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Hello everyone I’m Rahul I’m 24 tall, fair toned guy penis size 7inch. Today I’m sharing my experience how I
got the opportunity to fuck my sister and girlfriend at the same time. Let’s start …
Talking about my family we’re 4 members, my parents me and my elder sister Ridhhi. Ridhhi is very beautiful
fair straight hair up to waist ,long lashes her size is 34-28-34 at first I have nothing sexual towards her .
Ridhhi’s best friend Anita is my girlfriend she’s a total sex goddess having size 32-28-34 we love each other but
we hide it from Ridhhi as we know she wouldn’t accept our relationship. They both live in one rented house in
the same city where my family live , Bhopal .
As I live with my parents whenever Ridhhi is out of work Anita call me over and I fuck her endlessly devouring
every inch of her skin into my mouth and drilling every wall of her pussy by my hard rock dick.
One day Anita invited me to her house I was very excited she sounds very horny as she would attack me the
very time I reach there.
When I reach there she was wearing a see-through baby doll my mind went blank I push her in the room and
lock the door And rip off the net and attack her nipples and suck them like a hungry child I spread her legs and
started licking her wet pink pussy she was moaning loud my name
“Rahul… ohh yes!! Ummm…just like that Ooohhh my gawddd… shit.. Umm yess Yess yass!!!!! “
I push two fingers in her pussy fucking her with my fingers while I lick her clit . My dick was very hard and
tenting from my pants I took off all my clothes in a blink of Second then I heard a muffle noise from the
kitchen I got scared I went towards the Kitchen what I saw my body freeze
I saw my elder sister totally naked in kitchen cabinet spreading her Legs showing her well shaved big pussy
fucking it with a big pink vibrator her one hand was on her mouth and she was mumbling my name . I couldn’t
control myself as I approached towards her and pushed the vibrator aggressively she shut open her eyes and
stand up seeing me in front of her. She pushed me hard and started walking off when I pull her by hand “why
are you going away now? Moaning my name and now that I’m here you’re going away? “ I said and seated her
on the cabinet spreading her legs I kneel down and started licking her pussy she tried to push my but I strongly
grab her thighs and slap her butt and lick her pussy roughly. In that time I saw Anita coming from my
peripheral vision “ This is what I feel when I say your brother’s tongue is magical “ she said and Ridhhi nodded
grabbing my head pushing deep into her pussy she rub my face all over her pussy .
“ mujhe chod de chote please (fuck me younger please) “ she said now I got uncontrollable and slammed my
dick right into her pussy she screamed and I keep slamming her g spot again and again while Anita get on the
cabinet and sat on Ridhhi’s face “lick my pussy you fucking bitch.. Fucked by my boyfriend lick it!!”
Ridhhi licked her pussy after sometime Ridhhi reach her orgasms her body bend like she has electricity passing
through her body . She got collapsed for a lil bit then Anita said me to lie down as I did and she get on me
pushing my dick into her vagina and jumping on it while Ridhhi use the vibrator on Anita’s clit help her to
reach her orgasm… after sometime I also released my load and both of them clean it by licking and sucking my
dick. I also drink all the slimy water of their pussy
Then we three do many sessions and tried different poses . That night I didn’t go back to my house as I stay
with them and fuck them.

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