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I am Nathu from Udaipur today i am telling you my real sex stories from and i have married sister, Anita didi. 26.Our parents no longer in this universe as they passed away in car accident and now I was staying alone. I used to get nightmares after death of parents and used to wake up in the night, screaming. My neighbors informed this to Anita didi. Anita didi and Jijaji decided to show me to a doctor. On examination, the doctor prescribed some medicines and advised that I should not leave alone in house, especially during night, when I used to get nightmares.

So, I moved out of my house and started staying with Jiju and Anita didi. Even after medicines, my nightmares continued. Jiju and didi used to come to my room, pacify me and then go to their room after went to sleep. Once again they consulted doctor and he suggested that someone must be present in my room during night so that I will be less afraid.

Both Jiju and Didi used to come to my room and spent time till I went to sleep. Slowly, the nightmares came down. One day, Jiju left for an official tour and I and Didi were only there in the house. That night, I told Didi that I do not get nightmares anymore and hence, there is no need to give me company. But, during midnight, I once again nightmare and I woke up screaming. Didi rushed to my room. I was perspiring and my face was white with some unknown fear. Didi sat besides me and took me in her arms, patting my head and consoling me. After fifteen minutes, I came to normal. However, the fear did not leave me.

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Didi told me to go to sleep. I tried to sleep and after an hour or so, was asleep. Next day, I told didi that I am afraid of sleeping alone. So Didi decided to sleep in my room. After having dinner, she came to my room. She was wearing her usual cotton short top and shorts. I was lying on bed, with fear in my eyes. Didi noticed this and slept besides me. She took me in her arms and started telling that I should not be afraid and that she will be with me throughout the night. I told her not to putt off table lamp, I hugged her tightly, out of fear. She also pulled me near her. She kissed me on my forehead and told me not be afraid. My head was resting on her chest. She turned and faced towards me. Her arm was below my neck, holding head tightly against her chest. I put one arm around her back, nestled on her chest and closed eyes.

I was, however, unable to sleep. She put her other hand around me and moved it over my back, as if to make me calm. She patted on my head. I could feel warmth her young body. I was feeling sexually aroused. My dick was getting harder. Didi seemed to notice this. She tried to pull away, but I held her tight. “What is it Rahul?”, she asked. I said, “Nothing, Didi. I am alright and comfortable. If you want to leave, please leave. I will manage”. She said, “No, Rahul. You are still afraid and I cannot leave you alone”. She once again kissed me on my forehead and cheek. It was getting a bit cold. So Didi got up and pulled a blanket over us. Within minutes, we felt comfortable.

I rested my leg on hers. She was feeling my hard on. She hummed some romantic song. She curled my hair lovingly and smiled. I said, “Why are you smiling Didi? Remembered a joke or Jiju?”. She said, “It is Jiju. I am missing him. He will be away for almost a month. I am just waiting for his arrival. You are still small. You won’t understand”. I too smiled at her and said, “Didi, I am 17 and know what you have in mind. You are missing him – both emotionally and ….” She confessed that what I was telling was true. Once again, nestling against his chest, I asked, “Didi, how is Jiju during your nights? Is he caring? Does he please you?” Didi said, “You naughty boy, you are asking questions which you should not. But never mind. He is ok. He is not like the once I used to see in some romantic movies or stories like that.”

I was getting bolder now. I moved my hand from her back and kept it on her hips. As if naturally, I moved hand slowly towards her boobs. My fingers touched her outline of her boobs. My fingers lingered there. Didi noticed this as well. She pulled me near and rested her leg on mine. A adjusted my face and touched her cleavage (top two buttons of her shirt were open) with my lips. My breath was warm.

She pulled me down. Removing her hand from my back, she unbuttoned one more button. She was not wearing bra. I started moving my face up and down and from one side to the other, feeling her young boobs. Didi moaned, “Oh, Rahul”. Hurriedly, she unbuttoned her shirt. I opened my eyes and first time looked at her young, round boobs. She asked, “Rahul, have you ever touched any lady before”. I said, “Yes, why not. I used to sleep with mom. I always touched her”. She said, “No that way. Have you ever touched any woman sexually?” I said, “No, Didi, never before”. She asked “Want to touch?” Without waiting for answer, she took my hand in hers and started moving it all over her boobs. “How does it feel, Rahul?”, she asked. I did not reply, but my face answered her question. Hurriedly, she pulled my other hand. She placed both of my hands on her boobs and moved them around.

She moaned once again and said, “Darling, please keep caressing me. I am feeling so good”. I asked, “Didi, can I press your milk containers?” She said, “Yes, yes, Rahul. Press them hard. Crush them”. I caught her boobs tightly in both the palms. Her nipples were jutting out, those beautiful pink nipples. Without asking, I took one nipple in mouth and sucked it, still holding it tightly, squeezing it, as if to push the milk out. She asked me to press her nipples with my other hand. I kept on sucking one nipple and squeezing the other. I continued this for 10 minutes and reversed. Till this time, Didi was moving her hands all over my back. She pulled my t shirt and removed it. She started moving her hand over my bare chest, her fingers lingering around my nipple. Now I moaned, “Didi, you are so sweet, so nice. Please suck my nipple”. She pushed my one hand aside, made me lay on my back and resting on her elbow, kissed my nipple. She encircled my nipple with her tongue. I felt electric current flowing in me. She repeated this with both my nipples.

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I pulled her face up and kissed her on her lips for the first time. I took both her lips in my mouth and sucked them. She managed to push her tongue in mouth and I sucked it too. Still on her elbow, looking at me lovingly, she moved her hands towards my elastic shots. She pushed her hand inside and touched my already hard and heated dick. She caressed my organ delicately. My pre-cum was already oozing out. She cleaned it with her fingers. She said, “Ummm, Sunil, you are long for your age. Little Rahul is so long and thick”. I was excited and thanked her for compliments. I asked, “The same with Kiju?” She said, “No. His one is not so long and thick. If I took his in my palm, it disappears inside”. She raised her leg, put it on the top of the elastic band of my shorts and pushed down with the leg, intently looking.

My dick was free of its captivity now. It stood magnificently high. Didi looked and said, “Little Rahul is a monster. How healthy you look….” Now she pushed her hand under my neck, pulled me near, so that she could caress my chest with it. I was licking the sides of her magnificent boobs. With the other hand, she rubbed my balls very softly. I said, “Didi, why don’t you remove your shorts?” She immediately removed her shorts and undergarment. My dear sweet Didi was now naked in my front. I pushed my hand and started caressing her cleanly shave cunt. I moved my hand freely all over. I parted her cunt lips and darted a figure inside. “You are wet, Didi. Are you having your period?”, I asked her. She gave a sweet smile and said, “No, you dumb. It will be almost fifteen days till I have my periods. My love juices have started flowing. This is the way women gets aroused”.

I kept on playing with her cunt with one hand and my other hand was busy playing with her boobs. Didi started kissing me once again, very hard. She did not let my lips part from hers. We were both fully aroused now. Didi said, “Rahul, I cannot bear this any more. Please now fuck me”. Saying this, she lay on her back and asked me to mount her. She sprawled on the bed, keeping legs spread wide apart. I placed my knees between her legs and held my dick in my hands. She raised her buttocks and guided my dick inside her hot, wet cunt. Due to excitement, the outer part was already wet and slippery. I small push over there and my dick was inside her love hole. I pushed my dick deep inside her. She spread and raised legs more to further take me in. I pressed against her firm boobs and kissed her hard. Without instructions, I started moving dick back and forth. She also responded the same way, moving her hips. Didi was moaning loudly now. “Ahhhhh, Oohhhhhhhhh. Great”. My speed increase and with a few hard strokes, I loaded her cunt with my semen, pushing it deep in her cunt. I removed my dick from her cunt and fell on bed, with eyes closed.

Didi rolled facing me and kissed me once again on my lips. “Rahul, you were great. I want all this more. We will fuck whole night today”, she said. I replied, “Sure, Didi. But are too happy with my performance?” She laughed and said,”Happy, my dear? You performed as if you are seasoned. You were fantastic.

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It seems Didi was insatiable. After half hour, she went to her room and brought some instrument. I asked her what was that. She said, “Sunil, this is called vibrator. It runs on battery cells. This part, which looks like a cock, is to be inserted into the hole. Once inside, turn on the battery button and it vibrates inside, giving the same fucking sensation. I will shortly show you how”.

She now sat besides me and took my cock in her mouth and sucked over it. It was limp. Her lips touched the base of my dick and the balls. She kept on putting it inside her mouth and taking it out. Within minutes, I was becoming hard now. When I became rock hard, I asked. “Didi, can we fuck once again?” Didi replied, “No, not that way. You will surely fuck, but not my hole, but my mouth”. I asked, “But Didi, how about you?” She said, “That’s why I have brought this vibrator. Just stay the way you are and I will guide you”. She changed her position. She faced my feet, with her buttocks facing my face, but on one side. She handed over the vibrator to me and asked me to push it inside her hole. She bent down and once again took my dick in her mouth. When I disappeared in her mouth, I inserted the vibrator in her juicy cunt. Once it was inside, I turned on the battery button. It started vibrating in her cunt. She kept on sucking and sucking and sucking my pulsating cock. Resting a while she said, “Rahul, now put is inside my asshole. Do these turn my turn”? Once again my dick vanished in her mouth. I kept on fucking her with her vibrator in her cunt and asshole.

Fifteen minutes later, I shouted, “Didi, I am going to shoot”. Without answering, she sucked my cock harder till I started sputtering my semen in her mouth. She tightened her cheek walls around my dick with help of her lips till the time every drop of my cum came out.

We were exhausted now. We slept side by side. I asked Didi, “Will we continue this? What happens when Jiju comes?” She said, “We can enjoy for at least a month. We will make every moment of it. When Jiju comes, under the pretext of your fear, I will keep on coming to you for a fuck. And yes, before coming, I will let Jiju to fuck me first. You know, after a fuck, he sleeps like a dead man. He never wakes up till morning, even if I make some sound. So, it will not matter whether your Jiju is here or not. Ok, if not during night, we can always fuck during daytime, say after Jiju leaves for office, in the afternoon, when you return from college. We will have plenty of time for this great enjoyment.”

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And this really continued for almost 8 more years, till the time I got married. Didi ensured that she did not get pregnant so that we had our fun.