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Servant To Slave A Journey With Muslim Mistress

Hi, I am M. Rajesh. I am from Calicut, Kerala. I am a 22 year old, bisexual, submissive male. This is one of my fantasies. I will also share some of my real-life adventures but let’s start with this now.

I am a servant and work for a Muslim couple. Their names are Abdula, who is 42 years old, and Rehana, who is 36 years old. They live alone as both their daughters study in a different place and stay in the hostel.

Abdula is a businessman whereas Rehana is a housewife. Talking about their figures, Ahmed is a tall, fair guy, 6.5 in height, and has a well-built hairy body. His penis is 8inches long and 2-3 inches thick.

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Rehana is fair and chubby with huge assets. Her size is 37D-33-42. They had various unsettled disputes between them and therefore never had a good peaceful life.

One day, while I was doing some work in the kitchen, Rehana called me. She was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Rehana: I am having leg pain. Can you massage my legs?

I sat on the floor and raised her leg and rested it on my shoulder and started to massage it. I massaged her toes, calf, and thighs. I noticed that she was enjoying it.

Rehana then asked me to go higher on to her thighs. She was really horny and hungry for sex. She was really turned on.

She moved her gown and revealed her panties. She asked me to rub her pussy over her panties. I did as she said. I never had any experience in sex and neither knew what I was doing. She enjoyed it and moaned.

I asked her if she was ok and was I doing something wrong? She had a very good smile and said it was perfect. She then removed her panties and asked me to continue.

It was the first time I was seeing a pussy. It was nicely trimmed and a beautiful, pink pussy. I rubbed her pussy lips. Suddenly, she made me insert my finger in her pussy and made me finger-fuck her.

She then caught me by my head and pushed it onto her pussy. She asked me to lick it. It smelled different but for some reason, I liked it.

I licked her pussy. Her moans grew louder. Rehana pushed me more and more into her pussy. After 10 minutes of licking, she removed her hand from my head and gripped the sofa arm. I could feel she was pulling away, and then she released fluid into my mouth. She asked me to drink it and asked me how it tasted? I told her it tasted a bit salty but that I liked it.

Rehana then wore her dress and told me not to tell this to anyone. She then made me to do this regularly, when we were alone. She would lie on the bed and would make me lick her pussy, figure fuck it and at times, insert my tongue in.

One day, she called me into the bathroom. She was in the bathtub, naked!

Rehana: Come closer and remove your clothes.

I felt a bit shy.

Rehana: Come on. It’s just me. You have seen me naked before, now let me see you.

I removed my shirt and trousers and stood in front of her in my underwear.

Rehana: Remove that too.

I removed my underwear and stood there covering my penis with my hand. She caught my hand and removed it from my penis. She was looking at it. It started to grow. I only had a 5-inches erect penis. She had a smile on her face.

Rehana: Ooh, seems like you have a small cock. It’s ok. Anyway, your tongue does the job. And I love it.

She then stroked my dick. In less than a minute, I cummed. She took all the cum and drank it.

Rehana: Not that bad for the first time. And you taste good too. Now, come suck my boobs.

I went down on my knee and started to suck her right boob. She took my right arm and placed it on her left boob and made me press it. She gave light moans.

After some time, she held my face and moved it towards her face. She kissed my lips and sucked it wildly. She put her tongue in my mouth and totally dominated the kiss. She bit my lips in between.

Then Rehana came out of the bathtub and pulled me towards the shower. She then got into the shower and let the waterfall moderately.

I was told to suck the pussy with the shower dripping on her pussy. That day, she also made me suck her asshole. Eventhough it had a slight smell, but that was erotic, and I loved it.

Rehana came twice in the shower. She then pissed in my mouth and over me. She asked me to drink it. I drank it hesitantly.

After the shower, we dried ourselves.

She asked me, ‘Would you like to be my slave for today?”

I replied, “Yes,” without even knowing what that would result in.

She then said, “You will have to do whatever I say and not ask me any questions.”

Rehana also told me to call her, “Mistress.” If I made her angry that day, I would be given punishment.

She then said, “You will not wear any clothes today and will walk on your knees and hands like a dog.”

Rehana took a dog collar and tied it around my neck. She wore only a bra and panties that day. She then sat for breakfast. I was made to sit on the floor near her leg.

She asked me to lick her toes like a dog. I did so until she finished her meal. She then took some food and chewed that and spat it on the floor and told me to eat it. I hesitated a bit, for which she spanked my ass until I finished the food.

She sat on the sofa and made me lick her pussy for about an hour. I cummed 3 times.

Rehana then made clean the house in my nude state and made me do all the household work like that. She made me run around the house like a dog and made me drink her pee multiple times.

Later that night, she ended the session by fucking me with a 6 inches dildo. She fucked me hard and made me cum twice in 40 minutes and then placed an anal plug in my ass.

She then gave me a blowjob. I was in heaven and cummed in her mouth after 4 minutes. She loved my cum and drank all of it. That night we slept nude cuddling each other.

In the next part, I will share how she made me her sugar baby and later how I fucked her. Please reply with your review. You can contact me at my Instagram @indianstories01

Please feel free to contact me, if you want to have some fun with me. Male, female, couple, group everyone is welcome.

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