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Pizza Delivery Guy Ko Jannat Dikhaya

How about having a long-term relationship? Boring or Exciting? Well, Mujhe Esa Lagta hai trial basis pe karlo try, ek baar in long-term relationship and in physical relationship. But actually was searching for someone who can be my partner in crime, having fun, enjoyment, no stress, and life on track. But ese koi nai mil raha What to do? Just frustrated. Well, but need someone badly. In the hope of a partner, my life was flowing like a river, directionless!! 

Who is this girl? Hey!! I am Aditi, age 24 years, belongs to an upper-middle-class family from Punjab. Being a Punjabi girl, Big Ass 35 toh hoga hi, with 34 boobs, clean shaved all the time with wax , Mein humesa hi humari gali or college ke boys ko tadpati rehti thi apne sexy figure se,   I am a bit crazy, full of pagalpanti is my hobby, and pareshan Karna sab ko, Mera Kam. Well, about my looks, I feel I am the hottest and sexiest girl in Punjab. But the boys of Punjab are low standard and not classic. Well, shifting to Bangalore was for studies, Currently, I am a Banker, and hence to prepare for the Banking exams, I had joined the best institution in Bangalore. 

Chalo ab me toh hogae settle but ab tak koi partner nai milaa. I need a date yaar!! I shared this thought with my best friend Asha, then she suggested an idea to search your date on social media platforms or Dating Apps like Tinder, etc. Then you can select your date and start with a long-term relationship. Not a bad idea, but long term relationship doesn’t have that feeling of love. But then thinking a bit and stretching focus more on her words. I decided to apply Asha’s suggestion. 

Indian Sex Stories

The same day in the night,I was feeling horney, after some time I started searching for the best dating apps. Google Ji helped to get the best outcomes. On the top listed was Tinder Dating App, and its reviews were awesome. The dates can connect with each other, talk to each other, and have an amazing experience. I was really excited as will be getting a date on this Dating App. It was a new experience for me and I am quite sure about it. I downloaded the App and made my account with a fake id. 

I started using the App, it was not that difficult and smooth. There were multiple options present on the App, to swipe right and accept the request for the best candidate and for the average just to swipe left and reject. Great!! I am loving it, coz boys are so handsome over the App. One of them was Avinash. I really liked his look. He has a six-pack abs, mujhe ladko ki abs.bahut pasand hai, aur dekhti hi mera pnaty gili ho jattti hai, pata nehi kyu I checked his profile on Tinder, and his status was single, not even a single date listed on his profile, I feel he must be new too. 

I swiped right and send him a friend request. Mene Avinash ki profile dekhi, He is really so hot and sexy, with blue eyes, shaky hairs, mind-blowing personality and is tall as well. I was waiting for him to accept my request. Specifically, for that, I posted some sexy-dressed pictures, like one piece red with the sleeveless cut on the hands. Here’s how my day ended in Bangalore and a new morning came up. I quickly woke up and checked my phone for the acceptance of the request. 

Soss!! He didn’t accept my request. Why???? I checked his profile to check on his last activated chat but since I remembered, it’s not possible as I haven’t followed him. Dimag ki band baji hue ye soch kar ki itni hot girl ki request nai accept karri. Mann toh kar raha jake do chatte maru. I went over in front of the mirror to judge myself for my sexy look. I thought I need to upload more sexy pics of exploring my ass and boobs. I took a hot water shower and clicked watery pictures in my bathroom showing my sexy boobs and horny nipples.

I uploaded those sexy pics on, Are I clicked these bathrooms pictures for uploading on that website particularly and not on tinder. Ek secret batau mere bareme, dating sating toh ek bahana hai taki koi mere vagina ko pyar kare. But ab koi banda nai mil raha toh kya hi Karu iss wajhse se Tinder pe account banaya nai toh me live aaya karti h without revealing my identity before the public so that I can explore my G, boobs, and Ass.

After 10-15 minutes, I received a notification from the, which indicates a text message from someone named sexy Avi. I tapped and opened the message to read who was he? The message was,

Avinash:  ”Hey!!, sexy boobs’ ‘ Pehechanna muje? Me wahi hi tera Sexy Avinash jisko tu pagalo jaise stalk karri h!!!!

Myself: ”Oh Teri” Toh tu yaha stalk kar rah h muje? 

Avinash: Ha…ha, Phir Teri jaise sexy and overwhelming bandi ko kon na accept kare?

Myself: Chal, Jhootha, phir tune tinder pe mere request accept kyu ni ki?

Avinash: Baby! Waha meri Ex hai, jisko me single rah ke jalana chhata h. 

Myself: Oh Acha, I am Aditi, Punjabi di Kudi hu me

Avinash: I am Avinash, hot and dashing guy and belong from Delhi, a proper Haryanvi.

Well, I had to stop the conservation as I had get ready for Bank or else Manager meri laga dega. I wore a long kurta with high waist jeans just to check how Am I looking, I clicked a selfie and shared to Avi on Whatsapp. Yesterday, only I got his number.  But how, a small story? I shared Aviabout my sexy porn videos but i asked him to share his Whatsapp number because I need to send a few porn video links that were not allowed to share over their website. On the other hand, Avi ko sab samjh agay ki mera matlab kya h bas phir usne apna number share kiya. 

Back at the bank, Avi liked my photo and wished for the day saying your boobs are calling to suck. I smiled and left home, but mere mann me toh lado ki barish hone lagi. I reached the bank and started my work. When I am in work, I fucking don’t disturb myself. Kam ki Deewani hi, kitne mehenat ke bad muje bank me entry mili hai. Din bith gaya kam, and satisfaction mila after accomplishment of work. I was a bit tired, reached home and had dinner. I opened to check out some realistic sex stories, also simultaneously started fingering. Was just enjoying, and a message popped up!! Lol!! Avi’s text. 

Indian Sex Stories

I was so excited and opened it.

Avinash: Hey!! Jaan what’s up? What are you doing?

Myself: Watching porn?? Wanna join ?

Avinash: Yes me too.

Myself: Come lick my vagina, go down and go down.

Avinash: Sure babe. Take the bedsheet up and push me down.

Myself: Yes!! yes!!!….Ahhh…fuck

Avinash: May I insert my little one inside your vagina

Myself: What? Yes of course you fucker

Avinash: Virtually, shaking hard

Myself: Uff,…awesome

The sex conversation continued the whole night. In the morning, I found myself wetty. Meri panty puri gili hogae and visited washroom. I just really had a fun-loving and sexiting sex chat with Avi my boyfriend. It was weekend, that why got up late at 12. I was really hungry, and Avi was still sleeping. Till, I cooked noodles and had it. Till, Avi got up. We had a natural conservation discussing about previous talk. Later, I asked Avi to connect in evening. The day passed, As I watched some Hollywood series and then it was evening. 

I was starving and really hungry. Upar se I got really a hard craving of Pizza, plus I was getting bored. I texted Avi and told I am getting bored a lot and asked to do something. Avi suggested let’s play Truth or Dare game? I got a question online: how? He said, you have to choose between truth and value once they are left. 

Meanwhile, Pizza delivery boy came. I asked Avi to wait, and paid delivery fees. During their sex chat conversation, Avi asked me to provoke that pizza delivery guy via my sexy moves. I said in a grave voice, chal challenge accepted, ab tu dek iss pizza delivery boy ka jo haal krungi ki ye pagal hojaega. I opened the door, took the pizza box and gave him money. While giving him money, I pretended to lay down for picking the coins, and showed a slight pinch of sexy boobs. Muh pe expressions faate ke faate rah gae uske. 

I gave him the money, by touching his hand. Oops, ek baat batana bhul gaye, Avi is on video call, so me dhoka dhadi nahi kar rahi. He was shocked at my moves. ( Back to Pizza Delivery Boy), I started hovering my hands on his sexy body and caught his weak point. Uska pant ka belt khola, aur sidhe mene hath dala uske underwear me. I then started revolving my hands beneath the underwear near his penis up and down. Pizza delivery guy was really shocked and scared with my moves but slowly slowly when his erection started, he enjoyed the situation. 

Usne mera bra ke ander hath dala aur mere chuchi ko jor jor se dabane laga, aur ek hath se mere mast gol gol gand ku dabane laga,  I even started enjoying the situation and disconnected video call with Avi. We both were kissing each other hard passionately and moved into the bedroom. I pushed pizza delivery boy on bed and opened up my clothes. I removed my top and jeans, unhooked my bra and panty. I laid down on him, removed his clothes and started sucking his penis hard. Uske 6 inch ka laund mere munh mein pura hi ja raha tha, Meanwhile, he pushed me on the other side, went down and licked my pussy and started fingering. Fir dhire dhire kab usne mere ander apni 6 inch ka laund dala pata hi nehi chala, I was in cloud 9. He fucked me really hard for an hour approx, Mean while I came twice. 

Indian Sex Stories

I was not in real world, felt as if I was in some fantasy world. Mujhe kuch yaad nai raha, me zone out thi. This is fucking awesome experience. We had casual sex, very deeper and harder. I moaned and kissed him. During casual sex, his penis were so long and size got bigger that was really damm amazing yaar!!!

Fucked up!!! His stamina is far longer, we had casual sex for more than 2 hrs. Fir end mein dono ka ek hi sath hi pani chuta, and we both got satisfied. What’s next? I was wondering but dekha toh wo sogaya mere baju me. Bichara thak gaya hoga, it was really amazing experience but. My first sex in life with pizza delivery boy was just horny. I loved it, thanks to Avi!!!!

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