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Horny Bengali Lady Got Diwali GiftNew 

Hello my dear readers my name is Anupama Ghose I’m 24, I’m fair with curvy figure breast 34 waist 28 hips 35 I look very sexy my friends said my figure look hot and who will be my husband will get everything he want from me. audiosex stories

  I  belong to a conservative family in stays near NagerBazar Kolkatta Today’s story is about my unromantic husband how my drunk husband took my virginity on Diwali.  
1years ago I got married to one of the richest businesses men in Chandini Chowk Kolkatta Mr. Binoy Banerjee he was a tall, young handsome guy whom every woman want. Binoy’s father and my father were childhood friends so they decided to turn their friendship into relationship by Binoy and my marriage.

As I belong to a conservative family I had no option other than marrying Binoy. I didn’t say no because Binoy was very handsome and good looking any girl will fall for his personality.  But Binoy never likes me he always avoids me he was so handsome that I fell in love with him at time I saw him.

He never showed interest in me as he was always busy in his office work client meetings and he had never time for me. We didn’t even had sex after marriage I was very sad. I finger myself to satisfy my sex urge. you all tell me if you don’t get sex from your husband /wife after marriage how would you feel?

He always come at late night always has his dinner outside and never eat dinner at home I keep waiting for him to have dinner with but he deny it. We live like two strangers Under one roof. 

Whenever my friends call me they talk about how their husbands fuck them in different positions ,how they make them cum how their dick look while erected and their husbands make them satisfy it make me cry as why my husband doesn’t love me why he never touch me. What lacks in me? Why he doesn’t find me attractive??These questions make me more sad and I always cry in my bathroom. Alone.

One day Binoy went to his office I was alone in my home as my in-laws live in another house and Binoy was a single child of theirs. I was horny at that time I have ordered a vibrating dildo to satisfy my hunger for sex I remove the pallu of my saree and then the pleats and remove the saree totally I was in blouse and petticoat.

I touch my breasts imagining Binoy touching them then I pressed my waist and touch sexily my neck I opened the botton of my blouse one by one my white creamy boobs got free and hang on both side of my chest I was wearing a hot pink bra and matching lace panty I started pressing my boobs moaning Binoy’s name and touching myself here and there sexually.

I was imagining if my husband would fuck me how he would remove my saree slowly slowly touching my skin, how he remove my blouse how he stare at me when I would be naked in front of him how he would press every muscle of my body,how he would drench all my energy by kissing my neck and eating my pink pussy. How his strong manly hand grab my waist and insert his big huge dick in my small hairless pussy ripping my pussy walls apart how I would scream, moan underneath him how he lock his lips with mine to stop my screams. I was imagining that while putting the dildo under my petticoat and rubbing it on my pussy I was so horny I was moaning Binoy’s name loudly… 

I pushed the dildo inside my pussy and started moving it up and down. At that time I heard someone ringing the bell I shut open my eyes I got scared as usually no-one comes to my home this time I wear my saree hurriedly threw the dildo on bed and went to open the door cautiously it was Binoy he came home early as there’s not much work in the office. He told me to serve the lunch and went upto our bedroom.

I suddenly realized that the dildo was still there I rushed after Binoy but it was alredy late I hid behind the door to see what is he doing I saw Binoy staring at the dildo and it was wet from my pussy to my utter shock he smelled the dildo and licked it a little. I was very excited so as surprised and happy too. I went down and started serving the lunch as I didn’t see anything.  
After that Binoy also didn’t ask me anything I was confused what’s going on in his mind.

It was Diwali after that day I was looking gorgeous with a red Saree below my waist exposing my belly button and a sexy matching blouse backless. Many guests were coming and wishing diwali but Binoy hasn’t came yet from his office I called his office but they said he had left since 5pm. It’s 10pm Now I was worried I called him several times I wanted to celebrate Diwali with him but he wasn’t there gradually guests left I was alone in my house waiting for my husband. 

At 1am the door bell rings I rushed to the door and opened it. Binoy was in front of the door he was totally drunk and unable to stand properly. Alcohol smell was strongly coming from his body I feel disgusting but still helped him to enter the house I seated him on the sofa I was about to give him a glass of water but he suddenly grabbed my left hand and threw me on sofa and hovered over me and started kissing me insanely. 

I couldn’t concentrate what’s happening then he started removing my saree pallu hurriedly but I pushed him away Though I wanted it but I want him to do it in sense. But he was fast to grab me from my waist ,I bit my lips at his first touch it was very dominating and sensual to me then he seated me on a table and removed my pallu my blouse is exposed Now and my boobs Are seen as the blouse was deep neck. I was wearing red bra 

He ripped my blouse and grabbed my two boobs in both of his hands ans started pressing it above my bra I was in heaven when he did that. I was craving for his touch for so long time and he was doing it finally. 

” you’re very sexy Anu …. You’re a sex goddess whenever I saw you I wanted to spread your legs and fuck you then and there” I got more hungry & horny hearing his words then he kissed my back and remove my bra with his teeth he ripped off my petticoat as well and threw it on the corner. He remove his shirt &pant and threw it on ground  then he took me on his back slapping my butt and went went up to our bedroom. 

“today you’ll know who your husband is! I’ll make you so frustrated that your pussy Will flood of water and I’ll satisfy my thrist in  your pussy. “

 saying this he slapped my butt once more and threw me on bed he sat on a chair in front of bed “finger yourself and moan my name !!” he ordered

I did what he said I started fingering my pussy in front of him and moan his name while he masturbate himself seeing me.He went to the drawer took the dildo and pushed it in my pussy I screamed in pain as it was a sudden action he dig my pussy with the dildo speedily and harshly as pussy turned red after sometimes I squirt all over his face

I was scared that he’ll be angry at me as I squirted but he look seductively at me and then started licking mu vagina. I wasn’t ready as I just reached my orgasm. I moan loudly then he bit my Clit slowly then he started  licking from my toe to pussy he sucked my feet everything he was doing was so sexy. then we got in 69 position he eat my pussy while I sucked his 9inch long thick dick.

I couldn’t take it whole in my mouth as it was very big and long I gagged few times but Still sucked his dick and his pink tip on the dick.  
“ohh anu you sucked my dick so good. Take it whole bitch take it whole in your mouth!!! “saying this he pushed his dick in my mouth it went upto my throat making me gag.

Then he sat on the chair and told me to sit on him I was scared as he has actually a huge dick and with erection his dick look more dangerous with veins popping out . I sat on him he directly pushed his dick in me and locked his lips with mine to stop me from crying. It was very painful I was screaming in his mouth my tears were falling continuously he didn’t move and gave me time to ease then he started moving like an animal taking one of my boobs in his mouth and taking another in hand. I feel like my pussy was going to tear apart with that speed I was only screaming and moaning grabbing his shoulders. 

“scream bitch scream!! Let the Neighbours know that you’re being fucked by your husband let them feel jealous That I’m lucky to fuck a sexy bomb like you moan my name moan BINOY FUCK ME HARD moan!!! ” 

he ordered me to moan his name louder as I did. He rise his speed and the sound of slamming of flesh and sound of my anklet grows louder as I was wearing anklet.

 He took me to the bathroom then he brought some Vaseline and rub it on his dick his dick started to grow more bigger then he bent me down and put Vaseline in my ass whole a good amount I turned white in fear thinking about his rock hard dick inside my small ass I told him not to fuck my ass he got angry at that. He bent me on I was holding the wall only and he pushed his dick slowly inside my ass his dick went inside breaking and tearing my ass walls completely I tried to push him away but he firmly hold me literally hugged me from back his dick was still inside my ass then he slowly slowly started fucking my ass as the pain was first but it gone slowly and I started enjoying and moving my waist to match with him.

He slapped my boobs my butt and finger my pussy while fucking me in the ass. He fucked me for  2hours I already cum 3times but he didn’t yet. He fucked me for more 30min then he came all in my ass. The hot sperm with speed of light fill my ass in pure bliss I was so happy and satisfied.

He took me in bridal style to the bedroom and we lie side by side totally naked he kissed my lips “I always love you anu but I was scared to touch you I thought you don’t Like me but when I heard you moaning my name while fingering yourself I was happy that you also want me” I smiled and I told him that I love him and he also confessed it. Rest of the night He fucked me hard and raw and released rest of his cum in my pussy.

Dear readers please let me know if you liked my story. Feel free to comment and if you want to share your story with me feel free to send me your story at my mail

ID [email protected]

 I’ll be waiting for your response. 

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