legs away, he inserted his dick completely in one push.

He fucked me while he stroked my dick. I came in a few seconds on my body. He started rubbing all the cum on my stomach, massaging my boobs. He laid on me, still fucking, and smooched me while pressing my boobs. I was in heaven and never wanted him to stop.

He fucked me for more than 20 minutes and then filled my ass with a huge load again. I wondered how he got a huge load multiple times. He pushed me up the bed, removed his dick from my ass. The cum was flowing down from the hole. I got my hand on it and licked the cum.

He came on the bed, and I saw his cum glazed dick dripping some on the bed. I didn’t want to waste it, so sucked his dick and cleaned it well. He laid beside me. We kept on kissing each other and took a good nap cuddling each other for roughly 30mins. The cum was still flowing in my ass and sticky all over.

It was great as I had erotic fun after more than 2 months. I will continue the sex adventure in the next part of the story. So, stay tuned and get horny.