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My name is Pun and was a sixteen year old boy from Bangladesh i am sharing this sexy story on and had been given the nickname pun by his granddad because he was always coming out with funny comments and jokes.

Pun had been living in England for just over two years he liked the country but was not happy with the housing estate he lived on, he thought it was very run down and had a lot of violence on it. Pun worked part time in a Bengali owned grocery shop and enjoyed the job and was often trusted to lock up the shop at night.

The owner of the shop had a daughter called Pia who was two years younger than what pun, Pia was a trouble maker but her dad was very strict with her, one day pun had gone into the back store room of the shop and saw Pia standing in the corner with her hands on her

Head she was totally naked, pun had admired her firm boobs and love tube and had learnt that Pia was there as punishment for being late home, pun had thought be late home more often you have a very cute body.

It was late and pun had locked up the shop and was waiting for a delivery playing a game on his phone as he waited. He saw the delivery van arrive in the yard and went and opened the door to see seventeen year old Steve was driving the delivery van and his girlfriend.

Tina who was in his class at school and the same age as he was was helping him, when pun had opened the door Steve was telling Tina that she was in trouble and had some work to do and she had said

” yes sir” after the delivery had been unloaded the trio was in the store room when Steve looked at Tina and said ” get that tee shirt off” Tina said ” yes sir” and took her tee shirt off, pun’s eyes went wide when he saw that Tina was not wearing a bra and was topless, pun looked in awe at

Tina’s naked boobs thinking very nice, Steve then told Tina to get her jeans off which Tina did and stood naked, pun looked at her hairless love tube feeling his dick pushing at his joggers making an obvious tent, Steve looked at the tent and said to Tina ” look you have given the boy a hard on deal with it” Tina said ” yes sir” went over to pun and started to undo his joggers pun just there and let her and once they were untied Tina lowered them

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Letting pun’s eight inch erection spring out, Tina looked at Steve and said ” how” and after Steve had said ” suck it” Tina knelt down and took puns dick into her mouth and started sucking it, pun could hardly believe what was happening to him but was enjoying getting.

A blow job from the white girl after five minutes pun said ” I am going to cum” Tina carried on sucking and when pun squirted his cum in four long spurts into her mouth Tina swallowed it all,  Five minutes later Steve told Tina to dress which she did, Steve then explained to pun that on the estate the boys ruled and girls did what ever they were told to do.

The next day pun was in the shop on his own when Pia walked in and gave him a bag of change as she was leaving a boy from puns class walked in looked at Pia and said ” get your tits out” Pia replied ” yes sir” and raised her jumper, pun was behind Pia and only saw her bare back but he smiled. After Pia had left the boy said ” she is a good fuck but I love fucking.

Tina better than any other girl” later that night after locking up pun went into the store room where Pia was working he looked at her smiled and told her to strip and after saying yes sir Pia stripped naked and when pun released his throbbing erection and said ” suck me off” Pia smiled and said ” do you want me to swallow your spunk sir” pun told her yes, Pia knelt and started sucking pun’s dick and when he squirted his cum into

pia’s mouth she swallowed it all and carried on sucking, when she stopped pun put his dick away and went back into the shop and when Pia came out still naked she gave him an envelope telling pun that it was Viagra pun looked inside and saw a load of Viagra tablets and after taking two went into the store room where

Pia was still naked, pun saw that her nipples were very erect he told her to get on the table and spread her legs, Pia said ” oh yes sir” smiling as she did and was soon laying on the table with her legs open and after a couple of minutes groaned as pun slid his dick into her love tube and as he thrust in and out of Pia’s love tube she groaned and breathed heavy and after twenty minutes had cum three times, after pun had squirted his cum over her body Pia lay smiling. The next day pun was at home on his own and was wearing just a towel after having a shower when there was a knock on the door and when pun opened he saw Steve Tina and her sister Amy  who was four years younger than what he was,

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Pun let them in and once inside Steve told the two girls to strip naked once they were naked pun admired Amy’s boobs that were just starting to develop and her smooth love tube, Steve told the girls to lay on the floor and spread their legs and once they had done so Steve looked at pun and said to him ” go on you can fuck them both” and sat down,

pun removed his towel as he did his eight inch erection sprung up he saw Amy’s eyes go wide as she looked at his dick, pun knelt between Amy’s parted legs and when he slid his dick into her tight love tube Amy moaned loudly, pun started thrusting in and out making

Amy moan as he did and after a few minutes he felt her cum just after he removed his dick and moved over to Tina and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube causing her to groan loudly as he did and after half a hour pun had felt Tina cum three times before he squirted his cum over her body.

The next evening pun arrived at the shop late as he knew he would be there all night stock taking when he arrived his boss was just leaving, pun locked up and went into the store room where he saw Pia and her classmate Sara, pun looked at Sara and smiled he had always admired her

Long blonde hair and the way her clothes hugged her body and when she said ” good evening sir we are here to help you” pun thought oh yes and replied good evening you will be working naked so get your clothes off and when Sara said ” yes sir” and both girls started to undress pun stood.

Watching them and once they were naked pun admired Sara’s ample boobs  noticing her very erect nipples he noticed just a few hair round her love tube and a few minute later when he was sliding his dick into her love tube pun felt the hairs tickle his dick and smiled as he thrust in out.

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The following morning as the two girls walked home Sara said ” he has got loads of spunk in his cock I nearly chocked on it a couple of times but he fucks real good” Pia said ” yeah my bum is sore” Pun was unlocking the shop thinking it is boring round here but I will get used to it and ten minutes later stood watching  his sixty year old boss thrusting in and out of a naked Tina’s love tube.

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