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My Sexy Friend’s Visit To Delhi

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I am back with another interesting experience. The story is about one of my old friends Siya and her visit to Delhi.

Siya is one of my old friends. We used to study in one of the institutes in Lucknow, and we became good friends there. After some time, I got a job in Delhi and moved here. At the same time, Siya started working in Lucknow at one of the institutes and got married to a guy from there.

If I describe Siya, she is dusky 5.6 with nice curves. After getting married, she gained some weight. But it has only made her more attractive and sexy. She used to be a tomboy kind of girl in earlier days. However, after marriage, she has changed a lot.

One day I was sitting at home and got a call from Siya. She told me she is coming to Delhi for her friend’s marriage. She will be here for 3 days and would like my company to explore Delhi. We were excited about meeting after a long time and wanted to make the best of every moment.

Next week she reached Delhi on Saturday. I was eagerly waiting for her train. There she was in a beautiful blue suit. She looked gorgeous. We hugged each other.

I helped her with her luggage. We moved to the hotel her friend had arranged for her. We were busy talking about the old days and our friends. Finally, we reached the hotel and collected room keys.

She was tired after the journey and wanted to take a bath. While she was taking a bath, I was going busy playing games on my phone.

She finished the bath and came out. She was wearing a long white T-shirt with shorts. She was looking sensuous. I could not take my eyes off. She noticed me and said, close your mouth and started laughing.

S: What are you looking at?

V: Just imagining what’s underneath.

She hit my shoulder and said, “You are not going to change.”

V: Beauty should always be praised (with a wink)

S: Oh, and how you are planning to praise this beauty. (with a naughty smile)

I got up from the sofa and pulled her closer. My arms were wrapped around her.

V: Wanna know that?

S: Yes.

I moved my face too close to her hair and said, “By exploring this beauty,” while moving her hairs on one side. We were looking into each other’s eyes. Her breathing was getting hard.

Earlier, if I had done that, I would have got a slap. But now, after marriage, she was completely different. She didn’t resist and hugged me tighter. I moved my lips closer and started kissing and kissing her.

My hands were busy squeezing her ass. She started moaning, and we continued smooching and feeling each other. Our kiss was broken by a call on her phone. I didn’t want to leave her, but it was her friend calling.

She picked the phone, and it was her friend’s mom calling to check if she had reached and got the room. The first ceremony was going to start in an hour. So she asked her to reach their house in an hour.

She took one suit and went to the washroom to get ready. I stopped her by holding her hand, “You can change it here.”

S: You have to try a bit hard (with a laugh)

She entered the washroom. She got ready in some time, and we were in the ceremony. There were a lot of beautiful girls there, and she teased me. “Now, you won’t get bored while I go and enjoy sangeet.”

I sat with the guys in the open bar and soon got busy interacting with the people sitting there. We got free from there around 11:30. Siya smelled me and said, “So you didn’t miss the chance to get drunk. I also wanted to drink.”

I winked at her and showed her one bottle of Pepsi. We used to drink in the same way in Lucknow – by mixing whisky in a Coke bottle. We got into the car, and she started gulping the drink. The hotel was nearly 30 minutes drive away.

But she said, “let’s go to some other place. I just want to enjoy the time with you.” We moved towards India Gate and sat. She took the wheels from me and started driving. She is a pretty rash driver, and it was crazy.

It was around 1 PM when we reached the hotel. The moment we entered the room, I pinned her to the wall and started kissing. She was also getting crazy and enjoying kissing. I removed her suit, and she was there in a sexy pink bra and panty. She had a perfect figure.

She was not behind, and she also got rid of my shirt and trousers. I was in no mood to stop. I removed her bra and started mauling her boobs and kissing her juicy lips.

I continued kissing her, and my fingers were feeling her pussy from the top of her panty. Her moans were getting high, and she started giving me soft bites. I moved my hand inside her panty, and she moaned in my ear. It was an amazing feeling, and I moved one of my fingers in her pussy.

She was already wet with all the kissing and kissing. I lifted her and threw her on the bed, and got between her legs. I was kissing her thighs and removed her panty too. She pulled me and asked me to kiss her pussy lips. My lips were on her pussy lips, and her moans were getting crazy.

S: Oh my god, you are awesome. Yes, that’s it. You are doing awesome.

By that time, I was all hard and couldn’t resist entering her. I moved up and started rubbing her pussy.

S: Don’t play, just fuck me. Fuck me hard.

I shoved my dick in her pussy in one go. I could feel her nails on my back. She was biting me, and her nails were digging on my back. I started giving her deep strokes, and she continued moaning. The room was full of her moans. We ended up fucking 2 times that night and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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