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My HR MA’AM gave me everything I never hadBDSM 

Hello readers how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Let me introduce myself Karthik Anand I’m 26 height 5’9″ fair and gym body with beard. Cock size 6″ ,thickness 3.2″ 
I originally belong to a small village in Kerela my parents almost gave his everything for my studies. Today I’m telling you my real life audiosex stories how my HR gave me everything I never had.

I’m a security software developer in a software company in Chittethukara, kochi. The financial status of my family is not good, When i got this job 2year ago I was very happy finally i was able to pay all the debts of my parents. I moved to kochi and rented a house near Polakkandam market as I couldn’t afford to the flats near my office as they are very pricey. 

In all these hardships my mind never thought of sex or sexual things I don’t even watch porn. As I’m a shy person I don’t have many friends to talk about sex. It’s not like I don’t know about sex it’s just that I have no time for these things. 

I was nervous when I joined the office first but then I got habitual and my nervousness faded. Each employee was helpful and generous. The HR of my sector was very strict. Her name was Avantika Reddy. She’s a gorgeous lady in her 30s. Size 34-28-36 milky texture skin her skin looked buttery smooth and soft. She perfectly maintained her figure in between work. She was very particular and punctual. No-one ever seen her taking a break from wokr. As everyone fears of her. She never tolerate imperfect work and delay in work. 

To my bad luck I was late in my first day.My house is nearly 40km away from my office due to heavy traffic that day I was 5min late for the presentation and she got furious and yelled at me calling me in her Chamber. My excitement was all gone and I always become nervous in front of her from then.

At work when she come to check upon the employees everyone got attentive and cautious. Not to mention I’m very good at my job as I need this job desperately. For my work I often get praised by Avantika,i feel proud of myself.

One day I have some presentations to submit to Avantika. When I went to her chamber there’s no-one I was about to leave then I here some noise from the bathroom I got worried if she’s OK. I tried to hear what the noise was then I heard Avantika’s low pitch Moaning coming from the bathroom my heartbeats went faster I started sweating I wanted to run away from here but her moaning were getting heavier and sexier. I couldn’t control myself from peeking through the lock hole.

I saw Avantika ,she was wearing a maroon shirt with black pencil skirt, Her shirt buttons were open her big boobies were ready to rip her silk purple push-up bra.& she was sitting on the toilet seat  spreading her legs wide apart as her skirt was stretched up-to his thighs showing her big pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties, I can see her pussy clearly as it was very Clean there not even a single hair on it. She wetted her two well manicured fingers in her mouth sucked it and put them in her vagina and pressed her boobs with other hand. 

My eyes widened looking at her my pants went tight from the erection I got. My dick was like ready to tear my pants and become free. I subconsciously grabbed my cock to calm it down. I peeked again to see what she was doing but when I peeked through the door she wasn’t there , suddenly the door opens I saw Avantika infront of me her shirt buttons were still open she looked at me furiously I got scared  
“I’m sorry mam I was here for submitting the presentations you told me to do, I couldn’t find you so……” I couldn’t even finish the sentence she grabbed my dick tightly in her hand it hurts me and I yelped in pain.

you interfere in your boss’s private life don’t you?? You should be punished “ saying this she pulled me With her by my shirt and put me under the table. “Stay here until I told you to go” I was confused and frightened at the same time. 

I lose all my sane when she took her skirt up she wasn’t wearing any panties her milky pink pussy was looking like a rose and her vagina lips were little big ,totally pink like petals with a small cunt. I went mad seeing her pussy. To my utter surprise she grabbed my head and dipped in between her thick thighs. I couldn’t breath as she keep forcing me into her pussy.

suck it!! I SUCK IT YOU BASTARD!!! SUCK MY PUSSY FOLLOW YOUR HEAD EAT IT!! ”  I closing my eyes tried to put her whole pussy in my mouth as I didn’t know how to suck pussy properly she thrumbed her 5inch heels right on my thigh as I was kneeling down I growled in pain “do it properly you MOTHERFUCKER!! ” I licked her pussy making it wet with mu saliva she was getting hornier and marking muffled moans as there are office employees outside the chamber. 

I was sucking her pussy intensely rolling my tongue all around her pussy pulling her big pussy lips with teeth biting her cunt. She was feeling it intensely by moving her hips forward behind giving me more access. Suddenly  our MD entered to her chamber she got surprised and quickly reset herself and pretend to work on computer. While I started melting like ice in the fear of MD finding out what I’m doing here my whole cock erection was gone I stopped licking her pussy and hid under the table more. So that he couldn’t See Me. 

But Avantika bitch she was that much horny when she felt I wasn’t sucking her pussy she got angry and again pushed my head into her pussy directing me to eat it. MD stayed there for few minutes discussing about the new tender and left . all the time i was licking her pussy Like a cat drinking milk. She went to the door lock the door closed all the windows , called her secretary to cancer all her meetings and not to disturb her untill she Calls Her. Her secretary Anisha , saw me coming to Avantika’s chamber she knew what’s gonna happen but she choose to stay silent and obey Avantika’s orders .

Then Avantika came to me pulled me from my tie and rushed me through a secret door which lead a room she threw me on bed and ordered me to underss. I did what she said she put a black dog leash around my neck and roam me around the room then she took the bondage gear I couldn’t understand what’s that think then she put the whole bondage on me it was black leather belt all around my waist and chest and there’s a rubber cover for penis only the tip is showing and it has thrones on it.

She took off all her clothes and wear a black babydoll she threw me on bed and I saw a hunter on her hand. She locked both my hands With a handcuff.
if you don’t do what I said I’m gonna punish you with this hunter “ she said biting my lips hard causing a wound.

She sat on my dick With throned cover and ordered me to fuck her.

I’m not a submissive but it somehow felt good and hot to be handled by a woman when she ordered you to fuck her. 

I started moving my hips pushing my cock into her already wet pussy. She was moving her hips too getting fucked like a horny milf bitch. She was taking my cock so good but I couldn’t feel it as the cover was there. I told her to remove the cover but she beat me with the hunter and warned her not to say a word other than fucking her pussy. 

Then she push the button of a remote and my whole body arched back in the sudden vibration the rubber cover on my cock was actually a men vibrator she set it in highest vibration while my cock was still in her pussy I couldn’t do anything as the feeling as very much satisfying yet frustrating for me while she was dancing on my dick. Her thick thighs and getting slapped against my abdomen her 34 size tits are shaking like footballs

After this torture yet pleasure I cum inside all over her as she was over me getting fucked by my cock. She took my sperms and spread it all over her boobies then started moving in up down manner with speed. It hurts my cock as I never had sex before and I just came but she didn’t stop and keep on going as long as she cum. When she came she sat on my face and came inside my mouth. I had no option other than drinking all her cum.

Even after coming she wasn’t satisfied she ordered me to fuck her tits. I was out of energy after this my cock was red and it came to his normal size. Looking at my cock she put lubricant and started stroking my cock. Then she spit on my cock and gave it hand job to erect my cock as it was erected she ordered me to fuck her tits. She wore a belt around her tits it make her tits look bigger and made a proper cleavage to fuck her tits I fucked her with all my energy and again came in her tits this time she drank all my cum in one go.

She put a mouth opener string on my mouth and sat on my face,I eat her pussy out literally biting her pussy flesh and thighs she didn’t care at all as she got more and more excited. 

She was a hungry bitch who’s desperate for sex. She was dominating who let me fuck her pussy to satisfy her. After she came for the 4th time with an intense orgasm she squirted on my face which I drank without hesitation. My cock was hurting after this much intense sex. 

when we’re going out she kissed on my lips where she bit before “Your presentation was good Mr. Karthik I loved it” with a naughty smile on her face. I thanked her and was about to go she again said “you’re prompted Mr.karthik now you’ll work under my observation.” I smiled at her I was happy. Now I’m working Under her and fucks her like everyday. 

Please let me know if you Like my story this is True story of mine. Please comment whether you enjoy it or not. I’ll be waiting for your comments. If you want to share your story you can mail me at

[email protected]
Thank you.

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