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You are reading this xnxx stories on indianxxxstories website , As I was on holiday in the south of England, having a rest from my wife and kids, I knew it would be safe to go and have a look around a gay sex shop. Nobody knew me. I felt my face go red as soon as I walked in. I’d never had sex with a man before and I’m certainly not effeminate in any which way or form. In fact I’m what people would call butch. I’m 26 years of age, have dark hair and skin and people ask me if I am Greek. Going to a gym twice a week, every week helps keep my muscular body.

As soon as I stepped into the shop a big, muscle-bound bear of a man, aged about 46, put his head above the counter and gave me a big smile. I nodded courteously to him noticing the thick, hairy arms bulging out of his cut-off checked shirt. I gave a quick scan of the shop and made straight for the magazines on the rack next to the counter. As I’ve said, I’d never had sex with another man before but had always – let’s say – been a bit curious.

I looked at the first front cover and my eyes settled on the smooth, naked body of a blonde youth. He did nothing for me at all so I carried on looking at other front covers. Eventually I stopped at a magazine featuring older hairy men. I looked around the room to see if any one was looking and picked it up with shaky hands as I opened the first page. The photo looked like the man at the serving counter, the only difference being that the man in the photo was naked and had a huge thick erection sticking up proudly. His fist was wrapped round the base, just above his hairy bollocks that dangled between his strong, open legs. There was a story to go with the pictures; it was about his sexual fantasies and how much he enjoyed watching other men having sex together.

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Whilst reading the story I found myself getting a real hard on in my rugby shorts and found myself wondering what it would be like to be in his fantasy. I started to sweat with the heat and excitement as I read on. I had to adjust myself a couple of times by putting my warm hands into my shorts and moving my bulging dick into a more comfortable position.

‘Oh mate!’ a deep growling voice behind me said. ‘You either buy the mag or you put it back down, either way, no wanking in this shop.’

I turned around in embarrassment to apologise just as the entrance bell tinkled and a rather striking policeman walked in.

He looked at me straight away and down at my tight rugby shorts. I looked down and saw I had a wet stain leaking through the top where my dick was poking the material up and out. I spun around as quickly as possible and put my head back into the mag, forgetting what the burly man at the counter had said.

I heard them chatter in low voices for a while and carried on reading, getting more and more excited. I wanted to go back to my hotel room and beat myself off.

My dick was itching for release and I could feel it throbbing in my shorts in anticipation. I didn’t want to walk past the policeman with my cum stained rugby shorts so I resigned myself to stay until he’d gone his own way.

A big paw of a hand landed on my shoulder and I froze in alarm.

‘That’s the same one you were reading earlier. What did I say about either you buy it or you put it down?’

I turned around to look at the shopkeeper and saw the policeman standing next to him, still looking down between my legs at my bulge. I was expecting them to be looking at me with annoyed faces and was somewhat taken back by their sexy grins.

‘I see you’re enjoying my photograph,’ the burly man said. ‘Or is it the story underneath it that’s giving you that impressive bulge?’ He suddenly cupped his furry hand between my legs and patted my swollen bollocks.

I nearly jumped out of my skin; I’d never been touched by a man before. I felt the blood rush to my head.

‘I…I…please, please don’t,’ I begged.

‘You obviously like it. How about some of this?’ he asked, grabbing himself between his own legs and tugging at his jeans. Both him and the policeman put an arm around each other and waited for me to answer. I saw that the handsome policeman was also rubbing his crotch up and down.

‘Look…you’ve got the wrong guy mate. I’m sorry, but I’m straight, I…I’m married.’ I said stuttering all over the place.

‘That means nothing nowadays. We get a lot of married men in here, always curious but to scared to do what they really really want. Come on, let’s cut all this crap out. My name’s Andy and this is Steve,’ he said patting the policeman on the back.

‘My name’s Jack,’ I said, warming up to him. Picking up my courage I asked, ‘is this really you in the mag, and do you actually do all the stuff it say’s here? Or is it all made up to turn people on?

‘Yeah, that’s me all right and it’s all true. What about you, does it turn you on, what do you like to do?’

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‘I wasn’t lying when I said I was married. I’ve never been with a men before, b…but I’ve always been a bit curious. And I do like you’re picture and story.’

‘We can see that sunshine,’ smiled Steve, the policeman, talking for the first time.

Steve was about 45 years old with rugged looks; he had a soft face and chestnut eyes. He made a good impression in his uniform with his stomach sticking out slightly below his broad chest.

He put his arm out and softly circled my nipples with his fingers. I didn’t jump this time; in fact I was enjoying the sensation as it ran through my body. The air was suddenly full of electricity and animalistic wanting as Andy put his hand at the back of my head and bought it closer to his. I dropped the magazine on the floor as he ever so lightly brushed my lips with his tongue. Steve put his arms around us both and bought all three of us so close together I could feel Andy’s warm cock pressing into mine through my shorts. Steve was pressing his into my hips at the side, whilst his hand softly stroked my back.

At first, I just stood there letting Andy tickle my lips with his tongue, enjoying the sensation of another man’s lips so close to mine. I was in a whole new world and everything else around me ceased to exist.

My lips parted as he carried on and when my tongue touched his, my head spun and I knew this was what I wanted. What I’d always wanted.

We started to tongue-fight as Steve’s hand started to roam around the cheeks of my arse. My jaw opened wider and our lips touched, sending shockwaves to my hard cock now screaming for liberation from my shorts. Our tongues now searched the inside of each other’s hot mouths as both Andy and Steve’s started to grind their stiff cocks against me.

As our tongues darted in and out of each other, Steve’s hand was sliding up and down the seam of my shorts between my cheeks. He pressed harder as he continued pushing the material right into my sweating crack. I started to moan and grunt inside Andy’s mouth as Steve found my arsehole and rotated one of his fingers around it.

My head felt giddy as Andy pulled himself away from me and said, ‘wait here, I’ll be back in a second.’

Immediately Steve took his place and crushed his lips into mine. My arms wrapped themselves around his body and my hands gripped onto his arse cheeks, pulling his body tightly into me. I could feel his big cock grinding into mine as his fingers dug hard into my cheeks, pulling them apart at the same time.

Andy soon came back and placed a high backed chair close to us and put a couple of things on the floor next to him.

‘O.k. Jack, I need to know: did you really get turned on by my story in the mag?’ he asked as he sat down and patted his powerful thighs.

‘Yeah, I found it really horny. I’d not read a story like that before.’

‘Right then, let’s see if we can make it a reality for you.’ He must have seen the nervous look on my face all of a sudden because he quickly added, ‘don’t worry, I know this is your first time so I won’t be too hard. Let me take the lead. I’ll show and tell you what to do, o.k?’

I nodded apprehensively as Steve pulled my shorts up my crack, revealing the bottom of my arse cheeks.

‘Come and stand by my side,’ Andy ordered me.

As I left Steve’s side he patted my arse. ‘I’m really going to enjoy watching this,’ he said grabbing his erection through his uniform trousers and giving it a squeeze.

As I stood next to Andy who was sitting on his chair, he grabbed my cock through my shorts and rubbed his hand up and down making me shiver in pleasure.

‘When was the last time you had a good old fashion spanking Jack?’ he asked whilst looking into my face. ‘And everything you say from now on, you must finish off with calling me sir.’

I’d known this is what he had had in mind. It had excited me when I read about it, but in stark reality I wondered if I could take the pain.

‘Never, sir,’ I answered in all honesty. Steve came and stood next to me and slipped his fingers into my shorts near my crack.

‘Never! Blimey, everyone should have a good spanking from time to time. I’m going to be more than happy to give you your first. Now bend over my knee.’

Steve slid his fingers out and I obediently bent over his lap. I felt a bit foolish lying there like some overgrown schoolboy and I wondered what I’d let myself in for.

‘Now put your hands on the floor, on the other side of my chair.’

I wiggled across his lap feeling his hard-on pressing into my hip. My hands were now touching the floor and my feet were on tiptoes the other side with my arse raised over his thighs. His left arm pulled me right into his body and he wrapped his arm around my hips making sure I couldn’t escape.

His right hand started to stroke my arse

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‘What a nice spankable arse you’ve got. What do you think Steve?’

‘Oh yeah! Can’t wait to see his arse bright red. And to feel the hot glow on my hand afterwards that only comes with a well-spanked arse.’

Andy’s hand started to rub my arse harder pressing my hard cock onto his leg.

‘Hey Steve, why don’t you go and stand over him and pull his shorts all the way up his crack, I want to see a bit more flesh.’

With out answering Steve came round, stepped over my back and planted his feet either side of me. I felt his hands around the waistband of my shorts. He pulled them up as far as possible squashing my bollocks at the same time.

‘You ready for your first ever spanking Jack?’

‘I don’t know,’ came my feeble reply.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack

His hand came down hard and quick, smacking each cheek alternately. It hurt more than I thought it would.

‘That’s for not saying sir, and this is for not saying, yes sir, I am ready sir.’

He smacked me another six times, my arse was already burning and I wondered what it must look like.

He stopped spanking me and started to rub his hands over my arse cheeks, including the bottom where my flesh was on view and, as yet, had not been smacked.

Even though the spanking was sore and my cheeks were tingling with the effect his hand had had on them, I realised how turned on I was. My cock was leaking in my shorts and every time he spanked me my hips would jolt into him, making my cock rub up and down on his leg. He started to smack my arse again, slower this time but with the same force. He smacked every part of my cheeks including where my flesh was showing. That stung like mad and I was glad of the padding my shorts were giving me over the rest of my swollen backside.

After about ten minutes of constant spanking and rubbing he stopped and told Steve it was his turn now.

‘Stand up Jack,’ Andy ordered me. As I stood up he grabbed my cock through my wet shorts and smiled. ‘Nice to see you’re enjoying this as much as me.’

I looked down and saw the front of my shorts soaked with cum.

‘Now it’s Steve’s turn to spank this lovely arse of yours,’ he said getting out of the chair and letting Steve sit down.

‘Now for some proper punishment,’ Steve said as his fingers hooked into the waistband of my shorts and tugged them down to my knees.

I was standing there, half naked, with a dribbling erection, in front of two strangers. I had a freshly spanked arse and just about to get another seeing to. It didn’t seem real except my sore backside screamed otherwise.

‘But first, here’s another new experience for you,’ Steve said as he pulled my hips towards him and opened his mouth.

He started to lick the pre cum of my nob. I couldn’t believe it. I watched as his mouth swallowed my whole length all the way to my pubes. As he was sucking his hand came up and massaged my hairy bollocks.

Andy stepped behind me and knelt down. ‘That’s one pink arse,’ he said scraping his nails over my cheeks. The pain, mixed with the pleasure, nearly made me cum down Steve’s throat. But they knew what they were doing and Steve squeezed my bollocks hard making me flinch in pain. Behind me Andy parted my cheeks and I knew he was looking at my virgin arse hole. I felt his hot breath hovering over my crack and then I felt his tongue flicker over the entrance. My body couldn’t take any more; I could feel my sperm building up inside of me, as I felt my cock twitch in Steve’s mouth I hollered, ‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to shoot.’

‘Don’t you dare!’ Steve said, pulling his mouth away. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me over his lap in one quick movement and went to town spanking me as hard and as fast as he could.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack.

My feet had left the floor and my dick was shoved onto his hard crotch. I clenched my eyes together with the pain but the pleasure I was receiving was far too much for me as my dick started to throb and swell. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into the policeman’s crotch as he kept on spanking away at my tortured arse. I seemed to be cumming forever and started to squirm over his knees. I was groaning in pure ecstasy as he started to spank directly onto my arsehole.

Spank, Spank, Spank.

I could feel my cum squelching in his lap as each smack pushed me harder onto him. As my spasms died down so did his spanking. He stopped suddenly and pulled my cheeks wide apart, still over his knee, his hands really stung my battered arse and I could feel the coolness of the air across my hole as he spread my cheeks as far as they could go.

‘Andy, do you want to shove your tongue up his crack while he stays over my knee?’

‘You bet,’ Andy replied and once more I felt his hot breath over my entrance as Steve kept a tight hold of my scorched arse.

Andy’s tongue started to flick and lick around my hole making me squirm even more over Steve’s knee. I could feel my cum covering my bollocks the more I wiggled.

I felt two hard slaps on my arse and heard Andy telling me to stay still. I could feel his fingers as he stretched my hole wide open. His tongue found what it had been looking for and delved right in. I started to buck my head with this new feeling. As his tongue came out I could feel his spittle dribbling down between my legs and travelling down my bollocks. I felt something hard pressing into me and realised he was trying to poke a finger in. I could feel myself stretching even wider as his finger pushed forward a little bit more.

‘God he’s a tight fucker,’ Andy growled.

‘Better use some K.Y. on him otherwise it’s going to hurt.’

I felt his finger leave me,

‘O.k. Jack, you’d better get up now and clean up the mess you’ve made on my uniform.’

I slowly got up from his lap. I hadn’t realised how much I ached. Standing up straight I looked down at his crotch and saw how wet it was from my cum.

‘Now on your knees in front of me. Lick this mess up. And take your top off, we want you completely naked now.’

I pulled my top off and got in front of him on my knees between his open legs, my face looking directly at the big bulge standing up in his uniform trousers. It was totally covered with my white gooey liquid. I had smelt my own cum before but never tasted it. I gingerly poked my tongue out and took a quick dab, tasting its saltiness.

‘Not like that, get your head and tongue right in!’ Steve said grabbing me by the back and pushing my face right onto his hard bulge.

My mouth opened up and started to suck on his stiff cock through the coarse material of his trousers.

All of a sudden I felt something wet and cold on my hairy crack.

‘This will help loosen that lovely hole for you mate,’ said Andy. ‘It’s called hot lube, give it a couple of minutes and you’ll know why.’ He chuckled.

He slid his finger past my entrance and into my moist, warm insides. The liquid helped his finger slide in easily. My eyes started to bulge in their sockets the deeper he delved into me. I wanted to scream and moan but Steve still had my head pressed hard into his crotch, my voice was cut off, as my mouth was full of his cock.

Warmth started to build up inside my hole as his finger went all the way in, and I could feel his knuckle tap against my sphincter. His finger started to rotate deep inside me. Feeling like a real whore I pushed my arse up as far as I could; I wanted more inside me. My insides started to get as hot as my spanked cheeks as he shoved another finger in.

Steve pushed my head of his lap and undid his trousers. I watched with glazed eyes as he slowly unzipped his flies and pulled out eight inches of solid, hard cock.

‘You’re going to suck on this in a second Jack, but first I want you to have a sniff of this.’

He took out a small bottle from his pocket and unscrewed the lid. He put the bottle to my nose. One of his fingers pressed against one of my nostrils closing it, and he told me to sniff through my other nostril. Never having had poppers before I took an over enthusiastic sniff and smelt the strong stench of the amyl nitrate.

‘Woah there Jack!’ Steve said laughing. ‘This is hard stuff. Try the other nostril now, but not so hard.’

I sniffed more gently and felt my head spinning.

‘Now get sucking on this,’ he said while taking a sniff of poppers himself.

The room span so fast that I thought I was going to collapse. My head went towards his firm erection. At the same time Andy’s fingers were doing a fantastic job of exploring my virgin arsehole. He now had three fingers in me and they didn’t stop twisting and probing around; he was opening me up more and more.

I tried to concentrate on the thick erection in front of my mouth. I stretched my lips and wrapped them around his angry looking nob and tasted the sweetness of his pre-cum that had started to spill out of him.

‘That’s right Jack, suck on my dick.’

‘This is one hot, fucking arsehole you’ve got here,’ was all I could hear as I started to suck on Steve’s cock with a heightened sense of lust and hunger.

I felt Andy’s fingers release themselves from my slack, burning hole. They were quickly replaced with his stiff dick; it slid up and down against my crack. I could feel his hairy bollocks between my cheeks as he pushed himself harder against me. One of his big hairy hands wrapped itself around my hip and the other one came round the front and started to slide up and down my cock. As soon as his hand touched my erection I realised he’d put more of his hot lube on his hand and was now covering my dick, and bollocks with it.

My mouth had now got used to sucking on the policeman’s hard cock and I was taking the whole length down to the back of my throat, making his pubes tickle my nose as my lips slid up and down making him moan in pleasure.

All of a sudden I heard a moan I didn’t recognise so I lifted my head up off Steve’s cock and got a big shock. Suddenly there was another man standing next to Steve with his cock out of his trousers. I gasped. Steve had a firm grip on the other man’s erection and was slowly jerking him off. It dawned on me like a flash that Andy hadn’t locked the shop door, my head snapped around and I saw two other men next to us playing with each other’s dicks.

‘Have another sniff of poppers,’ Steve said as he put the bottle under my nose again. ‘It’ll help you to relax,’ He continued with a lustful grin.

As soon as I finished sniffing it I went straight back to sucking on his fat cock and felt Andy’s cockhead pressing against my open hole. His hands touched my burning cheeks and spread them wide open as he nudged his dick into my entrance.

The air was thick with moans and groans of lust as everyone played with each other. They were getting off, watching me about to take my first dick.

Andy jabbed his dick forwards, and his cock head popped past my entrance.

I couldn’t believe the pain that shot through my body. I thought I was going to pass out and wanted to scream at him to take it out.

‘Relax and enjoy yourself,’ he said in a soothing voice. ‘It’ll only hurt for a minute.’

He stayed still with his dick inside of me letting me adjust to his size. It didn’t take long for the pain to subside and a feeling of pleasure and fulfilment took its place.

I started to move my arse backwards wanting more of his dick inside me. I rocked backwards and forwards taking more of him each time. I could feel every bit of his dick in me through his condom as my muscles clasped themselves tightly around his hardness.

‘Yeah! That’s it, that’s it, keep going.’ Andy was coaxing me in his deep husky voice as he slid more of his dick into me. Right until I could feel his pubes tickling my entrance and his hairy bollocks bounced into mine.

He slowly withdrew himself, nearly all the way out of me, and then slowly slid his dick all the way back in again. Then he rotated his hips, making his erection swivel around deep within me, opening my insides up wider and wider. Then he repeated it over and over again but going slightly faster with each thrust.

The cock in my mouth muffled the noises of ecstasy that were groaning their way up, and out of my throat.

‘Oh fuck, I’m gunna’ shoot!’ grunted the stranger who Steve was wanking off.

I looked up wanting to see him shoot his load and his cock spurted its juice all over my face. I smelt the musky aroma of his semen as it dribbled down my face and on to my lips. My tongue slithered out and tasted his juice before it had a chance to escape down my chin.

Steve took a handful of my hair and steered it back to his own cock. ‘Carry on sucking my cock, I want to feel it pumping down your sweet throat,’ he said as he pushed my head right down on to him again.

Andy started to pump faster into my arsehole and gave me the occasional open handed slap on my already sore cheeks. I soon felt his dick swell up inside me, and with the noises and quickness of his thrusting I knew he was about to cum.

‘I want to see you cum all over his hot arse,’ Steve shouted as he quickly stood up and went around to stand at my well fucked arse, jerking his cock at the same time.

I felt empty when Andy whipped his dick out, threw his condom to one side and tossed himself off over my upturned arse. At the same time the other two men that had been playing with each other came and stood over me.

I heard a grunt and a groan and then felt someone’s cum splatter over my open hole, saturating it in thick gooey liquid.

I started to tug on my own cock as the cum dribbled down the inside of my open thighs.

‘Turn around and lie on your back,’ Steve ordered.

I quickly turned over, spread my legs and started to jerk myself off in front of all these men while they did the same over me. I slipped my other hand around and under my arse and pushed a couple of fingers into my soaking wet hole.

‘Shit, that’s fucking hot!’ One of the other men panted as he shot a stream of cum over my bollocks.

‘I told you I wanted to cum in your mouth,’ said Steve as he walked towards my head with his erect dick in his hand. ‘And I’m going to.’

He squatted over me and shoved his dick all the way in. He grabbed my head and used his cock as a battering ram as he fucked away into my sore mouth.

I felt somebody between my legs and as they removed my hands from my dick and arse hole they said, ‘let me do that, you just lie there and enjoy the ride.’

I recognised Andy’s voice as I felt one of his hands grab my hard cock and his other hand shoved something large up my swollen hole, stretching it even wider than his cock had done. My body was twisting and squirming on the floor trying to escape while fighting to take this new object at the same time.

I heard a small sound utter from Steve’s throat followed by a gush of scolding cum pour into my mouth and down the back my throat. It was far too much to swallow and it was quickly trickling out of my tight lips. He stayed in my mouth until he was fully spent, then he stood up and shook it over my naked body.

I looked up and saw everyone still had their dicks out of their trousers and were still watching me being fucked by something. I looked down and saw Andy ploughing away between my legs with a huge black dildo. My balls started to swell and ache as his hand slid up and down on my well lubricated cock.

The last stranger in the room stepped over me, put a leg each side of my hips and released his own semen onto my chest. I watched as his shaven balls bounced up and down with each spurt, I felt my own dick throb in Andy’s fist. The feeling was so intense that I lifted my hips far of the floor and exploded my cum all over the place; leaving me feeling weak, exhausted, and covered in cum.

‘So,’ Andy said smiling after he’d taken the dildo out of my well-used arse hole.

‘Sorry, what did you say, I..I.. I wasn’t listening, sorry.’

‘Are you going to buy that magazine or not? You’ve been looking at it for over half an hour and haven’t even turned the page, so are you going to buy it or not?’

‘Oh god, I’m really sorry, I..I was day dreaming, I’m sorry.’

I quickly put the magazine back on the rack and sheepishly walked out, awkwardly, trying to cover the wet stain in the front of my shorts with my hands.