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Hello readers this my First Xnxx Stories on this site after reading many stories here I want to share my story, I have been reading and enjoying sexual encounters on this site regularly. This is true story of my sexy wife, whom I caught red handed cheating on me.

We are happily married couple for over 15 yrs now, every year during summer my sister in law along with her family visits us for couple of days, It happened 3 yrs back during their visit, my wife and sister in law-Natasha  and our children were chose to sleep in our

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Master bed room (my is 3 bedroom flat) and me and Natashas husband Sid slept in second bedroom since it was summer time and with guests visiting we boozed before going to sleep. Early morning when I got up , I observed Sid was not in bed, thinking he may need tea, I got up and slowly opened master bed room to awake my wife-Kate, even she was not in bed so I went in our hall and was surprised to find my wife Kate and Sid embarrassing each other passionately,

On seeing me unexpectedly (because they thought I have drunk heavily last night and would get up late in morning) both broke their embrace and my wife ran in bedroom, after some time our guest left for their home. My wife usually is sex subdued kind of person and every time I want sex with her it is me who has to initiate action, also she does not like oral sex though we have and I love oral sex, after our guest left and my both children’s left for school ,

My wife called me to bedroom and for first time in our married life initiated sex session ,which included oral sex , and she happily drank my cum twice before I could load her pussy with my third cum, this made me forget what I saw that morning. But the scene always remained in my memory, next 2 yrs although their family visited but preferred to stay at my in laws flat which is 20 Kms away from us and for two days we visited them sometimes even went to nearby hill stations,

I used to observe both Sid and my wife exchanging looks and always used to find excuses for being together I acted that I did not noticing them because I wanted to catch them red handed. Last year again my wife and her sister were planning their visit over phone I casually told Kate why do they stay at in laws flat which is much smaller and uncomfortable and being on 5 th floor does not have facility of lift,

And requested her to call them and see that they spend their summer holidays at our flat, my wife liked this idea and eventually convinced them to stay at our flat this time we also made plans for holidays as we would visit hill station for one day second day we would go to a movie and have good dinner etc. The D day came, and we welcomed our guests, (one thing I have forgotten to narrate that my wife and Sid used to contact every day on phone and also cracked double meaning jokes

My wife thought that I by this time would have forgotten about her extra marital affair with her elder sisters husband and secondly Natasha used to remain ill and always had one or other nagging health problems and also takes sleeping pills every night) Well to continue my story first night it was decided that all both ladies will sleep in our master bedroom, second bed room was occupied by children’s who wanted to watch movies on computer and stay late third bedroom my dad sleeps,

So we both men were left with no other option but to sleep in hall, I wanted to remain awake and see if lata and Sid played their love game that night and it happened late night after may be 3 am Sid woke up for toilet and I slowly followed him and was surprised to find that he entered bathroom instead of toilet, he closed door with light switched off, I went close to bathroom and put my ear on door and very clearly in the silence of night hear

My wife moaning (she has gone to bathroom earlier and was waiting for Sid )her moaning ohhs and ahhs continued for 15 mins now my wife in soft voice told Sid to leave her and go back to his bed in hall I almost ran back to my bed and pretended to be fast asleep , Sid joined me after some time,Second day we went to hill station and came back late evening all of us were tired and decided to have dinner at home , before dinner I and

Sid had drinks and i could sense that he was trying to give me as much as drinks as possible my wife who served us with drinks and snacks every time used to bend as much as possible showing her milky boobs , every time she did so, Sid and lata exchanged smiles, after dinner Sid complained of mosquitoes in hall so lata came with idea that we men sleep in master bedroom, all of us agreed.

It was decided that Natasha and Sid will sleep on bed and I and lata will sleep at bed side on floor since ample space was available. So Natasha took her regular sleeping pills and Sid slept on same side of bed where me and my wife were sleeping, approx. 30 mins after this both Sid and lata made sure that Natasha and I were fast asleep, Sid started gesturing late,

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I was fully awake but pretended to be fast sleeping with my left hand covering

My fore head and eyes fucky open to see my sexy wife cheating game, Sid being on bed gestured lata to show her thighs, my wife obliged him by slowly lifting her gown up to panty though I could not see my wife lata who was sleeping on my left side but could sense her movements, Sid meanwhile again gestured her to show her panty , my wife slowly as not to disturb my sleep lifted her buttocks and eased gown still up,

Sid was fully aroused in red night lamps I could see bulge in his payama, after some time he requested lata to take off her panty and lift gown still upward to see her boobs , lata resisted and was frightened since i was sleeping next to her, after some time I turned on my left my wife sensing this tried to push her gown down as much as possible, I woke on pretext of having water and saw her exposed thighs and woke her up

And in soft voice told her that her gown has got lifted she got up saying that she has purposefully done this as she was feeling hot and air from fan was nor reaching her and any way everybody was fast asleep being tired from hasty visit to hill station after that when I again slept on my back I saw Sid sleeping with his face towards his wife and that game ended, I could not catch them red handed, any way there was one more night.

Next day passed off with nothing important happening between them may be they planned best for night, that night there was only one change lata requested me to sleep on wall side and she would sleep next to bed since last night she felt very hot, I agreed to same, after switching off lights both of them started their love game immediately since they thought that I have drunk heavily and I was pretending to be dozing,

I was in same position sleeping on my back with my left hand covering my forehead and eyes but from below I kept my eyes open , same game started again with lata obliging to lift her gown up to her navel, tonight I could see my wife since she was on my right side, while moving her buttocks accidently my right hand touched her and I could know that she was not wearing panties today meanwhile

Sid was having wonderful view of latas nude thighs and her clean shaven pussy from just 2 feet, slowly my wife lifted her gown upwards and her boobs were exposed she was not wearing bra, Sid now sleeping on his left slowly put his hands on her boobs and was pressing them after some time he gestured to lata to see bulge in his pajama and slid down chain and brought out his tool and started shaking it

My wife saw this and became more horny and followed him by rubbing her clit opening her legs further, slowly she got up and took Sid tool in her hand and started shaking it, after few mins he signed her that he was ready to cum she immediately took his tool in her mouth and drank his cum, this was time I got up and could not bear this torture anymore and shook my naked wife from behind , both of them were shocked,

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Sid immediately turned on other side my wife shamefully dressed up and started crying and sobbing, since my elder sister in law was sleeping in same room and this was insult to my family I did not talk anything that night

Next morning guest left early even without having breakfast, after they left lata started to cry and apologized, promised me that this will not happen again in future,

Then I told her that I knew about her affair but wanted to catch her red handed, I also told her that I was watching them from first night, but could not catch her in bathroom since raising hue and cry would have woken up my father. Even today I am not sure whether they have stopped their affair but now they do not come to my house. Please give comments, this is true encounter of my life!